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10 Best Dot Peen Marking Machine With Price

May 28, 2021

There are many types pf dot peen marking machine available such as:pneumatic,electric,desktop and portable etc.They can can mark on a variety of hard materials such as metal and plastic according to customer need,How to quickly look for a affordable dot peen marking machine with high quality?


The following article lists the 10 best dot peen marking machines that you can use for marking metal and harness material.


10 Best Dot Peen Marking Machine


  • All in One DOT Peen Marking Machine(About 2500USD)


all in one dot peen marking machine

The traditional pneumatic marking machine consist of three parts:mechanical part,electric part and software system.This All-in-one dot peen marking machine integrates these 3 parts into one.So,there is no need a computer also can work and become portable.


This All-in-one dot peen marking machine comes with a touch screen that embedded powerful software supports VIM number,vector graph and serial number,and a I/O port supports US disk,USB keyboard and mouse.


The use of two linear guide rail on each axis to ensure the pneumatic marking machine work more stability and increase lifespan.This machine adopts high quality solenoid valve make its lifespan is more than 20,000,000 times.A wire terminal to connect the inner electronic device,making replace more easy.


With two stainless steel column design,it can increase the machine steady in case of the machine operation produce vibration,and a knob can reduce the high frequency vibration.



  • Marking depth:0.02-0.3mm(adjustable)
  • Marking speed:1-2 letters/s
  • Marking materials:Metal or nonmetals with hardness under HRC55
  • Power :AC220V±10% 50~60Hz AC110V±10%50~600Hz
  • Energy consumption:100W
  • Repeat precision:0.02-0.05mm


  • Electric Handheld DOT Peen Marking Machine(About 2599USD)


electric handheld dot peen marking machine

This a portable electric handheld dot peen marking machine,which can work without air source.The marking head directly connect to the control system, with the powerful and portable design,electric handheld dot peen marking machine can mark line,arc,angularity and dot matrix etc on heavy,complex or large objects.


A customized mobile car optional design, which can greatly improves its mobility. In addition, this car also reserves a place for the portable battery, allowing machine to work more freely and move to complex environments.



  • Marking Area:30mm *80mm(30mm*130mm/60mm*130mm optional)
  • Marking Speed:2 - 5 Characters Per Second
  • Repetition Accuracy:0.05mm
  • Marking Depth :<=0.3mm (Adjustable with different material)
  • Power Supply:AC220V ±10% 50Hz
  • Power consumption:<=350W
  • COM Port :RS232, USB


  • Mini DOT Peen Marking Machine (About 1700USD)


mini dot peen marking machine

This mini dot peen marking machine is used for the marking of inner or outer surface of finger ring or bracelet and flat surface marking.With compact structure and 9 azimuth positioning design, making marking position more accuracy.The machine comes with built-in marking software,fully supports WINDOWS compatible fonts and monochrome bitmap pictures.

It can offer adjustable depth marking,repeat marking without ghosting effect.Its power consumption is only 75W,you will get a high brilliance shiny finishing without additional polishing through utilizing diamond pin for marking.This machine can mark minimum height of 0.5mm for characters.It is an ideal machine for jewellery industry,and adding value service to the customers in retail shops.



  • Marking character size:0.5-15mm (Alphabets)
  • Outside mark diameter:15-80mm
  • inside mark diameter: 15-60mm
  • Ring width: 20mm
  • Flat marking area:10mm×35mm
  • Flat marking character size:Maximum 10mm
  • Picture format supported: Monochrome Bitmap( BMP )
  • Power supply: 220V/110V(Optional)
  • Power consumption:75W
  • Machine dimension: 380(L)×180(W)×230(H)mm
  • Weight, Net/Gross:8.5 / 9.5Kg


  • Portable DOT Peen Marking Machine(About 899 USD)


portable dot peen marking machine

There are tree types of machine available for these machine,including:


  • 1,Machine +independent control cabinet.
  • 2,Machine +7 inch screen computer & control cabinet.
  • 3,Machine + 10 inch screen Panasonic computer & cabinet.


This is a compact structure and strong dot peen machine,with cast iron plate,ensure machine to have high precision even if used for very long time.It adopts liner square guide rail design,make sure device working more stable and high precision.This machine comes with an independent switch for magnet,very strong electromagnetic adsorption,therefor,it can suck the metal very tight and be suitable for large materials or immovable parts.An air pressure valve connects to the air compressor show air pressure stable at 0.3-0.8Mpa.It is compatible with Thro X6,Win7/XP system, can be used in making VIN code, full line,dot matrix,graphics, characters, numbers, classic No. etc on metal and other hardness material.




  • Marking area:80*30mm 125*30mm 140mm*40mm 160mm*40mm and 180mm*90mm optional
  • Marking depth:0.1-1mm
  • Marking speed:30-40mm/s
  • Pressure requirement:0.3-0.5 Mpa.
  • Material hardness:≤60
  • Voltage:110V/220V
  • Note:This machine not including air compressor.


  • Small Portable Pneumatic DOT Peen Marking Machine(About 900 USD)


portable dot peen marking machine

This mini dot peen marking machine can mark steel, stainless steel, copper brass, gold, silver etc on metal and hard plastics.With lightweight and ergonomic hand held design,allowing marker to print part location, especially useful for very large and heavy parts.The machine is programmed through a PC,but it is very easy to program,allowing many operators to use the equipment without in-depth training.It can be against dampness, moisture, rust, and be able to stand shock and rough handing.




  • Marking depth:0.01~0.5mm
  • Marking contents:Characters, alphanumeric, date, numbers, serial No, VIN code etc.
  • Marking area(mm):50x25mm or customziable
  • Materials request:below HRC60 metallic and nonmetallic materials
  • Work power:AC100V~240V50Hz/60HZ
  • Air pressure:0.3-0.6MPa
  • Dimension:440x400x540mm
  • Gross weight:25kg


  • Flat Pneumatic DOT Peen Engraving Machine(About 2000 USD)

dot peen marking machine

This flat dot peen marking machine adopts block-out controlling cabinet design that is beneficial for dust-proof, damp-proof,shake-proof and adapt to any bad operation environment.It has a up-down lifting structure to realize more functions.Marking contents can be saved automatically and not be missing during power-off of the device.This machine supports many kinds of font: SHX Font,MG Font in Auto CAD, CHR in Borland, and TTF in Windows 98/2000/XP system.If you want to online share the database and data transmission with other equipment?No problem,It can also do it match with electronic scales, leak detectors,bar code machinery and other equipment.This machine can be used for marking character,letter and graph, data code, series number, VIN code, engine numbers on various kinds of metal and non-metal labels & accessories.If you have other need,like rotary,LCD control and portable?No problem,This machine has a variety of functions optional.



  • Standard Working Area:150×100mm(300×200mm / 400×300mm / 200×100mm optional)
  • Pin Hardness:HRC 92
  • Marking Depth:0.01~2mm
  • Lifting Range:0-300 mm
  • Marking Speed:≤50mm/s
  • Marking Accuracy:0.01 mm
  • Power Supply:220V±10%, 50HZ
  • Air Pressure:0.2-0.6 Mpa
  • Machine Power:≤400 W
  • Whole Machine Weight:60 Kg


  • LCD Control Portable Dot Peen Marking Machine(About 2100USD)


LCD control dot peen marking machine

This hand-held dot peen marking machine comes with LCD control,the marking pin is made of hard alloy and makes sure high speed marking on the objects.The use of linear-moving guide rail can automatically lubricate,air-proof and dust-proof. Therefore, it enables the machine with more stable and high accuracy.With a special marking steel-sheath system design,it is beneficial for reducing noise when work.Moreover,only require about 0.2Mpa air pressure and much more economical to reduce energy cost.



  • Standard Marking Area:150mm×100mm(300mm×200mm,400mm×300mm,200mm×100mm optional)
  • Marking Depth:0.01~2mm
  • Marking Speed:3-4 character/s
  • Lifting Range:0-300 mm
  • Marking Accuracy:0.01 mm
  • Pin Hardness:HRA92
  • Power Supply:220V±10%, 50HZ
  • Air Pressure:0.2-0.6 Mpa
  • Machine Power:≤400 W
  • Whole Machine Weight:60 Kg


  • Integrated Desktop Dot Peen Marking Machine(About 1800 USD)


desktop dot peen marking machine



This dot peen marker comes with an integrated control unit that provides great flexibility and function as a mater,reducing an extra the cost of computer.It also supports USB port that increase memory and linking to other device like keyboards.With high performance design,it can reach high speed engrave at 300mm-40mm/s,and make sure high precision and accuracy marking on a variety of hard material like metals and plastic that hardness blow 60 HRC.It is easy to operate without any computer and marks parts with height up to 300mm,If you want to mark a round object?No problem,a rotary attachment customizable option.



  • Marking Area:120mm X 80mm/150mm x 130mm/200mm x 150mm/300mm x 200mm optional
  • Marking speed:30mm~40mm/s
  • Impact Frequency:300times/s
  • Marking Depth:0.1mm~0.2mm
  • Repeated Accuracy:0.001mm
  • Power Supply:AC100V-240V 50Hz/60Hz
  • Air Power Request:0.2Mpa~0.6Mpa
  • Making content:Characters, number, all kinds of graphic, logo, dot matrix 2D codes, Barcode, Serial Number, circle letter and etc.


  • Pneumatic Dot Peen Printer(About 2200 USD)

dot peen marking machine

This pneumatic dot peen printer can automatic edit,identify the bar code and be stored.The high-speed marking can mark up to 3-5 characters/s and is suitable for a marking area of 100mm x 80mm,120*80mm or 200*150mm. It is easy to operate,full supports windows98,windows2000 and windows XP system.the max engraving depth should be lower than 1.2mm.It is used for printing technical parameter, date date, trademark, business name and other contents on various product signs, such as stainless steel, aluminum,copper, and other metal signs, PVC plastic, paper stickers, leather, etc.



  • Print Area: 100*80, 120*80mm, 200*150mm optional
  • Print Speed: 3-5 character per second
  • Print Depth: 0.01-1.2mm adjustable
  • Graphic Edition: Series No, auto identify bar code
  • Adjustable Height: 0-125mm
  • Print Frequency: 200-300 Times/second
  • Print Accuracy: 0.01 under 5 years continuous working
  • Working Voltage: AC220V
  • Working Gas Source: 0.5-0.7Mpa, 3L/S


  • Portable Metal Dot Peen Marking Machine(About 1350 USD)


dot peen marking machine

This portable pneumatic marking machine comes with an electromagnetic connection unit and a V-type high-strength adsorption electromagnet.With the strong magnetic help,it can be used for plane or circular surface marking.If no need the electromagnet when work,you can also remove it by the manual operation.This machine adopts unique keyboard direction keys synchronized positioning, mouse drag positioning,thus quickly and accurately move the print content to the appropriate location.The max work-piece weight is no limited for plane,circumference should be lower than 15KG,more than 15KG need to add auxiliary bearing.It is a small size, light weight, easy to carry machine,therefore,no matter marking a simple bracket nameplate small work-piece or larger,heavy weight, not easy to move parts,can be easy to do it.



  • Marking area: standard plane 140mm * 70mm (or custom)
  • Marking speed: 3-5 characters/s
  • Marking depth: 0.01-1.2mm adjustable
  • Print frequency: 200-300 times/s
  • Marking Minimum characters: 1 * 1mm
  • Accuracy: ≤ 0.01 under five work
  • Graphics conversion: AutoCAD, CoreIDRAW, CAXA graphics file conversion software available
  • Interface control: reserved external communication interface, external bar code machine, scanner
  • Automatic comparison: automatic comparison of serial number, VIN code, prompt repeat
  • Air supply pressure: 0.4MPA-0.7MPA, 0.25L /S(Customer-owned)
  • Operation system: DOS / Windows98 / 2000 /XP
  • Machine power: 300W
  • Weight: 15KG(Marking head weight about 8KG)