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Sofa Fabric Laser Cutting Machine|Leather Laser Cutter

  Comfortable life is close related to furniture, A comfortable sofa is indispensable furniture for the living room. With the development of the times, it is more and more popular to cut sofas using laser cutting equipment.
  Sofa laser cutter is the new representative of larger area processing industry,What advantages of sofa laser cutter have?
sofa fabric laser cutting

  Let's look at this "Fast and Furious" laser equipment.
  1, Run smoothly and fast cutting;why? It has a solid body structure,Due to the large processing area 1800 * 2100mm, the laser cutting machine must be equipped with the "solid" square tube welded structure, stepping servo motor, ensuring a solid body to improve stability of the machine processing.
  2, Flexible configuration;In order to meet the need of different materials processing, machinery can choose laser head with optional 80-130w, laser cutting system can be saved 128 offline files, and so it facilitates the customer's operations.
  3, Increase added value for furniture industry. For every family, sofa is indispensable, an high qaulity sofa laser cutter is particular important for sofa manufacturer.
  No matter sofa cloth, leather seat, China laser cutting equipment will make it full of fashion and fantasy.
sofa fabric laser cutting machine
  Sofa laser cutting machine Features:
  1, Hybrid laser system is adopted to ensure consistent light spot and cutting effect.
  2, Professional graphic cutting and layout software, has mixed layout function.
  3, It could equip with two laser heads to achieve higher efficiency.
  4, Rack & pinion transmission system is adopted to realize the high speed bilateral synchronous drive, which is three times higher in efficiency compared to traditional cutting machines with belt conveyor.
  5, Steel frame structure with the overall structure of welding and stress relief treatment, to ensure the machine deformation tolerances within 0.02 mm.
  6, Distributed air draft structure helps effectively absorb cutting smoke and dust particles for better working environment.
  7, Equipped with containment envelope, could enhance safety and reduce accidental injury.
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