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10 Best Meat Chicken Slicing Cutting Machines With Price

May 30, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

The need for automatic and robotic machines is increasing day by day. However, if you are in the chicken or meat processing industry and want to catch up with the pace,meat,chicken slicing cutting machines are mandatory.


But there are different machines, and each one has other features. Besides, by using the slicing cutting machines, you can enhance the yield. So, in simple words, technology has a positive impact on production and profits. Apart from this, it helps to lower labor costs, insurance, and other compensations. But before buying, it is vital to do the proper search. So, let's start the search with the following:


10 Best Meat Chicken Slicing Cutting Machines


If you give a try to the automatic system, then it is beneficial for the business. For instance, with the help of machines, you don't need to worry about employee strikes, vacations, etc. But if you want to take corrective actions to better your business, here are some suggestions for meat chicken cutting machines. We list the 10 best meat chicken cutting machine If you are interested in it,you can contact us to get the best price.


1st:  Commercial Chicken Meat Cutting Machine(About 1580USD)


meat chicken cutting machine

This machine adopts vertical design, inclined output,so that it is not easy to be blocked, and it t is a good choice for people who are running the chicken cutting business if you have no special requirements for the cutting width.


The machine is made up of high-quality stainless-steel material. Due to the durable material, it is easy to clean and maintain. Another advantage is that the foot is equipped with pulleys, which is very easy to move anywhere.


On the other hand, if we talk about the working capacity, then it can cut 800kg in an hour,which can meet your mass production needs.



  • Voltage:220/380V
  • Power:1.1Kw
  • Output:800kg/h
  • Dimensions:590*460*910
  • Weight:80kg


2nd: Slaughter house small chicken cutter(About 600USD)


meat chicken cutting machine

It is a small slaughter house chicken cutter that works on the 220V. However, it is perfect for hotels, farms, restaurants, and food & beverages due to the unique features. Above all, this technology is backed up with customer requirement.


Due to the small size and dimensions that range between 450*540*580mm, it is easy to move. Above all, it is equipped with high-quality blades in cutter. All of this equipment makes the meat cutting supply easy without any waste. Moreover, it comes with all defensive units that keep the people safe from injuries and cuts.


Moreover, it is waterproof technology that comes with the automated switch-off mode. The durable and sharp blades make the cutting more easy, protective, and sustainable


  • Voltage:220V
  • Power:0.75KW
  • Rotate speed:2000 RPM
  • Machine dimension:450*540*580mm
  • Weight:38kg


3rd:Automatic chicken meat slicer & cutting machine(About 620USD)


meat chicken cutter

This is a small desktop slicer, and cutting machine for processing chicken or meat. However, it works on electricity and comes with many flexible features.


Due to the lightweight that is around 24.4kg, you can easily place it anywhere. For instance, put it on whether it is a countertop or any other small space. Moreover, due to the stainless-steel material, it is non-rustic and easy to clean. The main functioning area of this machine is the motor with  370W pure copper that makes it durable.  3.5mm, 5mm, 7mm, 8.5mm, 10mm, etc.are available in machining sizes.


Furthermore, it has a stop switch and protective plate that makes it extra safe. You can easily remove the machine head that makes it easy to assemble and clean. Due to the excellent features it uses in food and beverages shops.


  • Power:70W
  • Voltage:220V
  • Size:45.2*28*54cm
  • Weight:24.4kg


4th: Metal cutting machine with durable blade(About 400USD)


chicken cutting machine

It’s not easy to find something that can cut the chicken and pork bone with efficiency. So, the HR-250 meat cutting machine has filled this gap because it comes with durable blades and advances technology.


However, it commonly uses in the hotels, food & beverages industry, retail food, and restaurants. It is a high-quality meat cutter that is made up of stainless steel. Above all, it is 44kg with 1650mm blade length. But all of these dimensions don't make it hard to move.


Moreover, it works on the 1500W with a rotate speed of 980R/m. The HR-250 band saw is equipped with swiss blades, rubber pads, and rotating buckles. The max cutting thickness is range from 4 to 180mm.So, you can easily use it in the meat and vegetable processing plants.


Apart from this, there are other three specification available to meet your requirement.



  • Model:HR-250
  • Wheel Diameter:210mm
  • Power:1500W
  • Saw Blade Speed:19m/s
  • Rotation Speed:980r/m
  • Length of blade:1650mm
  • Size:53*50*88cm
  • NW:35.5kg


5th: Table Meat Cutting Machine( About 280USD)


meat cutting machine

TS-1 is an automatic beef, pork, chicken, and mutton slicing cutting machine. However, the everyday use of this technology is in the hotels, food & beverages, restaurants, and retail food industry.


 It is best and commonly used in restaurants due to its high slicing capacity. It  make it with stainless steel material and can slice 250kg in an hour thus greatly increasing efficiency.


Apart from this, the TS-1 is easy to assemble and disassemble and takes only three steps:only need to open the cover,open the nut to take out slice part,saving your labor cost.


Moreover, the thick protective plates work best to protect your hands. Later, it is effortless when it comes to cleaning, and stainless-steel material keeps it safe from rust. It works on 220V and has a cutting thickness from 2.5mm to 15mm.



  • Voltage:220v
  • Power:1100W
  • 250kg/h
  • Cutting Thickness:2.5-15mm
  • Dimension(L*W*H):530*350*535mm
  • Weight:37kg


6th: HR-70 Automatic electric chicken slicing and cutting machine(About 100USD)


meat slicer

HR-70 is a small automatic chicken, meat strip, vegetable slicing cutting machine. However, it commonly uses in home  and food & beverages retail stores.


With compact design,It only weighs 10kg that makes it much easier to carry and place. But lightweight doesn't affect productivity, and it has a cutting thickness of 3.5mm, 5mm, and 7mm.


Moreover, It is also made of stainless steel material,no harmful to body,the sharp blades make it easier to cut and slice the meat. So, HR-70 is a good choice if you search for something handy and easy to use. You only need to attach it to the power supply and do the job.



  • Works on the voltage:110/240v
  • Cutting Thickness:3.5mm/5mm/7mm
  • Dimensions:280*225*380mm
  • Weight:10KG


7th: RC-210 Electric Meat Slicer(About 280USD)


meat chicken cutting machine

RC-210 is super perfect for frozen meat or chicken sawing and bone band saw cutting machine. The meat cutter is made up of high-quality materials like stainless steel. Above all, the raw material comes from japan and Sweden that makes it sharp and more resistant.


However, the hardness of blades ranges between 63-67HRC. The RC-210 comes with noise reduction technology, which makes it ideal for meat and bone cutting. The saw blade length is 1260mm and weighs around 30kg. Apart from this, the machine cutting width is between 0 and 130mm. You can even adjust the blade thickness that improves the cutting accuracy.


Above all, there is a waterproof switch that makes it safe to use. The rubber feet do their job to keep the machine in stable condition. You can adjust the blade thickness according to your customized needs and demands.



  • Power:750W
  • Voltage:220V
  • Cutting width:0-130mm
  • Saw blade length:1260mm
  • Workbench Size:320*480mm
  • Product Size:480*440*710mm
  • NW:30kg


8th: Bone saw electric cutting machine(About 290USD)


bone saw cutting machine

210C is professional frozen meat and bone cutting machine that work on electricity. Along with this, it cuts the chicken; that's why it widely uses in restaurants, the frozen food processing industry, and meat processing plants.


However, it is made up of an aluminum cover. The weight range is around 50KG that makes it a little harder to move.


This machine can work voltage at 110V and 220V. The operating speed of JG-210C is about 15/19r per minute, with the motor power is around 850W. Thus, if you want a machine per your requirement, you can place a customized order. For instance, the dimensions could change according to your working industry and needs.



  • Voltage:110/220V
  • Motor Power:850W
  • Speed:15/19r/min
  • Product Size:480*455*880mm
  • G.W./N.W.44.5/33kgs


9th: TZ-1 automatic chicken and meat cutting machine(About 1800USD)


automatic chicken cutting machine

TZ-1 automatic cutting machine is highly suitable for heavy and large-sized, industries and working groups. Its working capacity at 500kg/h,therefore, why it is widely used in small and medium industries, slaughter fields, and supermarkets, etc.


The thickness of adjusting plate strengthening design,easy to adjust the processing thickness,moves will not shake. Thus, the new design of the plates makes it easy to clean, and the safety design makes it more feasible for investment.


Moreover, the copper adjustment block makes the working of blades smooth, safe, and accessible. The compact structure makes it more suitable for different industries.


It is suitable for duck, small animal bones,chicken, ribs, frozen meat, fresh meat and other processing equipment, adjustable according to the needs chop block, segment, shape and size strips.



  • Working capacity:500kg/hour
  • Power:2.2kw
  • Power:220V/380V
  • Machine dimensions:1400*670*1080mm
  • Weight:280kg


10th: XH-70 Automatic cutting machine(About 160USD)


meat cutting machine

XH-70 automatic chicken and meat cutting machine can be efficient to cut beef, pork, lamb and other meat into pieces with smooth and even thickness.


XH-70 uses the 4CR13 blades that are made up of stainless steel.If you want to process different thickness meat,and you can switch different blades to do that anytime. It comes with a manual protection system to improve safety performance.


The machine is easy to clean, so there isn't any problem with hygiene. Due to the advanced features, many small and medium-sized companies are using it as a primary product.


This machine comes with a stainless-steel pot and covers. The working power of the motor is around 600W and electroplated motor housing.All these small details make it even better.



  • Voltage: AC 220V 50Hz;
  • Power: 600W;
  • Blade Spacing: 1.7mm / 0.067'';
  • Production: 55kg/h;
  • Package size: 38cm x 36cm x 31cm (15'' x 14.2'' x 12.2'')
  • Package weight: 16kg / 38lbs.