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The Reason Water Temperature of Metal Laser Cutter Rise Fast

  At present,CO2 laser engraving machine and fiber laser cutting machine is a very popular equipment for cutting metal and non-metal material,metal laser cutting machines are used for cutting metal materials,such as:carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, titanium alloy and nickel alloy etc.when using metal laser cutting machines, we maybe encounter a lot of  problems :
  1, the work-piece burr when laser cutting low carbon steel
  2, abnormal sparks when cutting low carbon steel
  3. burr of work-piece when laser cutting stainless steel and aluminum-zinc plate
  4, the material deformed when the hole is machined.
  5, the rapid increase of water temperature in metal laser cutting machines
  Water plays an important role in metal laser cutting machines,Today, top laser cutting machine manufacturer,OTLASER, focus on the reasons that the rapid increase of water temperature in metal laser cutting machines?
  1,The outlet pipe of the cooling water is not flowing, resulting in insufficient flowing.
  2,The inlet and outlet pipes of the pump are dirty, blocking the water protection, which makes the water flow poor.
  3,too long working time for the metal laser cutting machine.
  4,When the metal laser cutting machine is working, the ambient temperature around it is high.
  5, metal laser cutting machine continuous working time is too long, it is necessary to stop the rest properly.
  All of the above reasons are why rapid increase of the water temperature for the metal laser cutting machine. In fact, the  troubleshooting is very simple, and the operation is not troublesome. If you do not operate according to the correct operation method, it may cause the water temperature to rise rapidly, affect the production,when you know above reasons, you can solve it.
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