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Plastic Laser Marking Machine|Laser Marking Plastic

  Plastic goods are indispensable product in our lives,such as mobile phone cases, electric light switches, door handles, etc. The surfaces of these plastics usually have marking to illustrate their use. For example, the mobile phone cases are marked with company LOGO and brands. Thetraditional printing method can't meet the needs of custom today.
  Now, the surface of plastic products marked by laser marking machine is very fine,beautiful and permanent.which laser marking machine should I use for marking plastic products?
plastic laser marking

  UV laser marking machines are very suitable for marking of plastic products, two remarkable advantages of the UV laser marking machine: Fast speed, High resolution.
  Ultraviolet laser marking machines,which use UV lasers. The wavelength of the ultraviolet laser is a short wavelength,the heat of this wavelength is not very high;Unlike infrared and green lasers, and the ultraviolet laser does not require consumables.
  For marking on the plastic, UV laser marking machine has a very good advantage, no need for consumables, small footprint, permanent marking,high-resolution and fast speed. These advantages of UV laser marking machine is ideal for plastic marking.
plastic laser marking

  Our UV laser marking machine features:
  1, Precise interactive platform equipped with both automatic and manual modes, meets customer’s demand of multi-position automatic production and improves productivity;
  2, Extremely small heat-affected zone, almost no thermal effect on the material, which prevents materials from deformation, damage or burning;
  3, Imported UV laser generator to guarantee high-quality laser beam, smaller laser spot, hyperfine marking, and high definition;
  4, UV laser marking machine is suitable for large range of material than infrared laser;
  5,The whole uv laser machine enjoys stable performance, compact volume and low power consumption.
  6, Adopted imported high speed digital scanning galvanometer enjoys compact volume, high speed and superior stability;
plastic laser marking machine
  Suitable for fine marking of monocrystalline silicon wafer, IC grain, sapphire, plastics, leather, metal, glass, LCD screen, thin ceramic and the special material. It is popular for precise marking of electronics industry.
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