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10 Best Digital Textile Printers For Fabric With Manufacturer Price

Jun 02, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

If you are in printing industry,you may see printing mug business is popular,but as like many business use printing machine for mugs,graphic t-shirts printing are also one of the most popular printing items. They are stylish, casual, and everyone has one in their closet. That is why the demand for digitally printed clothing items will never go out.


If you are looking to print various fabrics for your business, you are in the right place. Finding the best digital fabric printer is crucial to the quality of the clothing and the success of your business. Here are the top ten digital textile printers you can choose from.


10 Best Digital Fabric Printers


1.  A3SP139M DTG Printer


fabric printer

Price:Starts from  $2,880


The DTG Printer is our top choice because of the high-quality resolution of the prints on the fabric. The printer's resolution is 5760*1440DPI, which means you will get a high-quality and clear print on the textile fabric. The print size is also 32*42cm, which means you can easily print t-shirts of any fabric.


This DTG printer comes with EP 1390 printer and textile pigment Ink,It supports Ripprint software in Win XP/7/8/10 operation system,and the Ink supply system adopts closed circulating ink system, white ink circulation system and white ink stirred system,Therefore,you are easy to print CMYK+WW color on cloth,cotton and t-shirts etc.


The best part of the printer is the speed at which it prints. An A4 size fabric will be printed within three minutes, while an A5 size will take six minutes to print. It can easily print on t-shirts, cotton, and other types of materials and clothing. From football shirts to canvas bags, you can print on anything and everything.



· Weight: 63kg

· Dimensions: 1480mm*1280mm*900mm

· Operation Environment: 10 to 35 degrees Celsius

· Operating System: XP/7/8/10


2. E-Press Digital Textile Printing Machine


fabric printting machine

Price: Starts from $27,500


E-Press digital textile printing machine is a complete solution for your printing needs. It supports 4/6/8 colors with various types of inks such as acid ink, reactive ink, pigment ink, and much more. In the long run, it will help you save your cost on ink while printing.


You can utilize various types of files for the printing process, such as PDF, EPS, PS, AI, and many others. Keep in mind that all printing files will be printed with the highest accuracy as the resolution is 720*1400DPI. You can use the machine to print on cotton and many other materials.


The machine offers three various speeds. You can print at 26, 50, or 80 square meters per hour, depending on your chosen mode. It allows you to ensure that the machine's productivity is high so you can keep rolling out more items in no time.



· Dimensions: 3000*1820*1900mm

· Power: 5.5KW

· Printing Width: Maximum 1.8m

· Printer Head: Double DX-5


3. A4  Digital  Printer


fabric printer machine

Price: Starts from $1,680


The A4 DGT Printer is manufactured using the most innovative technology. The printer head adopts L800, ensuring that everything you print is accurate, precise, and high resolution up to 5760x1440dpi. The print height range between 0 and 130mm can be adjusted through measured with infrared ray.

The ink tank also has a good capacity of 250ml*6.White ink double circulation system to protect the nozzle and avoid the blockage effectively.



· Voltage:AC100-230V

· Print Dimension:190*210MM

· Ink supply System:250ml*6 continuous ink

· Print Resolution:5760x1440dpi

· Print Height:0-130mm, measured with infrared ray

· Dimensions(L*W*H):L500*W500*H470mm

· Weight:35Kg


4. AP-A3UVX Multifunction Direct Jet UV Printer


fabric UV printer

Price: Starts from $32,00


The UV printer is one-of-a-king as it can print on any material depending on the ink. The printer works with a special UV or textile ink to print on virtually any material such as leather, t-shirts, metal, glass, wood, and much more. You can easily print anything from t-shirts to phone cases with the printer.


The printer has many features that make it the top choice for any business. It includes a protection drag chain to ensure there is no noise while moving and to make the wiring safe. The HG guide included in the printer also ensures that the carriage runs smoothly during the printing process.


This machine comes with a XP600 print head,also support as 6 color printer(UV ink : CMYK+2W).One feature is a infrared ray auto-induction will be helpful for adjust height automatically and protect the print head.Other feature is this printer equipped with Servo motor resulting in fast speed performance,even work for 24 hours/day and not missing the pulse signal.


Besides that, there is an all-in-in keyboard to control the printer whenever you like. It also includes an emergency stop button in cases of emergencies. Once you start printing, you will notice no printing lines, and the quality is impeccable.




· Printing Width: Up to 33cm

· Printer Head:One Printhead with XP600 (double heads optional)

· 6 color printer(Ink support):UV ink/CMYK+2W

· Ink system:Continue ink supply system with damper cartridge

· Print Speed:8 pass, 70s/A4 full size

· The Resolution:16 pass

· The Printing Size:330mm*600mm

· Print Thickness:0-200mm

· Weight: 49kg

· Dimensions: 77*72*60cm


5. MC 168 Digital Textile Printer


digital textile printer

Price: Starts from $3,968


The function of the printer is direct inkjet printing, without transfer and plate making. It can easily and effectively print on many fabrics such as cotton, polyester, canvas, etc. The printing speed is 45 seconds for A4 full-frame sketch mode with full color.


This machine adopts Epson motherboard and single head, 6 channels,you can output 28*44cm print size.It is specially designed with a one-click error delete button,therefor,no need to be restarted and then continue printing on the original basic to reach a good position without ghosting.


The ink supply system is continuous, which means it will smoothly print everything without breakage. You can also add ink during the printing process to ensure maximum capacity. The printing accuracy and resolution both are high at 20*720, 720*1080, 720*1440, 720*1800, 720*2160 DPI available for the best results.


The printer's software is also compatible with popular formats such as PDF, AI, PSD, GPEG, and many others. The machine's operating system is Windows, and you can utilize a USB to transmit your printing data in no time.




· Printing Thickness: 0 to 12cm

· Power:65W

· Ink drop size:1.5PL

· Ink color:C/M/Y/K/W

· Print Dimension:28*44cm

· Dimensions: 652*750*515

· Weight: 45kg


6. LT-1901AS inkjet sublimation printer


fabric sublimation printer

Price: Starts from $1800


LT-1901AS is a inkjet sublimation printer.It is featured for high quality printing with variable ink drops,improving the picture from three aspects of color,brightness and contrast,making gamut control more accurate and improving the accuracy of the picture.


This machine comes with Epson 5113 or 4720 print head,and the print dimension up to 1900mm.It has the large capacity cartridge of 2000ML for each color.Double slider block and Automatic paper collection system designed for printing:


1,Outdoor advertising: photographic paper,PP paper,backing glue Oxford cloth etc.


2,Wallpaper decorative painting:wall paper base material canvas non-woven fabric etc.


3,Vehicle stickers and other special material.




· Print Dimensions:1600/1900mm

· Power:500W

· Printing accuracy:1080dpi-1440dpi

· Size:3100mm(L)*750mm(W)*1300mm(H)

· Weight:250Kg


7,BC-1804A Digital Textile Printing Machine


digital textile printer

Price: Starts from $26,500


The digital fabric printer is equipped with Epson 4720/5113 print head, ideal for speedy and precision printing. The fabric loading and delivery system are also stable and simple to enhance the process of printing. The printer is also equipped with Japanese MBK guide tape with a correction system.


The printer also features a seven-inch touch screen control so you can take complete charge of the printing process. It has been manufactured to help you save time and control the production of the printed items. The drying system is automatic, and the water washing system is self-washing.


The most advanced feature of this printer is that it is automatic cleaning. Besides that, it also alerts the user when the ink is about to be empty. The printer is an intelligent solution to all your digital printing needs.




· Ink Capacity:4*2L

· Power(Watt):8000W, 220V/380V

· Color:K C M Y

· Printing Dimension: 1800mm width

· RIP Software: Wasatch, Maintop 6.0, Neostampa (optional)

· Weight: 1300kg

· Dimensions: 3180*2000*1320


8. Three Sets Textile Printing Machine


fabric printer

Price: Starts from $6,900


The printer is a complete solution for textile printing as you don’t need plate making, carving, and waste discharge. The printer comes with an entire set of equipment that includes Eco Solvent printer, powder shaking machine, heat press machine,PET film,textile pigment ink, and Power shaking. It is the prime solution for printing t-shirts with ease and convenience.


Heat transfer film printer:


60cm heat transfer film  printer with 2 Epson i3200 head that has high resolution up to 1800DPI,high speed up to 18 square meter per hour.It is compatible with TIFF, JPEG image format.Another feature is having automatic sensor for carriage crash protection system.




  • Print color:CMYK + white
  • Print Width:65cm
  • Ink Type:Transfer ink
  • Board Type:BYHX board
  • Power Consumption:500W
  • Machine Size(L x W x H):1785*790*1613mm / 160KG


Hot Melt Powder Machine


This a all-in-one powder shaking machine,which support power shaking,drying and automatic winding in one machine.


Heat Press Machine


This T-shirt heat press machine with Drawer,It is featured for weather resistance,no cracking at minus 30 degrees in winter, and no stickiness at 80 degrees in summer


The printer supports pattern printing of bright colors and hollow patterns without cutting. Besides that, the powder shaking machine ensures that the printed patterns are aligned accurately. The printing speed is also astonishing as it can print up to eighteen square meters per hour.


9. Roll To Roll Mini thermal Printing Machine


fabric printer

Price: Starts from $680


If you print multiple items such as ribbons, satin, polyester, nylon, and much more, this printer is ideal. The MS 320 ribbon printing machine can effectively print delicate and intricate patterns on any ribbon. It supports all design software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and much more.


This machine only needs 60W power,However,the printing speed of the machine is high as it has a speed of up to 120m per hour with 203DPI. That is five times more than that of ordinary printers. Your customers will not have to wait at all during this process.


The print width is also ultra-wide at 32mm to support the printing requirements of all customers. The design is also compact and small so that anyone can handle it without any hassle.


All in all,it is an ideal machine for gift wrapping ribbon printing, wedding ribbon printing,personalized ribbon printing, birthday ribbon printing,  decorative ribbon printing and more.



· Voltage:AC110-240V,50/60HZ

· Interface:USB 2.0

· Power:60W

· Print Dimension: 40mm

· Ribbon Feeding Size: 6mm to 40mm

· Weight: 5kg

· Dimensions: 210*150*200mm


10. A3 Size Multi-Function DTG Flatbed Printer


fabric printer

Price: Starts from $1,950


Finally, we have the DTG flatbed printer. It can print on any material such as clothing, wall coverings, decorative fabrics, curtains, and much more. The ink system is that of continuous supply, so your work can never get hindered.


This machine comes with Epson R139 print head,and supports the max print size of 329mm*500mm.It is compatible with 6 colors ink type:black/ cyan, magenta, yellow,light cyan,light magenta are available when using Eco solvent Ink,and black, cyan, magenta, yellow, white, white when using Textile ink.


The maximum resolution that the printer offers is 5760*1440DPI. That is a high resolution which will ensure all the colors and patterns are printed with beauty and accuracy.


Finally, the machine comes with a variety of accessories including:RIP software 1pcs,empty CISS  1set,high quality USB data cable  1pcs,Solvent resistance tube 1pcs,fixed magnetic stripe  1set and 1pcs operation CD.You can connect with relevant software and begin printing in no time.




· Power Require:AC220/110V

· Print Precision: 5760*1440DPI

· Print Height:0-80MM

· Power:90W

· Print Speed:158 S/A3 IMAGE

· Printing Software: Acro RIP

· Weight: 57kg

· Print Dimensions: 500*329mm


Final Words

That was your complete guide to the ten best digital textile printers out there. All of them have unique features and fulfill different functions.So, if you are interested in more printing machine business like:mug printer or printing machine for greeting cards etc. choose the one that suits your budget and preferences and begin printing now. You will be blown away by the quality of these printers.