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Battery Laser Marking|Laser Engraving Machine For Batteries

Jul 16, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

Nowadays, batteries are everywhere in our life, the application of batteries is increasing, and a large number of counterfeit and shoddy batteries are also flooding into the market, customers are not easy to identify the real brand.


The fake battery usually come with short life and low and unstable voltage, affecting normal use,the circuit of the electrical are often damaged by the leakage of the chemical electrolyte of the counterfeit battery,more seriously,these counterfeit battery may cause explosion occurs during the charging process. Therefore, the quality of battery can directly affect the use and safety of "home appliances". So,We should identify the reliable battery when buying a battery.


laser marking battery

How do You Identify Fake and Shoddy Batteries?


The fake and shoddy battery outer packaging is very similar to the reliable battery.In fact, most battery manufacturers use laser marking machines to mark batteries now, laser marking machine use high-energy-density lasers to partially illuminate the surface of batteries and engrave the production date,batch number on the packaging, leave a permanent marks,consumers focus on the marking information on the battery, and can easily identify the reliable battery due to fake and shoddy batteries can not imitate and change the information.


Advantages of Laser Marking Batteries


If battery manufacturers want to track a large number of raw material information, product batches,production quality and other information.It is time to use a new type of technology-Laser marking  technology and intelligent traceability technology to solve issue.


The battery laser marking machine is used in various battery production industries for automatic marking and coding identification marks on the surface of battery materials.


1,it can be used for automatic laser marking and coding on the surface of aluminum, aluminum alloy, stainless steel and other metals and alloys.


2,Battery laser marking machine can print fine and noticeable two-dimensional codes that store these collect data such as raw material information, production process and technology, product batches, manufacturers, production dates, product destinations, etc.


3,when uses laser to mark some codes, characters, production date, anti-counterfeiting code, etc. on the battery, and it will not harm the battery. Laser marking is non-contact printing, and It is able to  mark on any regular or irregular surface.


4,Laser marking does not corrode the working surface of battery, and there is no wear and pollution,high processing efficiency and fast marking speed.


Compared with traditional printing technology, laser marking marking has the advantages of good quality, high consistency, high resistance, high efficiency, cost saving, safety and reliability, etc., and it is widely used in various battery production industries.


laser marking battery


Laser Marking Machine for Battery


If you are looking for laser marking machine for battery, you first need to determine the type of battery material, engraving area, engraving shape and other information, because there are so many types of batteries like dry batteries, lead storage batteries, and lithium batteries on the market today,and there are different shapes and sizes, flat or round surface etc.


In general, there are common two types of laser marking machine like fiber laser marking machine and ultraviolet laser marking machine(Whta is UV laser marking) are suitable for battery marking, If you need to connect with the production line marking, then may also need an online flying control system to meet the automation function.


Fiber laser marking machine:It is suitable for marking aluminum and alloy metal  surface of batteries.


UV laser marking machine:It is suitable for various types of battery marking.


The Advantages of OT LASER battery laser marking machine:


1, High speed marking and increase production efficiency;


2, Permanent clear marking and good anti-counterfeiting effect;


3, High quality laser source and good laser beam quality;


4, Stable and reliable performance,continuously work for 24 hours,maintenance-free more than 20,000 hours. Wide temperature range (5 °C - 45 °C);


5, Suitable for harsh working environment


6, High precision,high accurate.


Final Words


OTLASER is a professional laser engraving machine manufacturer,which is dedicated to research and sale laser and small CNC industry machine,we have a lot of technology and experience in laser marking of different materials.