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8 Top Canada Laser Engraving Machine Suppliers

Aug 31, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

Are you thinking about automating your business?  If so, we're here to help you explore the ideal laser cutting machine manufacturer and laser engraving manufacturer in Canada. Besides, with Canada being one of the most advanced and developed countries in the world, you can't possibly grow your professional skills or business without inviting technological advancement in your working space, right? 


So, let go of those second thoughts and choose the most suitable Canada laser cutting machine manufacturer from the eight company's mentioned below. It's time you make the right decision.


Top Canada-based Laser Engraver Manufacturers


1.Epilog Laser Canada:


When it comes to long-time serving laser marker manufacturers, Epilog Laser has served as a reliable spot for all kinds of laser equipment to businesses and individuals since 1988. The years of service and profound technology that ensures quality laser usage for all kinds of tasks do bring a guarantee and satisfaction in terms of quality for all the laser marking businesses. Yet, that isn't all that makes Epilog Laser the popular and trusted option among the numerous other options in the world.


However, what adds more value to this manufacturing industry and its engraving machines variety for services like etching, cutting, and marking is the quality, ease of usage, versatility, and affordability all its marking solutions offer to its users. So you never have to be in doubt about the laser marking solutions and machines offered by Epilog Laser.


2.Trotec Laser Canada:


Another well-known and popular name in this list of the best and top laser marker manufacturers is Trotec Laser. Like any other laser manufacturing company, this China-based company also offers a wide variety of options in laser marking machinery to its customers. However, the service of having laser machines that work on different kinds of products isn't just all that Trotetc offers with its laser products.


Instead, the variety of laser products it manufacturers make all kinds of tasks convenient and easier with a single machine, including cutting, engraving, and marking a wide variety of materials. Here, you can access a suitable laser machine for any kind of virtual application.


3.Laserax Inc:


Another popular name in the laser cutting machine manufacturer companies list is Laserax Inc. Laserax Inc has been in the laser technology designing and manufacturing field for over ten years now. This consistent working and production in this field have made Laserax Inc a reliable option for laser technology for all kinds of businesses and production/designing professionals. The focus of Laserax Inc is to promote safer, efficient, and innovative laser solutions to its customers. Keeping these factors in mind, Laserax Inc serves as a reliable and popular laser engraving manufacturer which provides machines in demanding industrial applications, making them usable and reliable for all kinds of professionals.


Although Laserax Inc was found by two laser physicists, this company has grown efficiently over time. Today, the wide variety of laser technology and innovations it offers makes it a one-stop solution for people looking for wider laser-tech aspects. Since Laserax Inc focuses more on fiber laser marking systems, its LX series is currently a popular innovation trusted by many customers. 




AMADA CANADA, LTD is a laser equipment supplier in Ontario, Canada. This laser cutting machine manufacturer is has been serving the industry with various laser innovations since 1987. Over this time, AMADA CANADA, LTD has focused on designing, manufacturing, and providing the Canadian laser technology and production industry with a steady stream of innovative and productivity-enhancing metal cutting and engraving machines. Other than metal, AMADA CANADA, LTD also provides its customers with laser systems that can work on other products for wider usage and customer demand fulfilment.


Since the formation of AMADA CANADA, LTD, this laser engraving manufacturer has been consistently focusing on promoting better and reliable laser technologies that can increase work efficiency and productivity for the customers with laser systems. Mainly, you can easily expect high-quality and efficient sheet metal machinery that makes your task productive and improve user satisfaction. 


5.Aeon Laser Canada:


Another popular name in the laser cutting machine manufacturer is Aeon Laser Canada. Aeon Laser Canada has been serving its customers since 2012 while promoting innovative and more reliable laser technology. The company Aeon Laser Canada is affiliated with CanCam CNC Machine Ltd. This Canada-based company is focused on promoting and offering its customers a wide range of products and services regarding laser technology for better and more accessible laser task management.


What makes the laser machines and technology efficient and outclass, as compared to others, is the Aeon Laser Canada team's hard work and focus on designing efficient technology with ten years of effort. The wide series of laser machines, including the NOVA Series and much more, is not only focused on being efficient but also cost-effective. So if you're looking for laser technology at any reasonable rate, Aeon Laser Canada can be the ideal laser engraving manufacturer to offer you that in Canada. 


6.CanCam CNC:


While the previously mentioned laser cutting machine manufacturer company is affiliated with the CanCam CNC company, it isn't a combined enterprise. In fact, CanCam CNC is a well-known and highly popular machine manufacturing business in Ontario that offers a wider variety of machines to its customers. The machines offered by CanCam CNC include; Desktop CNC routers, CNC CO2 lasers, 3D printers for affordable CNC routers, and woodworking.


With this wide variety of options, CanCam CNC focuses on offering its customers all kinds of smart and efficient machine supplies. However, if we only talk about the innovative and smart designs of the laser engraving and cutting technology offered by CanCam CNC, it isn't anything less than other laser manufacturer's technology too. At CanCam CNC, laser technology is designed with a keen focus on expanding features, such as autofocusing and simplified operation. 


7.Universal Laser System:


With our list of the top Canadian laser cutting machine manufacturer and laser engraving manufacturer companies, there's no way we can miss out on the Universal Laser System company in this list. Universal Laser Systems is a manufacturer of laser technology for cutting, engraving, and marking materials. This manufacturing company is globally recognized and has been serving for over 30 years as industry expertise. Universal Laser System provides customers with innovative, cost-effective, and flexible laser solutions for present and future business needs.


Hence, with every investment of laser technology at Universal Laser System, it can be easily concluded that you don't only get present-day engraving or cutting ease, but also a long-term efficient service. For laser technology, this company keenly focuses on manufacturing modern CO2 laser and fiber laser technology for laser cutting, laser engraving, and laser marking thousands of products in the manufacturing and production industry. 


8.Tampo Canada Inc.:


Lastly, we can't possibly miss the Tampo Canada Inc. company in this list of the top laser cutting machine manufacturer, too, right? Besides, when it comes to long-lasting and professional companies promoting laser technology and efficient machines to their customers, nothing beats years of service and trust achievement of the customers. Focusing on that, Tampo Canada Inc. has also been serving in the Canadian laser machine market for 30 years now. However, Tampo Canada Inc. doesn't only focus on mainstream laser cutting or engraving machines. Instead, Tampo Canada Inc. designs and manufactures printing machinery and the essentials of pad printing tools and equipment.




If you're someone based in Canada, it's time you level up your production and designing skill with the best laser engraver or cutter. Besides, with these best lasers cutting machine supplier companies, there's no need to experiment with the wrong options. Go get the best of laser technology and automate your business today,Since Canada is close to the United States, you can also see the 10 best laser engraving machin manufactured in the USA!