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Top 10 Best Laser Marking Machine Manufacturers & Suppliers

Jul 24, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

Whether you are planning to invest in a laser marking machine? Whether it's for engraving hard and rigid items like wood or shaping sensitive items like glass that can easily break, it's important to make sure that you are engraving them in the right manner. Besides, it's not just about making an item turn into two pieces but also keeping its overall look, finishing, and delicacy maintained while you are cutting, shaping, or engraving them. Now, if you're wondering how tough it can be for every wood, glass, or other products manufacturer that also brings a variety of shapes and items with each product of their store, then you're certainly not aware of the best way to handle this task.


No, we're not talking about hiring a professional who can do it easily, as it isn't just about human skills but also machine power. Hence, compared to the prior marking and cutting or shaping tools used by professionals, the presence of todays' advanced laser machines has made things a lot easier and high in quality. Don't get it? Now, let's only talk about the marking solutions on any kind of product. There are numerous updated and modern machines offered by various top-notch laser marking machine suppliers one can consider for marking glass, wood, metal, and other such items. With that being said, it's certainly no more a struggle to add creative and unique designs to any kind of sturdy, delicate, or hard surface and enhance its overall quality.


laser marking machine

Therefore, it's time you bring home a high-quality and efficient laser marking machine from the best laser marker manufacturers in China and world. After all, with China being the powerhouse of unique and powerful machines, you can never be out of options and variety when choosing a laser marking machine from the best manufacturers in China, right? So without further ado, let's explore the top ten best laser marking machine manufacturer options you can consider it.


Top 10 Laser Marking Machine Manufacturers


Although the list of suppliers of any item in world is huge, as the technical and machinery solutions for all kinds of task sand services in world are uncountable, it can be hard to pick the right manufacturers and suppliers for a single purchase. Hence, we're here to help you make the best decisions by mentioning the laser marking machine suppliers options best known for their reliable and efficient technology and services. This includes:


1. Han's Laser:


Han's laser or Han's Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1996. Since then, the company has served as a highly reliable and professional technology manufacturing option in China. Moreover, it is also considered a reliable laser marking  machine manufacturer company in China.


2. Videojet:


Videojet serves as a business that ensures that it serves the customers in more than one way. Not just that, but it also serves as a China-based machine-making and manufacturing company that offers high-quality and appealing services, making it a global leader in this industry. So, this laser marking machine manufacturer offers various technologies, including coding, marking, printing systems, application-specific fluids, and digitally-enabled solutions. While the variety and quality of the marking tools and machines it offers are top-notch in every way, videojet's demand for printing is also no less globally.


With the presence of customer application experts and technology leadership qualities in every technological solution offered by inkjet, including the videojet printers, the demand for its services in this niche makes the company print on over ten billion products daily throughout the world. Not just that, but videojet's coding equipment range and the variety of consumer-packaged goods are highly reliable and efficient, ensuring its huge demand with the videojet marking equipment globally. With all this being said, we certainly know why video jet serves as the market-leading company, right?


3. Trumpf Laser:


This German-based industrial machine manufacturing company also serves as a highly reliable and popular laser marker supplier in the industry. While this company is not initially Chine-based, because this family-owned company is headquartered in Ditzingen near Stuttgart, it surely has branches in China that serve as the initial machinery manufacturing spot for the company. Trumpf isn't just widely spread in the manufacturing niche, but it is also one of the biggest providers of machine tools globally. With that being said, there's no doubt that this German company brings more value and quality to your machinery using and marking activities on all kinds of products.


When it comes to the variety of laser machines offered by Trumpf, you can access all kinds of customized machines equipped to handle products lots of all sizes. From large or small lot sizes, medium or large formats, or thick or thin sheets, Trumpf's laser cutting and marking machine is manufactured to efficiently handle all kinds of products.


4. Keyence INC:


According to Forbes, Keyence Inc is a part of the 'World's Most Innovative Companies. This laser machine manufacturer is one of the top 5 companies that serves as a popular and reputable option in Japan for market capitalization services. Of course, it's not just popular for its marking solutions and range of laser marking machines.


Still, the additional wide variety of technologies and manufacturing tools equipped by Keyence Inc all make it a one-stop solution for the manufacturing businesses globally. At Keyence Inc, you can get access to a wide range of Sensors, machine vision systems, measuring instruments, marking equipment, barcode readers, PLCs, and other high-quality factory automation products.


5. Trotec Laser:


Another well-known and popular name in this list of the best and top laser marking equipment suppliers is Trotec Laser. Like any other laser manufacturing company, this Austria-based company also offers a wide variety of options in laser marking machinery to its customers. However, the service of having laser machines that work on different kinds of products isn't just all that Trotetc offers with its laser products.


Instead, the variety of laser products it manufacturers make all kinds of tasks convenient and easier with a single machine, including cutting, engraving, and marking a wide variety of materials. Here, you can access a suitable laser machine for any kind of virtual application.


6. FOBA Laser:


Speaking of old and long-time serving laser marking machine manufacturers, FOBA Laser has served as a reliable spot for all kinds of laser equipment to businesses and individuals since 1969. The years of service and profound technology that ensures quality laser usage for all kinds of tasks do bring a guarantee and satisfaction in terms of quality for all the laser marking businesses. Yet, that isn't all that makes FOBA Laser the popular and trusted option among the numerous other options in the world.


However, what adds more value to this manufacturing industry and its marking machines variety for laser source like CO2, fiber, and UV marking is the quality, ease of usage, versatility, and affordability all its marking solutions offer to its users. So you never have to be in doubt about the laser marking solutions offered by FOBA Laser.


7. Laserax Inc:


Laserax Inc has been serving as a popular and reliable laser marking manufacturing since 2010. With over 20 years of never-ending expertise, efforts, and focus on bringing evolved technology by laser experts, Laserax Inc has become a widely popular and trusted manufacturing platform valued for the equipment it offers.


For building and forwarding the future of industrial lasers in all kinds of manufacturing businesses in the industry, the best laser experts at Laserax Inc focus on bringing a new variety of products consistently for the customers. With all that being said, there's no doubt that Laserax Inc is an efficient, innovative, and safer laser manufacturing solution with its demanding industrial applications spread globally.


8. TYKMA Electrox Inc:


The main focus of this USA laser marker manufacturer is to offer specialized design and manufacture in each laser marking system it offers to its customers. With the durable and efficient combination of laser marking and other laser-based solutions offered by TYKMA Electrox Inc, this company has surely served customers worldwide – being one of the most reliable and considerable manufacturing options for laser equipment.


Of course, it is not just known for its variety, design, and efficiency offered in every equipment manufactured by TYKMA Electrox Inc. Still, the durability and usage ease that comes along is a huge factor for TYKMA Electrox Inc success.


9. Mecco:


Next up in our list of the popular and well-known businesses and laser marking machine manufacturer options is Mecco. This Pennsylvania-based manufacturer company is all about solving problems. The customers of Mecco have long relied on Mecco to offer problem-solving equipment and technologies to its customers with professionally designed and efficiently manufactured technological solutions.


Since 1889, Mecco has been offering its clientele problem-solving and durable marking and traceability solutions – especially with the presence of experts that are experienced enough to know just how your problem can be solved. So, you're never blank or clueless once you count on Mecco for your business marking demands.




Apart from familiarity and years of services in the laser making machine manufacturer, OT LASER can be a one-stop solution that ensures your needs are effectively met once you count on OT LASER. This is because every OT LASER or OT-LAS LASER system is specially designed to serve as a machine value that focuses on specific tasks like laser marking, cutting, and/or engraving.


So, with OT LASER around, you don't have to be confused with a variety of numerous settings when you're planning to bring ease and add quality to your business performance – all through specific laser marking equipment.




With each of these laser marker suppliers serving differently in the manufacturing of laser marking equipment and their wide variety of laser power like 20W,30W and 50W etc, you can easily choose the ideal manufacturing company that fits your and your business's demands. So go ahead and make the right purchase. Happy Buying!