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Maintenance Tips For Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

  Fiber laser cutting machine is belonging to High-tech equipment in the mechanical equipment, the price is higher, and the use  also have requirements.So laser equipment manufacturers to share some fiber laser cutting machine daily use and maintenance knoweldege.

  1. Frequently check the angle of the tool

  In the optical fiber laser cutting machine part, the important component is the cutting head.If the angle of the cutting head has deviated, the equipment cut the sample will not be qualified, the unqualified product increases, thus increases the production cost.

  2, parts and components to often carry out the treatment of lubricating oil

  We need to be able to lubricate the parts of rack, rail and many cutting machines, so that they can be used to get the accuracy of the gears in operation.In this way, the mechanical operation will be in the normal running track, cutting out the product precision is also high.

  3, let the steel belt always keep taut state

  The steel belt plays a very important role in the operation of the laser cutting machine, and the steel material belongs to steel. If the steel belt is not tightened when the equipment is running, the cut items are easy to be thrown out of orbit, and the steel belt may slide, which is a hidden danger to the operation personnel of the equipment.So the steel belt should be kept taut at all times.

  4, Frequently mechanical dust cleaning treatment

  As a result of laser cutting machine in the cutting will be directly to the metal surface vaporization, so that in the cutting machine outside will often produce a lot of dust, we should often use these dust vacuum cleaner, so as to ensure the accuracy of the operation of the machine.
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