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Laser Ceramic Engraving & Marking Machine Solutions

Apr 29, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

With ceramic being a common addition to cutlery and household products today, its demand is widely everywhere. Whether it’s the different countries or the different products that require ceramic, we can surely find this product in many areas and products. The fact that it’s a more firm and solid form of clay prepared to make hard materials, that’s probably why ceramic has a huge demand.


From mugs to following and much more, most of these items are manufactured with sturdy and solid items, i.e., ceramic. However, with ceramic being a common and basic material that is plain in its form, there’s much more needed to add style and design to the ceramic-based products. One common way to add style and design to the basic look of ceramic and turn the ceramic products into more stylish and attractive ones is the usage of laser engraving.


For any manufacturer of ceramic products, laser engraving can be a great and highly reliable way to engrave on ceramic. Yet, before you do go ahead and consider engraving ceramic solutions, it’s better to understand this process in detail. So let’s go ahead and explore it below in detail.


laser engrave ceramic


Why is Ceramic Engraving Important?


When it comes to using various ceramic products, most of the everyday life products are manufactured with this material. This can include items like:

· Flooring

· Mugs

· Dishes

· Vases

· Pots, etc.


With all these types of ceramic products being commonly used in our day-to-day lives, it’s certainly a product present in every other household. However, using ceramic products in the basic and dull look may seem unwanted.


Especially when it comes to marketing a business of ceramic products, the more style, design, and colors you add, the more your business may grow. Considering this, the best way to add a touch of art and creativity to the basic ceramic products is to consider the task of engraving ceramic.


laser engrave ceramic


Can You Laser Engrave on Ceramic?


If you’re planning to engrave on ceramic products and make them look more appealing, you’re probably going to look for suitable engraving tools and options. The best and most suitable option here is to consider laser engraving on ceramic.


The process of laser engraving on ceramic is performed the same as on glass materials. The engraving process using laser is usually kept at a depth of 300 to 375 microns. During the laser engraving on ceramic, multiple laser passes are performed on the ceramic material to ensure that the ceramic isn’t excessively heated, avoiding any kinds of cracks or damages during the production of the ceramic products.


Benefits of Engraving Ceramic:


Before you start engraving your ceramic product, it’s crucial to understand how this engraving is better than the basic ceramic engraving process. When it comes to the duration and complexity of this laser engraving process on ceramic, it mostly depends on the complexity of the design you plan to engrave. Hence, the simpler the design, the easier it can be for you to make your ceramic products interesting and creative. So choosing the right design is also a crucial step before starting the procedure of engraving ceramic.


Now when it comes to choosing laser for engraving on ceramic, you can consider it a beneficial and smoother method because:


· Better Lines:

When you’re engraving on ceramic with the basic tools like a drill machine and drill bits, the task may be complicated at first. Not just that, but the engraving on ceramic using drill can make the design less defined and more blurry. However, using laser engraving on ceramic can be the complete opposite. Since laser allows you to avail of highly defined lines on the ceramics, you can have more clear, clean, and accurate lines while designing the ceramic.


· Narrow Angles:

Another crucial benefit of engraving ceramic using laser is the high tolerance offered by the process of laser engraving. Simply put, even if you’re planning to create extremely complex designs while engraving on ceramic, the process can be simple and easier to achieve, as compared to conventional engraving methods.


· High-Quality Engraving:

Last but not the least, the laser engraving process allows you to get the most appealing and attractive engraving look on ceramic. Once you adjust the laser parameters like power and speed appropriately, you can easily achieve various shades for engraving on ceramic. This allows you to avail of not only accurate and finely engraved designs but also a more photographic outlook overall.


Ceramic Making & Engraving Machine Solutions


There are common two type of laser system can provide laser marking & engraving on ceramic:


Option 1:CO2 Laser Marking Machine


Ceramic belongs to non-metallic material,like other non-metallic material,such as:plastic, wood and acrylic etc,CO2 laser marking machine is suitable for marking ceramic material.This laser system equipped with CO2 laser source,high-speed scanning galvanometer system and fully automatic control system.It has high marking accuracy, high speed, extremely stable performance, and work continuously for a long time.


However, some ceramic materials is difficult to absorb the laser, and will produce a greater diffuse reflection, or even close to total reflection. Therefore, it is difficult for the laser marking color on the surface of ceramic.So some methods must be used,including:


One: Coating method: combination ceramic laser additives. After the additive is dissolved in hot water,then place it evenly coated to the area of the ceramic surface that require marking,then drying, use a laser marking machine for marking.


The principle is to use a high-energy laser beam to perform high temperature heat acting on the surface, when the temperature reaches 800 ℃ or above, the color molecules of the coating begin to interact with the glaze on the ceramic surface to leave a mark.


Two: Laser ceramic sticker method, the method is to utilize special laser ceramic marking paper, also known as ceramic laser marking colored paper.First,infiltrated it in the water, after about 20 minutes to half an hour, the ceramic marking paper will be separated from the base paper, then  attached to the ceramic until drying, and then using laser marking machine to mark it.


How much output power of laser marker to mark on ceramics?


Usually Industrial ceramics come with heat-resistant properties and smoother surface, and the engraving result require particularly clear,Therefore,laser marking on ceramics requires high laser power, at least 30 watts or more CO2 laser marking machine is used.


Option 2:UV Laser Marking Machine


UV laser is a kind of "Cold Marking" method, which refers to they can apply marking and processing with minimal heat damage due to their incredibly high absorption rate on a variety of materials.UV laser marking ceramic is to use UV laser beam to hit the surface of the ceramic and break the molecular bonds of ceramic to make permanent marks on the surface of ceramic.


laser engrave ceramic


When is the Best Time to Engrave on Ceramic?


During the engraving process of sturdy and hard products like ceramic and glass, it’s crucial to ensure that you perform the engraving process at the right time. Since engraving is the process of adding design and lines to the product, it can make sturdy items like ceramic face breakage or cracks.


Considering this, it’s better to perform laser engraving ceramic before the shiny glaze is placed on the piece of ceramic. When the ceramic is in a rough shape, it is easier to engrave. Afterward, the addition of the glaze on the ceramic product ensures that the engraving is secured and the ceramic product doesn’t face any damages.



While leaser engraving on ceramic may seem a bit technical or less reliable than conventional methods in the first place, it’s certainly a more convenient option. Especially if you’re new in the business of creating attractive ceramic products, engraving it with an easier and high-quality option like laser can make your task easier and your product more appealing for sales.


So go ahead, and try it out yourself!