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10+ Best Laser Marking,Engraver & Cutter Manufacturer In China

Jun 16, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

With the development of modern machinery processing industry, the quality and precision requirements of processed items is more higher.Laser equipment system is more and more popular for a variety of industry. With its high-intelligence and high precision performance,which can greatly improve production efficiency Good,you have taken the first step right.However, the decision to how to choose a right laser machine is not as easy as it looks like. Because apart from considering factors such as budget,quality and expertise etc., There are so many laser machines and different brand manufacturers in market,And which one is more suitable for your requirement? So we list top 10 laser marking,engraving and cutting manufacturer in China, which may be helpful to you.

In this post, we look at the best laser machine system manufacturer in China and the areas and product types who are specializing, Let’s go ahead.

laser marking machine

Top 10 China Laser Machine Manufacturers


  • Han’s Laser

Han's Laser was established in 1996,which became the one of Chinese best laser marking & cutting machine manufacturer and the world's famous laser equipment supplier,The company is committed to providing customers with the latest industrial laser machine technology to better suit their customized needs.Its product include more than 200 machine models, such as: laser marking series, laser welding series, laser cutting series,engraving series, laser display series etc,It has very good research abilities,and R&D team has got over 300 patents . Also, Han's Laser is one of the few companies which master the UV Laser Patent technology in the world.


  • Hgtech

Since its establishment in 2006, HGTECH is one of the largest laser equipment manufacturers. The company is a high-tech provider,possessing technology centers and provincial key laboratories and undertakes national many projects and scientific research projects. Their hard work together for getting a brighter future,Customers can expect to have high-performance, high quality small and medium power laser processing equipment.

The company has been proudly manufacturing the full power series of laser cutting systems, laser welding systems, laser marking series, laser texturing equipment, laser heat treatment systems, laser drilling machines, laser devices, all kinds of support devices, laser processing and plasma machining equipment,It has established a good market service system. More than 40 domestic offices are distributed in China,and set sales companies in India, Taiwan and other regions, and owns agents in UK, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Italy, USA, Argentina, Korea, Pakistan, Vietnam, Philippines, etc.


  • Yueming Laser

Yueming Laser is a high tech China laser engraving machine manufacturer which manufactures laser machines and focuses on research & development plus selling of industrial laser products.They have a rich product series,such as:laser maker,engraver,cutter & welder,fiber laser cutter,sole glue sprayer,PCB FPC laser machine and glue laser cleaning etc.Yueming has established good factories in Dongguan, Shanghai and Jiangsu with over 100 automated and high precision processing equipment, total area of 110,000 square meters.The company is one of companies that has UV laser patent in the world through continuous independent research and development, making "laboratory device" become 24-hour stable laser technology and equipment.


  • Golden Laser

Golden Laser was established in 2005,which is specializing in the manufacturing of CO2 laser machines and fiber laser cutting machines.In the field of high-end digital laser equipment manufacturing,The company has established its leading technology and brand advantages,focus on textiles, clothing and industrial flexible fabrics laser applications.

Its product line covers more than 100 models such as flatbed CO2 laser cutting machine, vision laser cutting machine with camera, Galvo laser machine, label laser die cutting machine, fiber laser cutter for metal, and tube laser cutting machine.
It is a digital laser technology application solution provider and committed to providing digital, automatic and intelligent laser application solutions to help traditional industrial production systems upgrade and develop innovatively.


  • Penta laser

Penta Laser is a joint company of El.En and Chutian Laser,devotes in designing and manufacturing high power laser cutting systems,which is a comprehensive laser manufacturer,with its application cover aerospace, aviation, electronics, health, metallurgy, culture, etc. products including laser welding, laser marking, laser cutting, laser drilling, laser heat treatment,laser resistance adjustment, etc.

The principle of company is quality first, innovation driven and services oriented, as the one of laser cutting and welding manufacturer, It expect to create the laser application revolution in the smart manufacturing era and create value for clients.

All design, development, production and quality control strictly follow European standards, as final integration is done in China under the quality testing by Italian engineers.

With over 30 years of experience in laser system from El.En, PENTA LASER posses core technologies in both manufacturing advanced high power laser source and CNC machinery integration with high compatibility.

  • DNE Laser

DNE Laser becomes a subsidiary of Bystronic Group in 2016,which has been engaging in the R&D, production and sales of laser cutting machines.Its laser cutting equipment with efficient electro-optical conversion, high beam quality and stable performance.Its main product include: high power laser cutting machine(2000W-10000W), medium power laser cutting machine(<2000W), which are widely used in manufacture of electric power devices, automobile manufacturing, mechanical equipment, electric appliance etc industry,and providing comprehensive solutions to sheet metal processing and automation.

The operation philosophy of company is: Quality is social responsibility. All the machines have been developed by innovative design & precise manufacture. All the procedures have been controlled by international standard to ensure each laser cutting machine in best performance & quality condition.Integrating the spirit of Swiss craftsmans with highly efficient of Shenzhen to provide end customer with a better competitiveness.


  • Chutian laser

Chutian is established in 1985, which is the first batch of laser marking machine manufacturer in China,R & D and production base of 20,000 square meters. The company has industrial laser, medical laser, and cultural creative laser.
Its product line includes sheet metal automated production, large-scale laser cutting equipment, metal and non-metal 3D laser cutting machine, five-axis linkage laser processing center, laser welding machine, multi-station automatic laser processing machine, laser marking machine and laser power supply.


  • HSG laser

HSG laser is founded in 2006,which is a high-tech laser cutting machine manufacturer with R&D, production and sales of laser equipment and committed to providing global customers with intelligent metal forming solutions.

The company possess core technologies such as CNC systems, precision cutting heads, and high-speed transmission systems.Its product includes Sheet Metal Cutting Machine,Sheet & Tube Laser Cutting Machine,Tube Metal Laser Cutting Machine,Bending Machine and Handheld Laser Welding Machine etc.

The vision of company is to become a respected enterprise in the global metal forming equipment field.


  • Daheng Laser

Daheng Laser has been specialized in developing and producing high quality laser cutting machine manufacturer since 2000.Its product includes CO2 mixing laser cutting machine,>Die-board laser cutting system and High speed fiber laser cutter etc.

With the close cooperation such as: Rofin, GSI, Coherent and Synard,the company enrich experience in laser cutting machine technology and apply for many patented core laser for their equipment.

The company keeps to innovative design to provide customers with high quality and advanced laser system products to meet customer needs.


  • Lead Laser

Lead Laser is sino-italian joint venture and  high tech enterprise,reached cooperation with Italian Prima power in 2018,which is specialized in development, manufacture, sales and service of high power laser equipment,including flat laser cutting machine, tube laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, 3D laser cutting machine, automatic loading & unloading system,manufacturing bases covers 80000 square meters.



We have been list of top China laser marking,engraving and cutting machine manufacturers, it will be easy for people who are looking for laser machine.However,there are still many excellent laser machine system manufacturers in China,so there are no hard-and-fast rules about the selection criterion.Selecting whoever suits their requirements is more better. If somebody wants to try out a small and medium power laser system, then OT Laser is also a good choice. Although we are new to laser machine industry, But we have helped many customers with a satisfied solution. We now can provide a lot of equipment like UV laser maker,hand-held fiber laser marking machine and laser engraver etc. So we hope that we will work together to increase our business.