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Laser Wood Engraver For Sale|Wood Laser Engraving Machine

  Traditional wood products are hand-carved, long time and low  efficient,and carpenter must have superb craftsmanship, so the wood products industry is developing very slowly. With the development of technology,laser cutting machines, China laser engraving machines are also widely used in wood industry.
wood laser engraving

  Wood is the most commonly processing material,which is easy to engrave and cut;birch, cherry or maple is easily vaporized by laser, so they are more suitable for engraving. however,every wood has its own characteristics, such as,hardwood, which requires high power equipment for engraving or cutting.
wood laser engraving

  CO2 laser engraving machine is very suitable for engraving on wood,which uses infrared light wave, 10.64μm gas laser to push CO2 gas into high-voltage discharge tube to generate high energy laser beam to achieve the purpose of engraving.
wood laser engraving

  CO2 laser marking machine is a good choice for engraving wood product ,saving time,saving cost and efficient!
  Our CO2 laser marking machine specification:
  Integrate with advanced galvanometer laser marking technology and imported RF excited sealed CO2 laser machine, the laser marking machine has flexible structure, fast speed, high security, high efficiency, high electro-optic conversion efficiency, etc.
co2 laser engraving machine
  Easy Operation
  Powerful marking software, friendly man-machine dialogue interface
  Long Service Life
  Over 40,000 hours long lifespan, operated in 24 hours, suitable for mass production.
  Precision Marking Effect
  With imported RF excited sealed CO2 laser, it has stable performance, high repeat accuracy and position accuracy, 100% positive feedback.
  Environmental Protection
  Won’t produce any chemical substances that harmful to human body and environment.
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