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Color Laser Marking Machine,MOPA Fiber Laser For Color Engraving

Aug 09, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

Are you looking for color laser marking on items? We often see various metal items like steel utensils or unique machine equipment engraved with codes or designed with colorful lines for a complete and subtle look. These metal or plastic products are often identified well and used appropriately once they are marked with color laser marking. Not just identification, but the usage of MOPA laser marking machine on metals or plastic also helps design these metal items to give them a beautiful touch.


When you have items as sturdy as metal marked with machines like color laser marking, the quality and demand for such metals tend to increase. Besides, who won’t want to buy identifiable and appealing parts that don’t just permanently keep you updated with their codes and appropriate usage but also limit the boring and basic plain metal look with their presence? After all, machines today aren’t just about safety, security, and efficient usage. Instead, style is also a leading factor that attracts buyers and investors to the machine’s innovation in today’s advanced era—considering that machines like MOPA laser marking machines that allow marking on metal or plastic with permanent colors are also widely in demand and use.


Mainly in the metal or plastic manufacturing factories and decoration industries, the color fiber laser marking machines help complete the production of metal parts and items for better recognition. But hey? You don’t have to limit your understanding about the MOPA laser marking machine for usage on metal to just that – especially when there’s so much more to explore. So, let’s dive into the details, shall we?  


color laser engraving

Detailed Overview: How Does Color Laser Marking Works


Since the MOPA laser marking machine is a relatively new technology in the marking industry, its performance and structure aren’t widely familiar for every industry.


This color marking technology makes it easier than ever to mark sturdy items with the least effort and time investment. The major purpose of the MOPA laser marking machine is to change the surface layer color of the material you are color marking. This result is achieved by adjusting the laser parameters of the MOPA laser marking machine include: marking direction, marking speed, focal spot diameter, pulse length, and repetition rate during the coloring process of the stainless steel or other similar sturdy materials. The entire process of color marking on such items helps in adding more value to the products, making them achieve a decorative and unique touch of appearance.


Color marking surface oxidation,which is usually achieved by heating the surface of the material to form an oxide layer after which visible light can be reflected on it.


With the usage of the MOPA laser marking machine, it is easier for anyone to expand the laser marking capabilities and outcomes on all kinds of metals and plastic items. The use of conventional fiber laser marking technology in this color marking machine marks certain (especially dark-colored) metals and plastics. It turns them into a rich in contrast-marked item.


Apart from this, the latest innovation and invention of the MOPA laser marking machine has also introduced easier marking parameters and options for users on such sturdy items. Whether decorating it with a colorful marking touch or adding color marks on items that need specific recognition with codes and tracking numbers, having a color marking technology can be highly convenient and reliable. From marking anodized aluminum in black to creating reproducible colors on steel items, this laser marking technology introduces high-quality color marking outcomes on all items.


So, if you’re looking for a more precise, convenient to handle, and accurate laser marking technology that marks items with colors, and keeps the design and required material look maintained, then MOPA laser marking machine is an ideal option.


Types of Color Laser Marking


The process of color laser marking can be broken down into two main types: color laser marking for metals and color laser marking for plastics. Each one has a different use and requires a distinct manufacturing process.


1. Color Laser Marking for Metals


To create laser marks on metals, the surface layer is altered in different ways. Most industries mark stainless steel using color laser marking as a diverse range of colors can be produced in this laser marking system. Depending upon the laser frequency, power, focal distance, and speed, you can alter the color of the marking being made on the metal. For untreated metals, the range of colors that can be produced using color laser marking systems is even more diverse. You can also use color laser marking for stainless steel, steel, chrome, and titanium surfaces.


If you have a jewelry manufacturing business, then you can use color laser marking technology to create new designs of jewelry for customers. Instead of simple, black-colored markings, you can expand your product range to colored laser markings on jewelry products as well. Many customers like having their initials marked on jewelry, and you can now offer them a wide range of colors to choose from.


2. Color Laser Marking for Plastics


Marking plastics means that you can print your brand logo or other creative designs on any plastic surface. In the past, color laser marking was only limited to the same color of the plastic itself. For instance, a green plastic could not be altered to have a red or blue colored marking. However, with color laser marking technology, everything has changed. Darker plastics can now be marked with a lighter color and vice versa. This allows businesses to expand their operations and start manufacturing different types of plastics with color variations as they can be marked effectively.


Color laser marking systems can be used for ABS plastics, glass-filled plastics, and polyethylene plastics. These three are the most common types of plastics used for packaging purposes. With color laser marking, you can easily create new designs or have your logo marked on the product in any color shade.


More Applications for Color Laser Marking


If you are looking for ways in which color laser marking systems could enhance your business, then here are a few ideas to consider:


1. Personalizing Products


If you operate in a niche where customers would like to have personalized products, then investing in a color laser marking system for trophy sounds like a great idea. This system can allow your customers to order personalized products with colored laser markings, such as a ceramic cup laser marking with a red-colored quote on it.


2. Graphics and Designs


Some products look better with a creative design on it. If you want to make your product more appealing, then you can invest in a color laser marking system that improves your packaging. With a more colorful and creative packaging, customers will be able to differentiate your product from those of competitors.


3. Household Fixtures and Fittings


Most household fittings need colored markings to make identification easier. Bathroom fittings should clearly indicate hot and cold water, which can be done by adding red and blue colored markings on the metal using color laser marking systems.


Some factors that affect the marking performance of any machine on the items including the speed, the power, the type of laser technology, and the configuration settings the color laser marking machine offers you. Depending on this, the fiber laser technology used in the MOPA laser marking machine is also reliable for usage on specific items, including:


  • Stainless steel
  • Chromium
  • Titanium
  • And other metal or plastic materials


Apart from using the MOPA laser marking machine on these specific items, this machine is also highly reliable and efficient for users to achieve longer-lasting and high-quality color marking on these items without any issues. Additionally, thanks to the adjustment features offered by this color laser marking technology, one can achieve unlimited possibilities of high-quality and efficient laser color marking on such items.


Why MOPA Laser Marking Good For Color Marking


Let’s start with the basic and most important aspect of using a laser marking machine, i.e., using it to color the metal items. One of the major and popular color laser marking machines used today is the MOPA laser marking machine. This machine has been a popular addition to the color laser marking machine options, especially for color marking on metals.


While there is a wide variety of series of the MOPA, what is most common in most of the series of this machine include:


· The High Power:


Since these color lasers marking machines use fiber laser technology, they have the master oscillator power amplifier configuration, i.e., MOPA. With this high power usage of such fiber laser-oriented machines, it is easier to make laser marking faster and permanent on sturdy, thick items like metal and steel. Moreover, this feature of the MOPA laser marking machine also ensures an excellent and lasting laser performance on all kinds of items while including higher levels of temporal pulse shaping controllability. All in all, the high power usage of this color laser marking machine adds ease for marking colorful shapes and designs on tough items too.


· Easy Controlling:


The MOPA laser marking machine introduces strength and speedy performance while marking any kind of item permanently, but it also promotes extreme controllability. Since the MOPA color laser marking machine comes with Q-switching technology, it introduces the convenience of independently controlling the pulse width and PRF (Pulse repetition frequency). To manage this MOPA configuration, the operator or user only needs to adjust different combinations of the mentioned parameters during the laser marking procedure. Moreover, this machine also gives the convenience of maintaining the peak power of the laser according to the item being marked with the color laser marking machine and the product itself.


· Speedy and Accessible Marking:


Another feature in the MOPA laser marking machine is its feature that lets you enable the JPT laser. This means that you can easily process more material with this laser option, which may not be easily and permanently marked with the MOPA lasers Q-switch. As a result, the higher output power of this feature in the MOPA laser marking machine enables us to perform color marking on all kinds of materials in less time and with more power to make the marking more permanent, effective, and lasting for a wide range variety of applications.


· Variety of Colors:


One of the major reasons that make the MOPA laser marking machine an ideal and advanced color marking option is its ability to offer a wide variety of colored laser marking on various objects. Although the rapid development in the fiber laser marking technology may have rapidly introduced black and white marking, which was adopted widely in different industries globally, it wasn’t enough to add colors. However, the MOPA laser marking machine introduces a more advanced marking performance with inkjet and colored paint in its structure. So this color marking machine can be used for new technologies color marking needs too.


The Difference Between MOPA and Other Laser Technologies


While most of the benefits and uses of a MOPA laser marking machine are similar to that of other laser marking and color marking machines used in the industry, there are significant differences. Hence, if you're willing to achieve the best laser marking and color marking performance on all kinds of items, especially metal, then a MOPA laser marking machine can be the ideal choice. However, we always have other options of laser marking machines like YAG lasers, etc.


This variety of options can often confuse these machines' differences and performance efficiency, making them seem like similar color marking machines to each other. But don't get confused as there's a lot of difference between these laser technologies commonly used today. For a clearer idea, let's explore these differences below in detail:


· Other Lasers (YAG Lasers):


YAG lasers are also known as flash lamps or lamp-pumped lasers that utilize a bulb as the main pumping mechanism during the laser marking performance. Apart from this, the structure of a YAG laser also comprises a YAG crystal, which serves as the gain medium.


The lack of advantages and the outdated system keep this laser technology one step behind the MPA laser marking machine. Some industries and businesses still use this technology for marking items, but it doesn't offer advanced and faster working with more color marking options and customization ease for every material.


Also, one thing you may commonly face while using the YAG laser technology is misalignment and adjustment problems during the color marking of any item.


· MOPA Laser Marking Machine:


Today, the demand for the MOPA laser marking machine is consistently increasing as its technology and structure are evolving consistently. Compared to the YAG lasers, these lasers have a more sorted structure with semiconductor diodes used for the pumping mechanism. It also has a doped fiber optic cable instead of a YAG crystal used as the gain medium. This doped fiber optic also serves as the resonator in the MOPA laser marking machine, making its structure more sorted.


Now when it comes to using the MOPA laser technology, this machine lasts longer than other previously used outdated laser technologies like YAG lasers. One major reason is that the YAG consists of bulbs that require consistent replacement due to their short lifespan. In contrast, the structure of the MOPA laser color marking technology is more focused on ensuring fast performance while maintaining the machine's components and structure's lasting performance.


So, an investment in a MOPA laser color marking machine can serve longer than any investment in other laser marking technologies – despite the metal quantity you want to color mark using this technology.  




While there are many other usages, designing, and efficiency benefits and ease offered by the MOPA laser marking machine, we’re sure you’re clear on the major usage and benefits of this color marking technology. So go ahead and make more use of this safe, convenient, reliable color laser marking technology for growing your business effectively!