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Low Power Laser Welding Machine


Low Power Laser Welding Machine



Product Description

Low power laser welding machine with high welding efficiency, small heat affected zone, firm and beautiful welding joints, the series welding machine can weld refractory materials and tiny components. With so many advantages, it keeps ahead in market share, and serves for global industries.


Easy Operation

Easy operation, small size, convenient transportation

Stable and Reliable Equipment

Stable output power, can work in greenhouse or special conditions, and weld titanium, quartz and other refractory materials.

High Electro-optic Conversion Efficiency

Low energy consumption, save a lot of costs for customers in long-term use

Firm and Beautiful Welding Joints

Small heat affected zone, flat welding joints, welding intensity and toughness are similar or even exceeded to base metals.

Application Area

3C industry welding, aviation, automobile industry, home appliances, medical equipment, electronic industry, communication, hardware, jewelries, sports goods, mould processing, etc.

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