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10 Best Chaff Cutting Machine For Hay Grass With Manufacturer Price

Jun 01, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

A chaff cutting machine is a device that is famous as a grain grinder. However, the advanced technology and updated design make it the ideal feed processing machine. Thus, it is helping breeding and small farmers. You can use it to produce food for poultry animals. Like many uses, there are different types of chaff cutting machines. The chaff cutting machine first came into the market in 1822, and since then, it is proving the efficiency. Thus, if you are interested in this, do the proper research before taking any decision. So, let’s take a deep dive into different models and types of this machine.


10 best chaff cutting machine


If you want to cut the hay and grass efficiently, then a chaff cutting machine is your necessity. Thus, due to lots of benefits, it extensively uses in cattle farms. But it's always tough to make the right decision because there are few technicalities involved in it. Thus, here are some top suggestions if you are looking for the best chaff cutting machines.


1st: HT-F-5 chaff cutting machine(About 280USD-1100USD)


chaff cutting machine

HT-F-5 is the top suggestion for the animal and hay and chaff cutter processing machine. Due to the intelligent features, it widely uses in animal, poultry farms, and houses. It is made with carbon steel that makes it more durable and trustworthy.


Moreover, with the help of intelligent features, you can easily use it to make animal and poultry pellets. Apart from this, there are other uses of this chaff hay cutting machine:


  • Green chaff cut
  • Corn straw
  • Other crops straw


Later after cutting the hay, you can use it for breeding cattle, sheep, horses, deer, and other animals.


Many different models (3ton/h,4ton/h and 7/ton/h) of this machine are available with other specifications. It means that you can get the same machine with different specifications.


But HT-F-5 works on 220V and has a working capacity of up to 2ton per hour. Apart from this, it has a chopped length from one to three cm with a rotation speed of 2800r/min. But it weighs around 100kg, that's why it's a little hard to move here and there.



  • Model:HT-C-5
  • Blades number:4
  • Voltage:220V/380V
  • Power:4.5KW/5.5KW
  • Size:1950*710*930mm
  • Weight:210kg


2nd: Chaff cutter and crusher machine(About 130USD-680USD)


chaff cutting machine

The second machine on our list is the chaff cutter and crusher machine. The primary specialty of this machine is that it can cut dry and fresh Grass on a large scale. Due to this, it commonly uses in farms. Thus, the working capacity of this machine depends on a motor that has a power of around 2.2-4kw.


Moreover, the per hour working capacity of the chaff cutting machine is about 500-100kg. It is made up of iron that makes it more durable. The device combines many large and small pieces of equipment that help bring it in a functional form. On the other side, it has six blades that help it work fast and make it more efficient.


It comes with three steel gear, i.e., long, empty, and short. However, you can easily adjust the mowing length using these gears. Apart from this, it has a comprehensive and thick feed chopper and steel knife. It weighs around 80kg, but with the help of wheels, you can move here and there.



  • Blade:6pcs
  • Rated voltage:220V/380V
  • Motor power:2.2-4kw
  • Capacity:500-1000kg/h
  • Cut length:10-50mm
  • Motor speed:2800r/min
  • Machine weight:80kg
  • Machine dimension:1000*540*800mm


3rd: 9ZT-0.6 Grass Chaff Cutter(About 238USD)


chaff cutting machine

It won't be wrong to say it is a multitasker machine. Yes, it widely uses for the animal chaff cutter and cow feed grass chopper. However, it is an excellent choice if you want to chop straw, grass, and forage.


Generally, the grass cutting length is around 0.6-2.0cm, but you can adjust it as per your needs. Moreover, it is made up of a steel structure that makes it more productive. For instance, it can chop 600kg in an hour.


You also have an option to place customized order where you can choose blades (4 or 6) or the machine's color. It works on 220V with a motor speed of 2800 rpm.


Finally,You have an option to customize the chaff cutter on an electric, diesel, or gas motor.



  • Rated Power :2.2 Kw
  • Rated Voltage:220V
  • Rated Motor Speed:2800 rpm
  • Productivity:600kg/h
  • Finished Length:0.6-2.0 cm
  • Spindle Speed :600 rpm
  • Dimension(L*W*H)mm:455*1100*825mm
  • Weight:78 kg


4th: 400B chaff cutting machine(About 180USD)


chaff cutting machine

The 400B chaff cutting machine that performs best to cut dry and wet grass, husk, peanut, and wheat straw. It comes with a high quality motor that has a power of around 2.2-3kw.


The efficient design and advance machinery can crush the material up to 5cm. However, the fast-working process makes it simple and easy to use. you can place a customized order as per your needs. The weight of this chaff cutting machine is around 60kg that makes it more feasible to use.


Moreover, the noise-resistant technology making it more demandable. The dimension of this cutter is around 530*750*920 and can cut 300-800kg hay per hour. Due to all these features, it is an excellent option to look for something to use in the household.



  • Rated Power :2.2-3Kw
  • Productivity:300-800kg/h
  • Dimension(L*W*H)mm:530*750*920mm
  • Weight:60 kg


5th: 4 blades chaff cutting machine(About 230USD)


chaff cutter

It is one of the most reliable, popular, and best chaff cutting machines. Due to the excellent features, it is widely using in animal feed making. In simple words, we can say it offers high efficiency with exceptional durability and elements. You can use it cutting machine for almost all purposes. For instance, it serves even if you want to crush straws, wet grass, hay grass, and it also uses for grind work.


Moreover, the high-quality copper wired motor is a state of feature. There are also available on diesel, petrol, or gas optional.This machine is made up of iron material and comes with high-quality blades. You can even order it with four edges. Mainly there are two types of this machine with these specifications:


1,Four blade chaff cutting machine has a grass cutting length of around 1-3cm, and you even adjust it,Max cutting 0.4-1 ton in an hour. More specifically, there is the following cutting efficiency:


· Wet corn straw:1.4 ton/hour

· Dry corn straw:0.5 ton per hour

· Green Grass:1ton per hour

· Dry rice and dry maize straw:0.4 and 0.3 ton per hour


2,Horizontal chaff cutter optional has different models like 2.5T, 3.8T, 4.5T, and 6.5T hay cutter. But each model has other specifications, blade numbers, and matching power. If you need it,contact us more detail.


3,There is another all-in-one kneading machine that is special due to its high efficiency and automatic feeding port.



  • 4 blades cutter inlet width:23cm
  • Outlet size:28*12cm(width*height)
  • Inlet size:66*45cm(length*Width)
  • Length of grass cutting:1-3cm adjustable
  • Matching power:6.5 HP gasoline / 4 HP diesel
  • Speed:1080 r/min
  • Triangular belt:A1250mm
  • Working capacity:0.4-1 T/h
  • Dimension:85*75*75cm (4 blades)
  • Weight:55kg (add diesel 82kg)


6th: Animal feed chaff cutter & chopper machine(About 130USD)


chaff cutter

The name shows that it works as an animal feed, straw chaff cutter, and chopper machine,which is suitable for cattle,sheep,horses,pigs,chickens,ducks,and rabbits etc.


It only weighs around 41kg that makes it easy to move and function. This machine is famous for its high efficiency,and say goodbye to the artificial with tired, time consuming,low efficiency due to its sharp and thick steel knives and automatic powerful power.


On the other side, the copper motor can bear high temperatures and makes the whole setting durable. It works on 220V with a motor power of 2.2-3.0kw. The upper structure is made with iron and has dimensions 800*420*780mm. Thus , the core components revolve around gears, motor, bearings, four sharp blades, and engine. Less maintenance allows you to get lasting benefits.



  • Raw Material:Iron
  • Voltage:220V
  • Motor Power:2.2KW/3.0KW
  • Motor Speed:2800r/min
  • Dimension800*420*780mm
  • Weight:40Kg


7th: Portable chaff cutting machine(About 260USD )


chaff cutter

This is a portable corn straw and chaff cutting machine offers the solution to kill the problems like low efficiency and less working capacity.


It can easily cut and crush almost all kinds of grasses. you can run it on diesel, gas, or electricity. It works on the 220 voltages with the motor power that is around 2.2-3.0kw. But the chaff cutting machine speed is around 2800r/min.


This machine has a steel body that keeps the rust away and makes it more durable. Moreover, the smooth gear, stable working capacity, adjustable cutting length make it worth spending money.



  • Power:2.2-3.0kw
  • Speed:2800r/min
  • Voltage:220V
  • Engine:Electric machinery/Diesel motor/gasoline engine
  • Weight:About 40kg
  • Size:800*420*780mm


8th: Mini straw forage chopper & chaff cutting machine(About 460USD)


chaff cutter

Mini straw forage chopper and chaff cutting machine can work on the gasoline engine with 3HP or 7.5 HP. But you can switch the engine on electricity as per your need.


 It commonly used in farms, homes, and retail shops. It weighs around 75kg and cuts the size around 3-5cm,it has options of blades like 4-6-and 8. If you think the machine is too heavy to move, then there are four wheels for assistance.


This machine has the working capacity to process 600 kg in an hour. Thus, the core components of this piece revolve around gear, motor, bearing, engine, and blades. All of these items make it the best investment.



  • Capacity (kg/h):600
  • NO. of Knife Blade:4pcs/6pcs/8pcs
  • Power Requirement:3HP motor /7.5HP gasoline engine
  • Cutting Size (cm):3-5cm
  • Net Weight53kg(without engine)


9th: Heavy duty Straw Hay cutter(About 1200USD-2400USD)


chaff cutter

It comes in different models like 9Z-2.5A, 9Z-3A, 9Z-4.5A, and 9Z-6.5A. However, due to its extensive range, it is a perfect choice for farms to cut a large amount of grains, grass, hay, straws, and silage. Its output form 2500kg/h to 6500kg/h that need match power range between 3KW and 11KW.


We can say it is a multi-functional unit that is highly efficient, durable, and easy to handle. The cutting machine is made with high-quality material and has a robust steel blade and internal structure. Moreover, the noise-free technology, automatic feeding, safety, and sharp edges make it hard to beat.


But all of these models come with automatic feeding and have the disc type & guillotine kneading structure.



  • Model:9Z-2.5A/9Z-3A/9Z-4.5A/9Z-6.5A
  • Supporting power:3kw/4kw/5.5Kw/7.5-11kw
  • Motor speed:2800rmp/1440rpm/1440rpm/1440rpm
  • Machine output:2500kg/h,3000-4000kg/h,4000kg/h,6500kg/h
  • Discharge length:7-35MM/10-35MM/10-35MM/10-45MM


10th: Straw chaff cutting machine(About  380USD)


chaff cutter

Straw chaff cutting machine is available in three models (500-220V, 580-220V, and 680-220V) that make it attractive for the business personals.


Due to its wide variety, it commonly uses in hotels, manufacturing plants, food processing units, and farms. It works on 220V and makes sure to provide high productivity. Above all, it also can crush and cut the Grass. On the other hand, it can chop 1 ton in an hour.


The finished material of this chopper is controlled according to the size of the screen inside.The screen can be changed to adjust,1.5mm,4mm,10mm,30mm are available in the screen size.


Moreover, it comes with thick and sharp knives that make the whole cutting and crushing process smooth. It also comes with a pure copper motor that keeps it safe from being burned. On the other side, the tires provide solid support and help to move here and there.



  • Voltage:220/380V
  • Power:4KW
  • Max. Capacity:1 ton/h
  • Dimension(L*W*H):126cm*110cm*140cm
  • Weight:110kg