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PVC Material Laser Marking Equipment

  PVC is a kind of loved and popular synthetic material,which is cheap and widely used in our life. PVC material is polyvinyl chloride, which is one of the largest plastic products in the world. The PVC material is light, heat-insulating, moisturizing, moisture-proof, flame-retardant, easy to construct,it has a variety of specifications and color pattern styles,generally PVC water pipes, PVC plastic doors,windows and plastic toys containing PVC. Let us look at laser marking machine in PVC materials industry.
PVC laser marking

  PVC materials laser marking equiment
  The current marking on PVC materials is either near-infrared laser or far-infrared laser (such as CO2 laser). The most common far-infrared laser marking machine is CO2 laser marking machine,which wavelength is 10.6μm. This kind of laser marking machine can make yellow-red lable on PVC, the Currently,common 30W power marking machine or 50W power marking machine is very suitable for processing on the assembly line, replacing those inkjet marking that are not environmentally friendly.
PVC laser marking

  PVC materials laser marking
  However, the yellow-red color of the marking of PVC materials by CO2 laser marking machine is not so popular, while the near-infrared laser marking machine,such as,fiber laser marking machine and semiconductor laser marking machine,both of them have wavelengths of 1060 nm,supporting black. This black is similar to the black color of the inkjet printer,so it is the most acceptable color for customers. This type of laser marking is used more and more in PVC materials.
  The wavelength of the fiber laser marking machine is 1060nm, which can be clearly engraved black lable on the PVC material,which is considered to be the best laser to replace the semiconductor laser, The fiber laser marking machine can reach or exceed the CO2 laser at the speed of marking the line.
  Fiber laser marking machines have excellent beam quality and are suitable for harsh environments, so PVC materials are more suitable for marking by fiber laser marking machines.
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