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10 Top China Cable Wire Stripping & Cutting Machines Price

Sep 29, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

If you search for wire cutting machines, you have reached the ultimate spot to best recommendations. The wire cutting machine uses metallic wire to cut a programmed contour. Now the industry is using devices more often to cut the cables. But there are plenty of choices, and you have to make decisions wisely. However, in this situation, it's better to invest money after doing proper research. So, in this post, we will list the 10 best cable wire stripping cutting machines that are best to invest money. So, let’s start with this:


10 Best wire stripping & cutting machines


There are many benefits that you can get after buying the wire cutting machines. So, here are the top choices that you should consider whether you are investing at the commercial level or not.


1st: Automatic wire stripping & cutting machine(About 260USD)


wire stripping cutting machine

The LK A6 is one of the most rated and trustable automatic machines commonly used for cable USB wire cutting.


 The best advantage of this machine is that it can automatically cut and strip,and the cutting edges are very even. The size of the cable could range between 1mm-99999mm, which can fully meet your requirements, and the wire diameter that can be stripped is 4-30 square mm (Max. 8 core).


While cutting or moving the line from side to side to shorten the distance between the blade and the holder, there is no need to worry about pinching or scalding your fingers.


 The original color of this machine is white, but you can place customized order to get it done as per your need and requirement.


It is vital to know the details because it has a long-term effect on the decision that you are taking today. However, if you are interested in buying, then the price ranges between $200. Moreover, it comes with a 1-year warranty that is enough to test this machine's basic and advanced features.


Quick specifications:

  • Air presure:3-7KG
  • Stripping lenght :1mm-99999mm
  • tripping diameter:4-30 square mm (Max. 8 core)
  • Opening  Power:220V
  • After-sales Service :1 Year
  • Weight:20-25KG



2nd: BVR cable  automatic wire cutting machine(About 1800USD)


wire cutting machine

It is another wire cutting and stripping machine that comes with advanced features. It performs aluminum multilayer wire peeling, cutting, and stripping. However, in the critical operation, you can set the peeling length andspeed mode. Moreover, this machine is durable and can cut and peel wires that are less than 6mm. If we look at the wide use, then the BVR machine commonly uses in the auto and electric industry. There are three main models of this machine that come with the following specifications:


· 10 square wire stripper comes with the cutting length of 1mm-9999mm ,head stripping 30 tail stripping 20 and and cutting line core 0.1-10 mm square.

· The 16 square wire stripper comes with the 1mm-9999mmm length ,head stripping 20 tail stripping 20 and and cutting line core 0.1-16 mm square.

· The 25 square wire stripper comes with the 1mm-9999mmm length ,head stripping 20 tail stripping 20 and and cutting line core 0.1-25 mm square.


The fully computerized LCD display makes it the best technology that is equipped with advanced features, and can store up to 248 information. Furthermore, the durability of this machine is excellent because it comes in steel material.


It comes among durable product that comes with the advance technology. Apart from this, fewer machines can beat it in performance, safety, and operation. So, take the best decision that is good in the long run.


3rd: Powered wire stripping machine(About 320 USD)


wire stripping machine

It is another power-packed product that has a specialty in peeling or wirestripping. Thus, a 1mm-38mm powered wire stripping machine works on the power supply of 220V or 110V.


Moreover, you can use this machine to recycle copper and aluminum scrap wires. As a result, you can split the cables cables between 1mm and 38mm with up to 20m per minute. You can take benefit of the adjustable feature to adjust the blades up and down.


But while working, keep in mind to input the wire according to the hole. It means the cable diameter should be according to the feeding hole. For instance, it should be like this:

· Small wires in small feeding holes

· Large cables in feeding holes that goes best with them

· And flat cables should place in the flat feeding hole


Apart from this, there are multi holes for different wires. But it accommodates the diameter of strip cables up to 1mm-38mm.


But before taking the final decision, make sure you do the proper research. Moreover, you can even use it for different processing like cables, electric, aluminum, and metal wires.


Quick specifications:

  • Voltage: 220V 50Hz or 110V 60HZ
  • Power: 370W
  • Speed: 20m / minute
  • Wire range: 1mm - 38mm.
  • Blades quantity: 10
  • Holes quantity: 11
  • Usage: Stripper
  • Packaging size: 65X32X42cm
  • Wire material: Vehicle line, communication cable
  • G.W.: 78kg


4th: HC-515B double wire cutting and stripping machine(USD 530)


double wire cutting machine

The HC-515B is another state-of-the-art design. It comes with a touched computer screen that makes it easy to use and learn. Moreover, the vast working capacity makes it feasible for mass production and productivity.


You can even use it in a small setting to enjoy results in less time. However, this machine is best for wire cutting and stripping machines. It is suitable for wires that are under three squares.


If you are meeting all conditions, then you can easily use it for wire stripping and cutting. The HC-515B works best even in the small production setting because it can deal with different types of wires at a time.


However, the cutting length of this technology is around 1.99999.99mm, with a stripping length that ranges between 0.5mm-30mm.


Above all, this wire cutting and stripping machine is exceptionally light and portable. It means you can move this technology here and there as per your needs.


Quick specifications:

  • Power:220V/260W
  • Cutting length:1-99999.99mm
  • Stripping length:0.5mm-30mm
  • Cutting range:0.1-3mm2 wires
  • Productivity:80pcs/min
  • Dimension:L540*W480*H308mm
  • Weight:28KG


5th: Industrial cable wire stripping machine( 550 USD)


induatrial wire stripping machine

It is another wire stripping machine that you can buy for commercial and personal use. But keep in mind that it works on electricity.  However, it performs stripping of the cables.


This machine can automatically strip the cables when  adjusting the knives and gears. The a variety of hole size resulting in cable processing range of this machine is around 1-38mm(up to 120mm optional).


The machine possess double stripping path with double knife,made the separation complete,scroll design at the outlet avoid the wire damage.


You can even use it for the electric wire, double core, and rubber insulated lead sheathed cables. Many other core features are essential to understand. Moreover, the operation of the machine is simple and best when it comes to environmental protection.


In short, the innovative features make it the best decision to invest in this machine. But the whole working is depending on the adjustment of knives and gears.


Quick specifications:

  • Feed diameter:1-38mm(1-45mm/1-60mm/10-70mm/10-120mm optional)
  • Voltage:220V
  • Power:2.2kw
  • Weight:67kg
  • Size:53*43*85cm



6th:  SMS-5 Automatic wire stripper(About 1300 USD)


wire stripping machine

SMS 5 strip wire machine is one of the most amazing machines worth it, and you should include it in your collection. However, it strips and cuts all types of wires.


For instance, it strips the cables whether they are covered in copper, aluminum, or steel. Apart from this, the machine blades are made up of imported material. Due to the high-quality material, it is durable and can strip all kinds of wires.


If you want to strip or recycle wires that are up to 2-120mm, then a professional, super stripper is the best choice. The maximum processing capacity of the machine can reach 1000-5000 KG/day.


But it's vital to keep in mind that you have to adjust  the width of the positioning plate & the height of the pressure-roller according the diameter of wire,and knives before start working.


Quick specifications:

  • Range:2-120MM
  • Power:3 KW
  • Voltage:220V /380V (Optional)
  • Daily Output:1000-5000KG/Day
  • Weight:236KG
  • Colour:blue ,color can be customized
  • Warranty :1 year


7th: Automatic wire cutting machine(About 1600USD )


wire cutting machine

EC-6100 PVC tube cutting machine is another invention that took the industry into the storm. However, the best features of this PVC tube cutting machine justify the price range.


You can cut the material like silicon, tin, copper, hose, rubber, film, or vinyl through this machine. Moreover, this versatile machine can be easy to process different kinds of materials. You only need to follow an easy guide and minimal training to learn to operate the system.


Moreover, the machine weighs only 25kgs that makes it handier and easier to use. The cutting length of this PVC tube cutting machine ranges between 1mm-99999mm. On the other hand, the cutting width goes up to 100mm. Moreover, it can cut the cables, tubes, sheets, tape, and films.


Moreover, the machine can even cut fragile material in a clean and square condition. It's all possible due to the heavy-duty and precision cutting unit.


Quick specifications:

  • Model:EC-6100
  • Max. Cutting Width:100 mm
  • Cutting Length:1mm-99999mm
  • Speed:L=100mm, 100pcs/Min
  • Power Supply:220 VAC , 50/60 Hz
  • Power Consumption (Watt):18 W-150 W
  • Dimensions (W x D x H):395 X 265 X 355 mm
  • Weight (Net/Gross):25kg


8th:Automatic  copper wire stripping machine(About 980USD)


induatrial wire stripping machine

This is an electric cable cutting and recycling machine. The environmental features of this machine have taken the world into the storm and make it more feasible. Moreover, this is the best technology for recycling and comes with wire diameter from 2mm-120mm.


 Apart from this, it is easy to use and environmentally friendly because it functions on electricity. You only need labor that knows how to fix knives and gears to strip the wire correctly. After adjusting the blades and gears, it will strip the cables automatically.


On the other hand, the cable processing range is around 1mm-120mm. There are different models, and here is the detail:


· RSK-38 comes with a feeding diameter of 1mm-38mm

· The RSK-45 comes with a feed diameter that goes up to 1mm-45mm

· RSK-60 with the feed diameter from 1mm-60mm

· RSK-70 with the feed diameter from 10mm to 70mm

· And RSK-120 with 10mm-120mm


Apart from this, there is a blade adjusting rod, double stripping path with double knives that help perform as per your needs.


Moreover, you have an option to place customized orders as per your requirements and needs. While using the machine, you have to adjust the blades as per wire diameter.


9th: 1.5-25mm wire stripping machine(About 250 USD)


wire stripping machine

This is automatic stripping machine that comes with powerful motor. The stripping speed is approx. 60 feet per minute.This machine is used for wire size between 1 mm and 25mm,and recycling copper wire, removing the plastic and rubber insulation from undamaged scrap wires.


Moreover, it comes with mute technology that makes it extra comfortable and easy to use. The high speed and semi-automatic features are the plus point. Apart from this, while working, it is easy to operate and doesn’t require much maintenance.


Quick specifications:

  • Wire  Range: 1.5mm - 25mm
  • Dimensions:8" W x 12" D x 13"
  • Single Phase:180W
  • Stripping Speed: 18m/min
  • Package Weight: 13.5kg
  • Package Size:36*31*37cm


10th: Manual scrap cable stripping machine(About 48 USD)


manual stripping machine

If you don't want to invest a significant amount in automatic wire cutting machines, this is the best option. It is a manual copper cable stripping machine that is made up of metal,which is used  for removing isolation from scrap wire and getting copper out quickly, improving your stripping efficiency


However, these qualities make it durable and robust. Apart from this, you can easily adjust blades and rollers for cutting. You only need to change its settings as per your needs. It is effortless to assemble and disassemble this machine.


Above all, you can easily place it anywhere, even on the bench or table.It is a robust product because it is made up of iron. However, you can easily place it anywhere because it only weighs 4.5 lbs.


Quick features:

  • Wire Gauge Range:Φ 1.5mm-Φ 15mm
  • Stripping Speed:0.5M/min
  • Dimensions:200*50*190mm,2KG