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Fabric Leather Laser Marking Machine

  Fabric leather is mainly material of clothing and shoes,whic is closely related to our lives. common clothes, shoes, belts and watches have very beautiful patterns. How do these patterns make? The leather laser marking machine can quickly engrave a various of patterns on the cloth and leather,such as text, logo, trademark, date, etc., CO2 laser marking machine has fine marking, stable performance and maintenance-free,which not only can mark fabric leather but also be widely used in non-metal industries.

leather laser marking

  Laser marking equipment brings leather processing into a new era

  Compared with traditional marking, laser marking equipment has a lot of features such as high precision, high speed, good consistency, strong customization, cost saving, safety and environmental friendly. The laser marking process is applied to leather, breaking through the traditional manual process, saving the cost of the production process, and brings leather processing into a new era. Moreover, the leather laser marking machine can engrave the complicated, high precision and exquisite style texture on the leather. At the same time, leather laser marking machine can well avoid the penetrating problem.

leather laser marking

  High quality leather laser marking machine

  Our leather laser marking machine,which core parts such as laser, galvanometer and focusing mirror adopt the best quality brand to ensure the high performance and stability and maximize the processing speed. we can customize different solutions for you, so that the world of leather art you conceive that easily come true.
leather laser marking machine
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