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Ultraviolet Laser marking solution and application

Jul. 20, 2019

  Have you ever wondered how companies can make tiny markings on different products? It is all because of the use of Ultraviolet lasers. They offer different solutions to a variety of problems in the manufacturing sector as well as other areas. In manufacturing, for instance, the UV laser marker can be used to make permanent marks for traceability of products. The laser technology is also widely used because it can be applied to all kinds of material such as ceramics, titanium, copper, steel, aluminum wood, and even glass.

Ultraviole Laser marking

  The marking process starts when a beam of Laser comes into contact with the material. It then modifies the properties of the content as well as its appearance by leaving a high-contrast mark. There are several types of laser markings. However, the common ones included engravings, etching annealing, discoloration, and carbon migration — other methods including melting, foaming, and ablation.

  The UV Laser marking techniques provides the desired solution in direct part marking and label marking in many sectors. It is useful in healthcare, manufacturing, automobile, electronics and even in packaging. The type of UV laser to be used depends on the materials in which the markings are to be made. For example, if one wants to put markings on plastic material, the choice of a UV laser machine should have low power. This allows the Laser to make the markings with no thermal impact on the content.

  The other consideration to be put into place if the wavelength of the UV laser machine. Many such tools usually have a wavelength of up to 400 nanometers. This allows for high speed and incredible repletion rates. Such devices are mainly used in marking plastics as well as in manufacturing industries.

  In the healthcare or medical sector, the UV laser marking machines are used in marking surgical equipment among other uses. They are also used in cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries to prevent counterfeiting and product tampering. They are also widely used in creating barcode markings on several products for easy identification and traceability.

  The advantages of using ultraviolet Laser

  •   Efficient processing and production of micro products

  The high speed associated with UV laser makes then efficient marking products during processing and production. Some lasers are known to mark more than 250 products per minute. Besides, they can also be utilized to label products that are very small such as pills or small pins and even surgical tools. On such products, they can make marks that are not yet visible to the naked eye.

  •   Increase products authenticity

  Uv laser markers can be used to mark products with trademarks, logos, or serial numbers. This increase product authenticity while reducing counterfeiting at the same time. This also helps in product identification in case of product failure in the market.

  •   Reduces chances of contamination

  Medical equipment often requires a high level of control to minimize contamination. During markings, the UV laser doesn't come into direct contact with the material being marked. This ensures that the product is completely sterile, and there is no contamination.

  Before choosing the suitable laser marker for your needs, it is essential to talk to a reliable supplier. This ensures that all your markings needs are put into consideration. We are dedicated to providing the right UV laser marker for all your marking needs. We will provide you with the right equipment for all your applications together with the right software, tailored specifically for you. If you have any questions or inquiries, you can contact us today, and we will be happy to help. Whether you are need of a simple UV laser application or sophisticated industry grade requirements, we will provide the best ultraviolet Laser marking solution for you.