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Laser Engraving Machine for Cups Solutions

Jun 16, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

Are you planning to start a laser engraved cups business? Whether it's a modern designed coffee mug or a décor cup that can add value to any home/room décor, the value of such cups is vast. Besides, with the advanced technology of laser engravers for cups, you can add any style or design to the types of cups you purchase and sell them at a profitable rate.


That's how starting a laser engraved cups business is something most people opt for – in different markets. However, it's not as straightforward or sorted as it seems. The modern engraving machine for cups in the market has plenty of varieties when starting a business yourself. So if you're new in this, heading out in the market and blindly making a laser engraver for cups purchase may not profit you much. But don't worry, we're here to make things easier for you with our short guide on engraving machines for cups.


laser engraving cups


Types of Laser Engraving Machines For Mugs


When it comes to starting a laser engraved cups business, you can choose various designs and patterns you can create on the mugs/cups. Yet, selecting the suitable types of cups and the right laser engraver machine is the more significant concern in such businesses.


While there are different types of laser engraver machines, not all of them work perfectly in engraving on other cup materials. So it's crucial that you first consider what types of laser engraved cups you need to sell in your business. Here, you need to choose between stainless steel and Yeti mugs for marketing in your business.


Once you have chosen the suitable mug material, it's time to select the laser engraver for cups. The two standard options of engraving machine for cups include:


laser engraving cups


· Fiber Laser Engraving Machine:


The 20W portable fiber laser engraver or fiber laser marking equipment serves as the most professional laser engraving machine option in the market. This machine helps in creating neat and precise designs on stainless steel mugs – without compromising the lines or design quality. It's more like a high-quality design created on stainless steel mugs – which adds more to these mug's quality outlook.


· CO2 Laser Engraving Machine:


While the previous laser engraver for cups is a more advanced and instant laser engraving machine option, this one serves as a less opted laser engraving machine. Mainly because this machine cannot create designs directly on the metal surfaces, many businesses are not most commonly opted. However, when adding a quality finish or engraved design on coated stainless steel Yeti mugs, the CO2 laser engraver is a more reliable option.


In both ways, choosing the suitable engraving machine for cups depends upon the type of mugs you choose to engrave with the chosen designs. Whether it's creating personalized logo mugs for your business/company or simply making fancy coffee or tea mugs for decoration and lifestyle stores – selecting the correct type of laser engraver machine can help add an elegant and fine engraved design and its finishing.  


laser engraving cups


How Can You Laser Engrave on Yeti Mugs?


When it comes to using advanced and convenient laser engraver machines, i.e., fiber engraver machines, such machines can be easily operated and create engraved designs of stainless steel mugs. Yet, when it comes to using the CO2 laser engraver machine, it can be used on the Yeti mugs differently.


laser engraving cups


Hence, if you prefer the Yeti cups engraving task for your business, you can do it simply by:


· First, open the file and adjust the settings according to the laser power you need, depending on how complicated or straightforward the engraving design is. Once you have managed the settings, you need to send the design/work to the laser engraver.

· Next, you need to place the Yeti mug on the rotary device and set the focus setting on the mug. Once the cup is focused, it's time to press the 'Start button. Once the laser engraving starts, you need to focus on the laser beam and whether it leaves a permanent mark on the mug or not. Manage the laser engraver's settings and concentrate until the chosen design becomes visible with the machine's beam.

· Lastly, you need to rinse the residue from the mug. This will give a final design contrast to the Yeti mug, making it look beautiful and attractive overall.


laser engraving cups



So that's all to our short guide on using the laser engraver for cups and creating attractive and beautiful designs on basic and plain mugs. Once you practice creating laser engraved designs or simple patterns on the mugs once or twice – it will be easier to create more complex designs easily on any cup – while adjusting the laser engraver settings rightly.

So go ahead,With a affordable China laser marking machine,and engrave your favorite designs or business logo on some mugs, and get that engraved mugs business started already!