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How to Reduce the Cutting Loss of Fiber Laser Cutter

  How to reduce the cutting loss of fiber laser cutting machine, OTLASER, China top laser cutting machine manufacturer experts share some practical experience.
  Before the fiber laser cutting machine switch on,the beam should be pushed forward and backward by hand, if no abnormal sound you can turn on. After finishing the cutting work,you should carefully claen the waste and debris in the fiber cutting equipment to protect the machine power system, and keep the laser cutter in good working condition.
  Maintenance steps:
  1, Put a little oil on the screw, including the laser tube holder and the screw, which can be easily disassembled when need maintenance. Note: tow chains,air pipes,timing belts, motors,sensors and lenses, and wires no need.
  2, Do not put anything in the machine to avoid to damage the machine.
  3, Clean the dust and other thing on the metal oil tanker, slider, metal shaft,and linear guide by cotton cloth, then add the lubricating oil and run with no load.
  Fiber laser cutting machines are used for metal cutting,which has a laser beam diameter of 0.1 mm and a diameter of up to 0.2 mm on a metal material. so the cutting pattern is very precise, which not only improve the smooth of sheet metal processing,but also increase the profit,the fiber laser cutting machine must be standardized to do so that the laser cutting equipment can reduce losses and maximize profits.
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