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Jewelry laser welding solution and application

Jul. 23, 2019

In the jewelry industry, laser welding has a broad scope of applications besides providing several solutions to numerous challenges. For instance, the laser welder can be used for design repair and even fabrication of the jewelry. In terms of applications, the laser welder can be used in engraving jewelry, precise cutting, marking among other applications. In this article, we are going to look at some of the typical jewelry laser welding solutions and applications

Jewelry laser welding application

  • Laser engravings

Lasers engraver have been widely used in the jewelry industry to make engravings in jewelry. This is because technology is abrasion resistant. You can also use the machine to mark a permanent mark in many types of materials such as gold, silver, copper, stainless steel, titanium, platinum, and even aluminum.

The jewelry laser welding machine can also be used to engrave unique identification codes on your jewelry. Such codes may include but not limited to company logo, barcode, and digital and graphic images.

Other engraving application may include;

Personalizing different pieces of jewelry and others such as watches, gifts, and other products. This can be done by engraving names, marks or unique numbers such as birth dates, etc.

Creating unique identification features for the safety and security of the products. This process also minimizes counterfeiting.

Customizing different pieces of jewelry by engraving photos or drawings.

Engraving the jewelry with multi-line text o either inside or outside rings such as textbook rings and others.

  • Jewelry laser cutting

This is an essential application in the jewelry industry. Precision cutting is a must, especially if precious metals are involved. Excellent edge quality, stringent dimensional tolerance coupled with high levels of productions are also requisites in the jewelry industry.

Using jewelry laser cutting machines has several advantages over the traditional cutting techniques. The most common benefits include;

Creating narrow kerf widths

Cutting sophisticated parts

Creating intricate parts, such as circle and interlocking monograms.

Coming up with complex and fascinating designs. You can use the freedom that the laser cutter uses to cut through different material and thickness.

Less distortion of the jewelry since the heat applied only affects a small part of the jewelry. This results in high-quality products.

Jewelry laser welding solutions

· Repair

It is not uncommon for jewelry to fall apart sometimes. Whenever such a thing happens, it is better to use the available technology to fix it, especially if it is an expensive piece of jewelry. That is the kind of solution the Jewelry laser welding machines provide. If the jewelry was also made through the use of laser, then the only laser can repair it. Using other methods to fix the problem will compromise on the quality of the product.

· Copyright and counterfeiting

Jewelry made using precious metals and gems are often expensive. To protect such a remarkable piece from being stolen, the owner can use the Jewelry laser welding machine to personalize it. As mentioned above, this can be done by engraving the jewelry with serial numbers, unique photos, or drawing as well us engraving serial numbers.

· High production capabilities

Production companies for jewelry can use Jewelry laser welding machines to increase their daily output while still maintaining superior quality standards.

There are many Jewelry laser welding machines in the market that offer different solutions to different problems. It is crucial to engage an expert before settling for a Jewelry laser welding machine. We have a team of dedicated engineers who are experienced in such matters. Get in touch with our friendly customer care, and we will be glad to help with any inquiries or products you may need.