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What wattage would I need for laser engraving Acrylic?

  1, Choosing high power if you will cut thick acrylic, such as, more than 100W;
  2, If you will use it for cutting and engraving, but it is not very thick,we recommend to use 80W;
  3, If you will mainly use it for engraving,it is very thin, we recommend to use 60W;
  4, If you cut 1 cm, 80W is enough,2 cm, Long-term consideration of 100-150W is better.
  According to your own situation, choose the right wattage,good luck!
  Acrylic laser cutting machine, also plexiglass laser cutting machine,which is widely used in the advertising industry. such as: laser cutting acrylic, laser cutting plexiglass, crystal word cutting, luminous word cutting, acrylic products, plexiglass crafts and so on.
Arylic laser engraving machine

  Our Acrylic Laser Cutter features:
  1, The three-way reflection system and linear guide structure are adopted to make the laser beam run smoothly,the engraving/cutting precision is high.
  2, The control system uses the most advanced controllers,it is stable performance for the mechanical system .
  3, Patent design:quickly changes the laser focal length, automatic origin setting function, standard industrial interface, powerful function and stable performance.
  4, Microcomputer controlled operation,large format processing, fast speed and easy operation.
  5, Different powers CO2 lasers,and the performance and price are excellent.
  Acrylic laser cutting machine can not only cut acrylic plates, plexiglass plates, but also cut wood boards, fabrics, composite materials, etc.
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