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High Power Laser Welding Machine


High Power Laser Welding Machine



Product Description

High Power Laser Welding Machine with fast welding speed, high efficiency, small heat affected zone and good welding joints quality, the high power laser welding machine is an important equipment in industrial laser welding.

The welding technology wins a lot of national patent certifications and all kinds of authoritative awards. Our machines have been exported to Europe, Southeast Asia and other regions.we not only develops first-class laser welding machine, but also provides suitable welding application solutions for customers.


Advanced Detection System

Can detect welding quality online and send alerts for welding defects, so as to reweld timely and avoid strip breaking

Good Welding Repeatability

Stable output power of laser device, stable and reliable operation, high consistency of processing

High Welding Joints Quality

Large weld penetration, small deformation, pollution-free welding spots, smooth and beautiful appearance, no need or just simple post-treatment.

Can Weld Tubes

Can weld the steel plates into steel tubes in high-speed production line.


Automobile industry, sheet metal processing, aviation, pressure containers, military industry, metallurgy, petroleum, machineries, tubes, etc.

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