8 Best Australia Laser Engraving Machine Supplier

Today, you can easily purchase an entry-level laser engraving machine at a reasonable price, thanks to technological advancements. Also, if you’re a business looking to upgrade, you can look for advanced options as well. Looking for a laser engraving machine supplier can be difficult if you’ve never done it before. This is where we can help.

When it comes to laser engraving, even if you work in the printing and manufacturing industries, it’s a completely different arena. Working in this field involves a variety of materials, from hard metals to brittle materials that can break if not engraved correctly.

When choosing a laser engraving machine, there are so many things to consider before buying. Price is the biggest factor that you need to check. Along with that, always check for the software compatibility and material options. Moreover, connections should be looked after too. Always check how the machine will connect with your computer. Size of the machine plays a big role too as ease of use and handling is an important aspect. Keep all these factors in mind before selecting the suitable laser engraver manufacturer.

With so many new unknowns, you may have no idea what to go with, how much to spend, or what is ideal for your business. No matter how much money you have to spend, we’re here to help. This list includes some of our favorite laser engraver manufacturers: 

Top Australian Laser Machine Manufacturers

1.Alfex Laser

Alfex Laser is the biggest laser engraving machine supplier. With a focus on technical support, laser education and safety, as well as company efficiency, they are committed to providing the best laser cutting and laser engraving equipment on the market.

As a machine tool accessory provider in Brisbane, Alfex Laser has grown its portfolio by collaborating with world-class manufacturers. Australian businesses rely on Alfex lasers for reliable equipment and service from their staff of skilled laser specialists located all around the country. It is Alfex Laser’s mission to supply the highest quality laser machines at competitive pricing to its customers from all over Australia.

2.Epilog Laser

The Epilog Laser offers a wide range of options for engraving. Epilog’s special CO2 laser engraving machines can modify wooden objects and products, mark coated metal plates, engrave on stone or plastic, and engrave glassware and ceramic cups, and much more!

You may create designs with any graphic design software and “print” them straight on any product with your CO2 or fiber laser engraving machine. Epilog laser is the top laser engraver manufacturer in Australia because of their ease of use, engraving precision, repeatability, and high speeds.

3.Gravotech Australia

The Gravotech laser has the ability to give power to objects with the cutting-edge technology that they master for permanent marking and engraving. Incorporating cutting-edge technologies, Gravotech is always looking for new ways to innovate and create the future of things.

Gravotech is the only company that has pioneered and mastered laser, mechanical engraving, scribing, and dot peen marking. As a laser engraver manufacturer, they also focus on CAD software and consumables with worldwide support. Throughout the entire process, from conception to production and service, they specialize in providing you with the best option for your needs.

4.Koenig Machinery

Apart from being a great laser engraving machine supplier, KOENIG MACHINERY also excels at customer support. Your design and service needs will be met from the moment you select the equipment that meets your specifications to the very end of your project.

It will be installed and calibrated in their Melbourne plant before being transported by their staff to your site for final installation. The laser system will be fine-tuned by one of their professionals after the equipment has been assembled and levelled. For each material you want to work with in the future, various laser speeds and cutting powers will be calibrated during this time.

Koenig’s design consultant and software technician will be available to assist you with any queries or issues you may have during the life of your laser equipment.

5.Pulse Laser System

Australians and businesses throughout Oceania can count on them for equipment, service, training, and real-time support. Their network of trustworthy dealers, backed by a national company, gives local service and support. The Pulse laser has one simple mission: to make technology a valuable asset for every business, not a headache. In order to improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace, technology should have a human feel to it. As a result of this, Pulse Lasers is Australia’s leading laser engraving machine supplier.

6.Miles & Company

A. Miles offers some of Australia’s most modern and distinctive laser devices. The VLS series is a fantastic illustration of their unique devices, which are appropriate for both entry-level users and seasoned professionals alike! Speed, dependability, build quality, table size, and, most notably, ‘ease of use’ are frequently lauded by VLS series laser users. Naturally, the VLS series lasers are the best in terms of long-term cost of ownership.

A. Miles & Co. is a one-stop store for practically everything you may ever require. Every aspect of machine ownership is handled by them, including training and maintenance/service. It isn’t any wonder that A. Miles & Co. is a great laser engraver manufacturer and their customers are some of the most productive companies in Queensland.

7.Thunder Laser Australia

Thunder Laser is not just a great laser engraver manufacturer, it also prides itself on being the best problem solver. What terrifies the customer most is that the customer can’t get prompt assistance from the supplier after an issue occurs.

Thunder Laser places labels on every part of their equipment to help their customers fix problems as quickly as possible. It facilitates quick checking and determining the problem’s causes. Thus, the Thunder laser can give an effective solution faster and more effectively.

Some key qualities of the thunder laser are:

  • Upgrade of 20 high-quality items.
  • Modification of over 30 craft-technical features.
  • Up to a month of laser tube testing.
  • Strict quality control method for the entire unit, including all of its components.

8.Nicol Industries 

The main focus of Nichol Industries is quality and customer satisfaction. For Nichol Industries, quality is not only meeting but exceeding the customer’s needs and expectations. It is their goal to deliver the greatest service possible, and they can therefore claim to be the best laser engraving machine supplier in Australia because of this.

They just don’t have a quality policy, they implement it too. From the beginning of the process to the time when their products reach the customers, they make sure the quality is checked and controlled at every step of the process. Even their staff are encouraged to look for ways to improve their company’s operations.

Wrapping Up

So, here we are, with our list of best laser engraving machines suppliers. Have a look and choose the best for you, depending on your skill level, budget and usage. Let us know which one appealed you the most and what you picked. We’d love to hear from you.