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8 Best Magnetic Drill Press Machines With Manufacturer Price

Jun 01, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

Magnetic drills are also called magnetic drills press, magnetic drilling machines, steel plate drills, magnetic electric drills, portable magnet electric drills and magnetic drilling and tapping machines etc.


After energization, the electromagnet of the magnetic drill base generates a magnetic field, attached on the steel parts, and then the magnetic drill motor runs at high speed to drive the drill bit to realize the drilling or thread processing of the steel plate etc.


Due to its small size, high power,accurate,and high work efficiency,it is commonly used for drilling of metal structural parts, such as stainless steel, aluminum plate, steel plate, H-shaped steel, angle steel and other profiles in various complex environments, providing the most suitable solutions for various factories and on-site environments.


So what are the best magnetic drill machine? In this article we list the 8 best magnetic drill machines.If you are interested it,you can contact us to get the best  magnetic drill machine with manufacturer price.Let us look it.


8 Best Magnetic Drill Machines


1,23RE magnetic drill machine(About 248USD)


magnetic drill machine

23RE is one of the best portable magnetic drill machines. Its maximum drilling capacity range is 23mm when twist bit mode and M16 when tapping mode. You can use it for tapping, twist bit and annular cutter, no matter what are types of application,it can accomplish your needs outstandingly.


The machine adopts intelligent cooling and Morse dill pipe, which is more suitable for drill. A high-quality switch can be automatically controlled, double dovetail design for smoother walking, double coil design at the bottom, super strong adsorption force at 13,500N.


This machine can work on 110V or 220V voltage,the input power is 1500W, and the no-load speed is 600r/min. All these performances are for better drilling ability.


In addition, the machine comes with a portable plastic carrying case that hold a Morse taper,a cooling bottle,a accessory bag,tress piece of handle,a adapter,a safety belt,a triangle steel and a Allen wrench. All these small accessories are to make you better to do the job.



  • Drilling range:23mm twist bit
  • Voltage:110V/220V
  • Magnetic Adhesion:1350N
  • Speed:600r/min
  • Input Power:1500W
  • Dimensions:58*42*22cm
  • Net weight:22.5kg


2,W9228 Portable Magnetic Drill(About 320USD)


magnetic drill machine

V9228 is another trustworthy industrial-grade portable magnetic drill.Due to its powerful drilling ability,it is very suitable for various complex environments like:bridges,steel structure engineering, engineering machinery,electric power construction, and maintenance, railway and subway construction, maintenance of large-scale equipment, etc.


This machine comes with a 1.5KW motor, which can work on 110 or 220V voltage normally. It has a strong drilling capacity, max drilling diameter up to 50mm, twist drill up to 28mm, travel up to 180mm. With humanized handle design to fit the curvature of the body, making operation more convenient and high efficiency.


The top of motor sets a row of heat dissipation holes to effectively dissipate heat and reduce the damage to the machine.


The magnetic wear-resistant design at the bottom of the machine delays the wear of the magnetic bottom and prolongs the work life,and Up to 12000N attraction ensures the safety and reliability during drilling operations.



  • Voltage:110/220V
  • Motor input power:1450W
  • No-load speed:320r/h
  • Max drilling diameter:50mm
  • Twist drill:28mm
  • Max attraction:15000N
  • Max stroke:180mm
  • Rated axis taper:MT3
  • N.W.:19kg
  • Packing size:39x19x48cm


3,35 HD Magnetic Core Drill Machine(About 400USD)


magnetic drill machine

35HD is one of the popular and hot-selling magnetic core drill machine. Compared with common magnetic drill machine, it has the features:


  • Oil-immersed gearbox,longer service life
  • New magnesium alloy die-casting frame
  • Double rail
  • Constant power overload protection
  • Gear speed regulation,stepless speed regulation
  • Super power,light weight
  • Double disk super suction
  • Muti-function magnetic base drill hollow drill


The core drill diameter of this machine is Φ35, the maximum cutting depth up to 30mm, and the maximum stroke up to 120mm. It is commonly used for drilling steel parts and building materials.



  • Rated voltage(v):110/220(50HZ/60HZ)
  • Rated input power(w):1550
  • No-load speed(rpm):100-830
  • Max attraction(N):14800
  • Magnet dimension(mm):166*80*50
  • Packing size(cm):58*38*18
  • Net/Gross weight(kg):12/15


4,25E multifunctional magnetic drill(About 300USD)


magnetic drill machine

25E is another small size but powerful multifunctional magnetic drill. Drilling, tapping and coring are available in one machine. It is commonly used in hull construction building works and bride manufacturing etc.


The machine adopts automatic external cooling system to ensure longer life of drill bits, motors and gears.Double dovetail rail design ensure the rigidity of the track part, the height of machine can be adjusted according to need, strong wear resistance.


The machine comes with a fine-tuning base, you can swing 40 degree left and right, and move 3cm back and forth,which is convenient for hole adjustment during intensive drilling.


Pure iron double coil sucker and steel plate thickness above 10mm strong suction,suitable for back suction and side suction work.When the magnetic base is not started or malfuctions,the motor can not work normally, ensuring safety and reliability.



  • Voltage:220V
  • Power:1500W
  • Max stroke:180mm
  • Spindle taper:Morse 2
  • Twist drilling range:3-25mm
  • Max depth of twist:130mm
  • Max drilling of core:75mm
  • Weight:27kg


5,DX 120 electric magnetic core drill(About 1000USD)


magnetic drilling press machine

DX-120 is a powerful magnetic drill machine, one of the best high-feed drilling machine. The machine adopts modular design,However,there have a sealing groove between the body and the cover to ensure the sealing performance.


This machine comes with a 2500W powerful motor,So, which is very suitable for the needs of large and deep hole drilling. Compared with other magnetic drill only 15000N magnetic adhesion for the same wattage, but it has 20000N, more higher magnetic adhesion than them.


With high tooth ratio gear transmission design, spindle output torque up to 170Nm,and MT4 main shaft that can bear more torque. Therefore,It has the capacity of the maximum cutting up to 120mm,the maximum cutting depth up to 100mm,the max diameter of twist drill up to 42mm,and the maximum stroke up to 220mm. All these excellent performances are one of the reasons why customers like it.


In addition, the height of the motor can be adjusted up to 60mm, elastic adjustment function of guide rail, making the force more even on cutting tool when drilling.



  • Voltage:220V
  • Power:2500W
  • Load speed:80/125/175/300rpm
  • Max stroke:220mm
  • Max twist drilling:42mm ( 1-11/16" )
  • Max depth of twist:130mm
  • Max drilling of core:75mm
  • Countersunk drilling:10-80mm
  • Dimension:440*250*580mm
  • Weight:36.5kg


6,DJC02-23 Magnetic Drill Press(About 298USD)


magnetic drilling machine

DJC02-23 is a multi-functional magnetic core drill machine,one of the most cost-effective magnetic drill press on the market. There have three functions,such as twist drill,core drill and tapping.


The main features of machine:

  • Soft start
  • Electronic overload protection
  • Safety release clutch
  • 2-speed mechanical speed adjustable
  • Electronic constant speed adjustable
  • maintains constant speed under load


The input power of the machine is 1600W, and its maximum drilling capacity is φ23mm when twist drill bit work,φ50mm when core drill bit work. Although its max tapping capacity can reach M20,but it is sold separately, which means need an extra cost when you buy it.


This machine comes with many accessories including:


hex-wrench(2pcs),wedge iron, safety belt, open-end wrench, chuck wrench,short center pin,center pin,extension rod for Morse taper bush with tang, plastic case packing,carbon brush,long center pin,joint assembly for mt3 core,Morse reduction sleeve and oiler assembly.



  • Rated Power Input:1600W
  • Max. Tapping Capacity:M20(Sold Separately)
  • Magnetism:15000N
  • No-load Speed:130-260/260-520r/min
  • Max. Stroke:220mm
  • Connector:MT3 Shank
  • Net Weight:24kg


7,JLZ-16 magnetic drill Machine (180USD)


magnetic drill press

JLZ-16 is an economical portable magnetic drill. It adopts a dual-coil suction cup design. The thickness of the steel plate is more than 10mm. It has a very strong suction. The 1380W powerful motor is mainly made of silver-containing commutator,cold-rolled silicon steel sheet and high temperature enameled wire,due to using high-quality materials,making it service life more longer.A cold drawn aluminum guide plate with 406 steel strip,allowing it lower friction coefficient.


Another feature is the fine turning base of the machine,allowing swinging 40°in left and right,and 3cm in back and forward, which is convenient for adjusting the hole position during intensive drilling.If you need a higher requirement, we also offer an optional base that can rotate between 0° and 90°.


The maximum drilling capacity of the machine is 16mm, and the maximum stroke up to 120mm. Another disadvantage is the speed at 550r/min is not adjustable.



  • Rated Voltage ( V):110/220/240
  • Max.Drilling Capacity(mm):16
  • Rated Power Input(W):1380
  • Rated Speed(R/min):550/0-550
  • Max.magnetism(N):12000
  • Max.Stroke(mm):125
  • Net Weight(Kg):11


8,MB-23 magnetic drill Machine (220USD)


magnetic drill press machine

MB23 magnetic drill is a class leading drill press designed specifically for total precision and speed,which is an important machine when performing heavy-duty industrial work.


Compared to manual-feed portable magnetic drills,MB23 electric magnetic drill with many advantages of accurate,fast and versatile,other features like:


  • Ultra-portable & lightweight
  • Powerful 13000N magnetic adhesion
  • Mt2 Morse taper suits all common sizes
  • Bonus drill chuck for no fuss traditional drilling
  • Suitable for tapping, drilling,reaming & countersinking


Thanks to the optimized rotation speed (300rpm),the cutting is accurate and clean,it is suitable for 12-23mm broaching tools and accessories (not included). If you need twist drill,a extra attachment need to be used(not included).


The MB-23 magnetic drill is designed to minimize operator fatigue, quickly set up and improve productivity.



  • Rated Voltage:230V,50Hz
  • Rated Output:1200W
  • Rated Speed:300 r/min
  • Maximum Drill Size:1-23mm
  • Tool Holder:MT2 More Taper
  • Maximum Travel:180mm
  • Maximum Spindle Height:210mm
  • Magnetic Base Size:200 x 105 x 65mm