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Tips for Buying Laser Engraving Machine

  If you are a newbie for laser equipment, what should you consider when you want to purchase laser marking equipment?
  Let's look at the following basic knowledge:
  1, A good laser marking machine, although the choice of laser plays a important role, but the details determine success or failure,our laser marking machines are made of high quality materials in the details. Such as, the aluminum plate of the fiber laser marking machine adopts 2cm imported aluminum plate to increase the weight and prevent shocks.

fiber laser marking machine

  2, The factors affecting laser marking machine price not only have configuration differences, but also power differences, such as: 10W, 20W, 50W, 60W and some high power fiber marking machines. The price of different power is also different, and the higher the power has more expensive price.
  3, The difference lasers is also difference price and quality of fiber laser marking machine,Generally, the price of fiber laser marking machine produced by an imported laser is more expensive than domestic laser.But the quality and stability of fiber laser marking using imported lasers is very high.
  If you want to find China laser marking equipment supplier ,you first should know processed material. Fiber laser marking machine is mainly used for precision metal.such as, hardware industry, wrenches, measuring tools, sanitary ware, stainless steel tableware, medical equipment, luggage, leather bags, gift industry, there are also many, such as metal gifts, wooden boxes, U disk , notebook, watch instrument industry metal case, watch bottom, glasses frame, instrumentation and panel,packaging industry,electronic communications industry, mobile phone casing, electronic components.
  Nowdays, so many laser equipment in the markets, we must know the basic laser machine knowledge.OT laser marking equipment is dedicated to research and sale laser industry machine,we have a lot of technology and experience in laser marking of different materials.
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