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5 Best Automatic Stickers Labeling Machine For Bottle

Jul 08, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

Whether you want to start stickers labeling business? Stickers are a widely sued stationary and labeling item in today’s world. Significantly, when modern-day sticker-making technology has advanced a lot, it can be easier to find brands labeling their products with customized stickers than other labeling methods.


While there is a wide range of businesses that prefer printed labeling, it’s also not hard to find sticker labels. Similarly, with the hype and wide usage of the sticker labeling, it’s always a great idea to start a business and earn a decent income.


Is Sticker Labeling Machine Worth In Investment?


From homemade chocolates to ketchup brands and even books have sticker labels more often. It’s not just because sticker labeling is a modern and easier way to label a product, but also because you can easily have a limited budget to label your products creatively and appealingly.


The final look of sticker labeling also seems to have embossed letters on a product or a container. It’s not only for your brand, but you can also prefer purchasing a sticker bottle labeling machine and start labeling other’s stickers. Since it’s a highly demanded labeling option, you can surely grow your business in this field.


However, if you’re new to understanding the usage of a bottle sticker labeling machine and starting a business with it, let’s go ahead and explore more about it in detail.


What is a Semi-Automatic Bottle Labeling Machine?


When using a sticker labeling machine, it’s better to opt for a semi-automatic machine. Since a fully manual machine may require a professional to understand its usage and setting. Hence, you can’t quickly master the usage and performance of a manual labeling machine.


On the other hand, a fully automatic labeling machine doesn’t offer you too many customization options. Hence, you can’t use more ideas or sticker labeling options with the automatic sticker labeling machine. Additionally, using a semi-automatic labeling machine means that you get less technical and decent customization control.


Apart from that, a semi-automatic sticker bottle labeling machine is not just limited to labeling stickers only. Instead, this machine is used on a wide range of products and packaging items using various self-adhesive labels. A great machine sued for labeling small production quantities and batch numbers on stickers or other solid items.


What makes this machine more suitable than a fully automatic labeling machine is its labeling process, which the operator itself initiates. So you can manually perform a few tasks like inserting the product in the machine, after which the machine labels it, and you remove the product again by hand. The integrated applicator carries out the actual labeling performance of these machines. This applicator controller is present in the drive unit of the machine.


Sticker Labeling ideas


Once you understand the manual and automatic controls of a bottle labeling machine, it’s time to start practicing the labeling. While you can focus on custom and order-based sticker labeling machine usage in your business, it’s always better to add variety. Whether it's craftwork or unique business ideas, everyone admires using a variety of creating stickers to promote their business. Hence, you can label stickers using your machine and create different designs like:

· Animals

· Patterns

· Logos

· Lettering

· People/portrait

· Names

· Symbols

· Characters (from cartoons or moves)


5 Best Stickers Bottle Labeling Machine


Are you looking for a bottle label  machine for your business? Look no further! Here, you will get to know about the 5 best bottle label machines.  let’s get into the details of each of these.


1.  YTK-50 Plastic Glass Bottles Label Machine (About $485)


Stickers labeling machine


The label making machine is here for multiple purposes as the use of this label applicator machine extends to multiple industries, including medical, chemical, machinery, food, beverages, and more. The machine allows you to put labels on plastic, metal, PET, and glass bottles(May you are also interested in glass engraving machine).


The accuracy and speed of the machine is quite phenomenal as it gives you about 25 to 50 pieces of labels per minute, with an accuracy of about +-1.0 mm. With this, you get to label round bottles of multiple sizes with ease. The diameter range possible with this machine is about 20 to 120mm, which is quite.


Another thing to note about this is that it is quite easy to operate. So, you will find that you’re able to make use of this product without much hassle. The label light sensitivity is also adjustable, allowing the machine to make automatic adjustments  throughout the process.



  • Product Model:YTK-50
  • Labeling speed:25-50 pieces/min
  • Labeling bottle outer diameter:20-120mm
  • Power:220W
  • Voltage:110V/220V
  • Dimensions:650×350×450mm
  • Weight:25KG
  • Marking speed:3-15m/min


2. YTK 150 Semi-Automatic Adhesive Labeler (About $2380)


Stickers labeling machine


If you’re looking for something that gives you more flexibility in terms of results, then this semi-automatic adhesive label machine is the right choice. With a speed of 20 to 200 pieces per minute, you’re sure to get work done faster. The speed essentially depends on the diameter of the bottle; the smaller the diameter of the bottle, the more pieces you get to make per minute.


The accuracy this machine has to offer is about +-1mm and the diameter of the bottle should be within the range of 30 to 120mm. You’ll find that there is a great margin for you to label different sizes of round bottles with this machine.


The size of this round bottle labeling machine is on the larger side, and it offers you an extensive application. Whether you’re looking to apply labels to round plastic, glass, metal, PET, or any other kind, you’re sure to be able to do so with this machine.



  • Model:YTK-150
  • Speed:20-200pcs/min
  • Bottle Diameter:30-120mm
  • Bottle Height:15-200mm
  • Label Length:25-300mm
  • Accuracy:1mm
  • Voltage
  • 220v 50/60hz 110V 60HZ
  • Power:1.5kw
  • Weight:200KG
  • Size:1270*800*780mm


3. MT 50P  Round Bottle Labeling Machine (About $600)


Stickers labeling machine


Another MT 50P round bottle labeling machine to help make the process easier for you. This one offers you a speed of about 50 pieces per minute, depending on the size of the bottle’s diameter. You get to make use of this machine for round bottles with diameters within the range of 12 to 90mm. The resulting labels will offer you about +-0.5mm accuracy.


The machine is applicable for use in multiple sectors, including medical, chemical, food, and more. The list is extensive as the machine offers optimal functioning for multiple kinds of round bottles. Not only this, but the technology used in the machine adds to the overall effectiveness.


The use of computer chip program controller (PLC) enhances the overall functioning of the machine. With the rotating feature, there is no possibility of bubbles or creases in the labels. Not only this, but the machine also ensures that the quality of the labels is not compromised.



  • Labeling speed:50pcs/min
  • Container diameter:15-120mm
  • Minimum label size:W26mm/L25mm
  • Maximum label size:W150mm /L300mm
  • Power:220V/50Hz 50w
  • Material:304 Stainless steel
  • Bottles diameter:12-90mm
  • Machine size:640 x 350 x 460 mm
  • Weight:35KG


4.  Electric Semi Auto Type 2 Sides Label Machine (About $1500)


Stickers labeling machine


The semi-auto machine is known for its high accuracy for labeling bottles by clutch structure design and sticker allowed size:Length 5-380mm, Width 10-180mm. The electricity-driven machine offers you an accuracy of about +-0.5mm, giving you great results throughout the use. Along with this, you will find that the core technology used in the machine is Panasoinc PLC control system, which further enhances the accuracy and usability of the machine.


Product Feature:


  • High labeling accuracy.
  • Color touch screen,easy to operate
  • Easy to operate and repair ands stable working.
  • Avoiding the wrinkles and bubbles on sticker.
  • Can label on round bottle, taper bottle, hexagonal bottle, octagonal bottle
  • Can be labeled as full/half circle, single side or back&front color/transparent sticker.


Depending on the size of the bottle diameter, you get a labeling speed of about 15 to 30 pieces per minute. The smaller the size, the faster the speed will be. You will further find that the product diameter size that you get is about 10 to 150mm, giving you a good range to work with.


The machine is known to be used widely in the cosmetics, medical, brewing, and chemical industries. So, you’re sure to find great use of these. Make use of the automatic and manual controls of the machine for your convenience and the best results.




  • Driven Type Pneumatic
  • Voltage 220V 50Hz
  • Power 120W
  • Air Supply 0.4-0.6Mpa
  • Applicable Bottle Size Φ10-165mm
  • Applicable Label Size L: 20-300; W(H): 20-250
  • Applicable Label Roller ODΦ≤250mm; IDΦ76mm
  • Labeling Speed 15-30pcs/min (depends on actual)
  • Labeling Accuracy ±0.5mm
  • Dimension (mm) 920*450*520 (L*W*H)
  • Weight 35KGS


5.   Semi Automatic Bottle Labeling Machine (About $400)


Stickers labeling machine


The easy to operate machine is here to offer you a cost-effective way of making labels. You will find that it gives you a stunning labeling speed of about 20 to 40 pieces per minute, depending on the size of the bottle you go for. Not only this, but the accuracy you achieve is phenomenal. With a label accuracy of +-0.5mm, you’re sure to get the optimal results.



  • High quality roller:Both the bottle support roller and the pressure roller are made of high quality rubber to better hold the bottle.
  • Light sensor:Imported light sensor can be used to adjust the sensing position with an Allen screw driver for more accurate positioning。
  • High quality paper tray:Smother and smoother operation to improve work efficiency
  • Excellent Motor:With high-quality motors,it can meet large loads and run a long time.
  • Adjustable paper feeding tray:The feeding tray can be adjusted to rate,and the elastic screws can adjusted based on your requirement。
  • Safety power switch:Power supply with an over-current protection device,when the power supply over the normal use range,the fuse will blow automatically.


The application of the machine extends to round bottles of varying sizes and heights. With an adjustable paper feeding tray and light sensor technology, it becomes easier to get the accurate positioning of the labels for different kinds of round bottles.


The machine comes with a high-quality roller that allows you to place bottles without having to worry about damaging them. It ensures and effective hold and gets the label on quite quickly, without any bubbles or creases.



  • Model YC-50
  • Product Diameter φ15-120mm
  • Input Power 220V 50/60HZ
  • Labeling Speed 20-40PCS/min
  • Labeling Accuracy ±0.5mm
  • Min Label Size W26*L25mm
  • Max Label Size W150*L300mm
  • Inner diameter of Label Roll φ75mm
  • Outer Diameter of Label Roll φ275mm
  • Weight 25KG
  •  Package Size 650*345*450mm




Now that you’re fully prepared to purchase the best bottle labeling machine and starting your sticker labeling business go and get started. After all, once you have gathered all the necessary information, there’s no point in waiting.


Yet, while you do focus on sticker labeling, make sure to utilize your semi-automatic sticker labeling machine for more uses, like labeling cardboard or soft sheet for small-scale business packaging tasks. As a result, it can help you grow your services and spread your business while scaling your income. Happy Earning!