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10 Best Batch Coding Machine for Date With Manufacturer Price

Jun 03, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

Labeling products efficiently and effectively is the aim of every business. It allows them to keep an inventory of the products and maintain their data. That is why you need the most versatile and functional data coders for your business.


If you can’t decide which date coder machine to opt for, you are in the right place. Here are our top ten batch coders to help you make an informed decision.There have electronic date printing machine or manual date printing coder,which can print packaging bag,paper and plastics, etc. on the surface of flat or curved.If you are interested in them,feel free to contact us to get the best manufacturer price.


10 Best Batch Coding Machine for Date


1. HT 8 Manual Date Coding Machine


date coding machine

Price: Starts from $96


If you are operating in the pharmaceutical or food industry, this stamp coding machine is ideal. It has introduced the thermal printing ribbon that can replace oil ink and print clear stamps on any packaging material without any pollutants or toxins. The aim of the machine is to enhance cleanliness and hygiene during the labeling process.


This machine is featured for clear printing.Why is clear? hot coding printing tape without drying,so clear printing.It is easy to change word through special word changing structure resulting in movable type loading and unloading.


The printing speed of the machine is ten to thirty pec per minute. The structure of the machine is manufactured from stainless steel and copper alloy to ensure it remains stable and durable.



· Weight: 4kg

· Voltage: 200V/50HZ 40W

· Dimensions: 310*275*220mm

· Supply Ability: 1000 set/sets per week



2. MY380 Date Batch Coding Machine


date batch coding machine

Price: Starts from $390


The machine is ideal for batch printing numbers and dates on packing materials. It is available for embossing printing and solid ink coding printing. The printing speed is optimal as it can print almost three hundred pieces in a minute.


One feature is this ink roller coder comes with  Dia36*32,therefore,it can do instant printing and instant drying. Using advanced electric motor and synchronous strap,allowing it work more higher stability.Another feature is it offers 2.0mm  2.5mm  3.0mm word size available.


The machine includes all automatic features for higher stability and synchronicity. These include features of auto paging, auto counting, auto location, and auto position. All these features ensure an excellent experience with high precision and accuracy.




· Voltage: 200V 50/60 Hz, 170 W

· Word Size: 2mm, 2.5mm, and 3mm

· Ink size:T(8 lines) and R type(5 lines)

· Printing speed Max: 300 pcs/min

· Dimensions: 440*345*260mm

· Weight: 25kgs


3.  Laser Continuous Inkjet Printer


laser coding machine

Price: Starts from $3,280


The KN280K laser inkjet printer is perfect for date printing as it has an optimal printing speed of 1076 words per second. The printer has an operation interface, photoelectric support, stainless steel construction, code jet port, and a conveyor belt. The original ink cartridge has a long life, and it will not fade even after exposure to water at various temperatures.


The computer terminal is also intelligent to ensure accurate and high-precision markings. It supports various software, High quality laser output,excellent beam quality,high electro-optic conversion rate,stable power and reliable performance all fiber structure design high integration,no consumable and maintenance-free.


Small size filed mirror suitable for hash environment,friendly interface what you see is what you get.so you can easily label and date packaging in batches.



· Printing speed:1076 words/sec

· Print height:16 (mm)

· Print range:30 (mm)

· Print depth:0.1 (mm)

· Weight:28.0 kg

· Dimensions: 32*42*55cm


4. MY-380F Batch Code Date Coding Machine


date date coding machine

Price: Starts from $380


The MY-380F date coding machine is constructed from stainless steel to ensure maximum strength and durability. It features automatic temperature control, adjustable print position, and auto-counting. The printing speed is also high as it can print at least three hundred pieces in a minute.


This batch code date coding machine works on 220V voltage, and consumes 180W per hour, which is more energy-efficient. The Ink wheel size of machine is 35*15mm when put 2 pieces together,the minimum feed size of the item is 50mm*30mm,The maximum feed size of the item 500mm*200mm,However,the printing area can be adjusted at 60-250mm from one side.


The printer roller equipped in the date coding machine can be used for T arrange, and R arranges of types. Keep in mind that the machine is best used for printing dates on paper packaging. It can print a maximum of ten lines with eleven words per line.




· Voltage:220V 50Hz

· Power:180W

· Ink wheel size:35*15mm (use 2 pcs together)

· Speed:Max 300times/min

· Min size of the goods:Length 50mm*width 30mm

· Max size of the goods:Length 500mm*with 200mm

· Max number of lines:10 lines, max 11 pcs words per line

· Printing area:60-250mm adjustable from one side

· Parameters of the words:2mm*3mm

· Dimension:440*465*280mm

· Weight:20KG


5. Smart Hand-Held Date Coder


 hand-held date coding machine

Price: Starts from $268


The handheld coder is ideal for various industries out there that need to print codes, numbers, dates, and much more. It can print on multiple packaging materials such as glass bottles, carton packaging, bottle caps, plastic products, metal products, and many others. The insulated non-slip handle ensures that your grip is firm during the entire printing process.


The spray and nozzle distance of smart inkjet printer between 2 and 5mm, the print height of 2-12.7mm is adjustable, and it has a high printing accuracy at 1000DPI.There are 3 external interfaces USB, photoelectric interface, charging interface to support disk storage data.


The control panel is a smart touch screen that you can utilize to take charge of the printing process. The printer is also incredibly lightweight as it is just 1.1kgs, including the ink cartridges. One cartridge can also easily print thousands of words and characters.



· Weight: 1.1kg

· Cartridge Capacity: 70ml

· Printing Accuracy: 1000DPI

· Printing Height: 2 – 12.7mm

· Printing Distance: 2 to 5mm

· Dimensions: 200*130*128


6. MY-300 Carton Box Date Printing Machine


Carton Box date coding machine

Price: Starts from $450


The machine is ideal for printing production date, serial number, batch number,validity, ID number on paper label,paper bag,plastic label, plastic bag, and other non-absorptive material.The printing technology used in the machine is photoelectrical, which means that the print will be clear, precise, and accurate. The printer automatically prints, counts, and dispatches.


The box date printing machine allows the size of target print item is L:60-600 and W:50-300 (mm), thickness 0.05-3.0(mm), there are 2X1.5(8PT) 2X2.5(9PT) 3X3(10.5PT) 4X2 .5(18PT) available in type size.


You can also adjust the printing position according to your product size. The printing speed is also high as the machine can print three hundred pieces in less than a minute. The separation mechanism of the machine is also high-quality as it can automatically realize split positioning.



· Voltage(V/Hz):AC 220/50 110/60

· Power (W):230

· Object size:L:60-600 W:50-300 (mm)

· Object Thickness:0.05-3.0(mm)

· printing speed:less 300 (pcs/min)

· Printing type:steel wheel print

· Ink roll size:36*32cm

· Dimension (L*W*H):440X345X300(mm)

· Net weight:35(Kg)


7. Portable Inkjet Batch Code Printer


inkjet date coding machine

Price: Starts from $238


The handheld smart inkjet printer is perfect for industrial batch bottle code printing. The printing is clear, fast, and rich. The smart touch screen control allows you to control the machine and print what you need with high precision and accuracy.


With lightweight and compact design,it can be flexible matched with various production lines,printing speed up to 70m/min, It is compatible with USB,DB9 and DB 15 interface,can be directly inserted into the U disk to information,and working independently offline,free to edit online.It supports black,red,blue,yellow,green and white ink color.


The capacity storage with 50ml is also high as it can spray 80 million characters with ease with 2mm words. The machine can also be sprayed with dots and other graphics for various coding and printing applications. The best part about this machine is that it has a high production rate and is incredibly user-friendly.



· Weight: 2.6kg

· Dimensions: 130*128*240mm

· Working Speed: Ninety times per minute

· Printing Accuracy: 600DPI

· Printing Height: 2mm to 13mm (adjustable)


8. TIJ Inkjet Printer For Bottle Date


inkjet date coding machine

Price: Starts from $1100


The printing machine is great for printing expiry date codes on plastic, glass, bags, and PET bottles. The machine is easy to operate, has a durable construction, and is stable during the printing process. That is because the machine is based on the TIJ 2.5 technology for users to have the best experience.


A Ink management system designed supports to automatically recognize the ink types, and identify the optimum printing parameters, and automatic measuring system for the usage of the ink.5 inch 800*480 colour LCD touch screen,making operation more easily.


The printing speed with 600DPI is 0 to 30mm per min, while the printing speed with 300DPI is 0 to 60mm per minute. You can also set the printing speed depending on what you need. The machine also offers various date modes such as expiry date, production date, best-used by date, and much more.




· Resolution:50~600DPI

· Printing Speed:0~60m/min(300DPI) 0~30m/min(600DPI)

· Voltage: 220V/50HZ

· Weight: 3.5kg

· Dimensions: 440*250*160


9. HT 128 Plastic Bags Expiry Date  Printing Machine


plastic date coding machine

Price: Starts from $680


The HT 128 printing machine utilizes the latest thermal foaming technology, which ensures that the printing is accurate and precise. All small and medium-sized businesses can use the machine to print on all types of materials. The machine's special features include a strong spray, flash spray, movable bar code, and 2D code, and much more.


The machine is operated through a 7 inch touch screen, the number of editable rows can be selected within 12.7mm, and fonts with a height of 1mm to 12mm can be sprayed. It has a USB interface, which can connect the U disk to upload the required picture or LOGO to the machine, and upgrade the program etc.


To use the printing machine in an optimal way, you will have to use fast-drying ink or environmentally friendly water-based ink. It will enhance the quality of the print, and your materials will look fantastic. The ink should not have a built-in air pump or an external air source.




· Screen Size:7 Inch Touch Screen

· Printing Resolution: 600DPI

· Power:60W

· Ink Cartridge Volume: 45ml

· Weight: 2.2kg

· Package Dimensions: 33*26*26


10. PM 100 Industrial Barcode Printing Machine


batch date coding machine

Price: Starts from $2880


PM-100 small character date coder inkjet printer is a discontinuity marking system that is controlled by a single chip. The system is perfect for printing paper, plastic bottles, glass, metal, rubber, resin, PVC, and much more. That is why it is an ideal solution for many industries out there, such as automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, and many others.


This date coder can permanently print the content within 32*2560 pixel you want on the surface of different shapes including plane and curved surface.The character size can be adjusted according to your preferences,It offers 1 to 4 print line and the height of printing at 1 to 15mm adjustable,and also supports 40 piece of jet printing store information.


In addition, most of the processes in the machine are automated, such as change of batch, date, and serial numbers. So, the printing process can go smoothly without the need for intervention.



· Voltage: 110V/220V

· Power:300W

· Print line:1 to 4 line

· Print Speed: 4.5m/s

· Print Height: 1 to 15mm (adjustable)

· Print Distance: 0 to 4cm

· Dimension(L*W*H):630*410*900mm

· Weight: 55kgs


Final Words


As a small, medium, or large business, you need to have these ten best date coders. They will enhance your labeling experience, and the entire labeling process will become optimized. So, please choose the one you think is best for your business and begin using it now. Once you do, you will see fantastic results and the machine will last you a long time to come.