dot peen marking machine

Pneumatic Dot Peen Marking Machine


Pneumatic marking machine, also known as dot peen marking machine or micro percussion marking machines,which are ideal for replacing a hand punching operation & has many advantages over many similar conventional processes.

The equipment can mark all metals such as Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper brass, Gold, Silver etc. Ideal for marking on hard plastics.

These machines mark permanent batch numbers, serial numbers, code scanned data, Data from PLC, Date Codes, Month Codes, Year Codes, etc.

  • Can mark in characters, Arabic numbers and any picture with harmonized and aesthetic effects.
  • Can mark on wide variety of products or signs made of steel, iron, copper, aluminum, plastic and other material.
  • No need to equip with computer, built-in programming system with industrial microcomputer and various USB ports.
dot peen marking machine
dot peen marking machine
  • Serial number automatically increasing or decreasing, VIN code, random code and 2D code, etc.
  • Marking depth from 0.02~1mm (adjustable) for various marking depth.
  • Very small force of marking pin has no influence on the mechanical property of work pieces.
  • Simple operation, easy maintenance.
  • Key factor is high impact frequency of marking head and fast marking speed making. It’s possible for mass production to customers’ satisfaction.
Type PH01/PH02/PH03/PH04
Marking area 150mm*50mm/120mm*40mm /80mm*20mm/50mm*20mm
Marking speed 30mm~40mm/s
Impact frequency 300 time/s
Repeated accuracy 0.001mm
Marking depth 0.1mm~0.2mm
Power supply AC100V~240V 50HZ/60HZ
Air Power 0.2MP~0.6MP
Marking content characters, number, all kinds of graphic, logo, dot matrix 2D codes, Barcode, Serial Number, circle letter and etc.
Integrated controller The controller integrates software, keyboard, screen, no need computer anymore.

Pneumatic DOT Peen Marking Machine

With the development of CNC technology,the CNC marking machine has become the mainstream in the mass production process. There are main punched matrix,electrochemical corrosion, laser marking and pneumatic marking in the marking of industrial parts. The punched matrix has the advantages of fast speed and simple working process, but it has poor flexibility and insufficient marking depth. Electrochemical corrosion cmes with high accuracy and no damage the flatness of the work-piece, but it requires relatively high flatness of the work-piece surface.Moreover,It will produce shallow marking depth and other consumables. Laser marking comes with high precision, fast speed and good appearance, but it is relatively expensive and shallow marking depth. Pneumatic marking machine has the advantages of low cost, fast speed, high precision and depth adjustable. It has been widely used for metal parts marking.

What is a Pneumatic Dot Peen Marking Machine

Pneumatic Dot peen marking machine is a device that needles by compressed air driving to print,which can print a certain depth of numbers, letters, vector diagrams and other marks on various parts,components and signs. The advantage of pneumatic dot peen marking machine is to print marks on higher hardness metals.

The pneumatic marking machine system consists of four parts:computer system,drive control system(electrical cabinet, control circuit board, driver), pneumatic system(gas circuit, filter pressure regulator, high frequency valve) and marking workbench(industrial-grade X-Y scanning system, Z-direction lifting system, marking head, work table).

How does it Work?

The dot pin controlled by computer moves on a certain trajectory on the X and Y two-dimensional surface. At the same time,It makes a high-frequency impact on the surface of the material under the action of compressed air, thereby printing a mark with a certain depth.

Type of Pneumatic Dot Peen Marking Machine

There are two type of pneumatic marking machines,including:

Desktop pneumatic marking machine:It is suitable for marking signs, nameplates, and small workpieces (The height of work-piece is less than 500mm that is easy to move to the workbench) and so on.

Portable pneumatic dot peen marking machine: It is suitable for workpieces that are not easy to move to the worktable. It has the advantages of the desktop pneumatic marking machine and greatly improves to make up for the disadvantages of the desktop marking machine. It can be used with a laptop or a single-chip compute,therefore, more easy to operate, and easy to carry.

The Advantages of Pneumatic Marking Machine

  • Permanent mark
  • The depth of marking adjustable
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Affordable price
  • Easily integrated in industrial production lines
  • Small marking head design ,strong and easy to install

What is Application Of Pneumatic Dot Peen Marking Machine

Marking number,name,trademark and production date etc on the engine, piston, frame, chassis, connecting rod,cylinder and other parts of vehicle.

Various mechanical parts, machine tools, hardware products, metal pipes, gears, pump bodies, valves, fasteners, steel materials, instruments and meters and other metal marking;

dot peen machine for signs


How to Install Pneumatic Dot Peen Marking Machine

Computer connection

If need computer,connect one end of the serial cable to the COM2 port of the computer, and the other end to the CZ1 port of the drive control circuit board.

Air system connection

Connect one end of  air pipe to the quick connector of the air source inlet on the back of the work table, and the other end to connect the special adapter to the air source.

Marking head installation

1 Remove the marking head cover and install it.

2 Check whether the working plane flatness.

3 Re-tighten all the screws,install the cover;

Power-on detection

1 Check the power supply, cables, and air pipe connections, and then turn on the power and air supply after confirming that they are right.

2 Manual test: Open the electrical cabinet, set the “Manual/Auto” key on the control panel to the “Manual” position, and operate the detect the X-Y scanning movement and the impact movement of the marking head;

How to Maintain Pneumatic Marking Machine

  • Keep the X and Y axis guide rods clean
  • Add 20# oil on the X, Y axis guide rod once a month.
  • Regularly check the tension of the X and Y axis timing belts (once every three months);
  • Regularly check whether the fastening blocks of the X and Y axis timing belts are loose (once every three months);
  • Keep the cylinder liner of the marking head clean, Not allow dust, iron filings, etc. to enter the cylinder or copper sleeve;
  • When the air source is connected,the filter pressure regulator will automatically drain, and it will return to normal after a few minutes. Check whether the filter pressure regulator work normally every six months;
  • No oil and debris are allowed on the travel switch;
  • Regularly check whether the pressure of compressed air is normal.

Can pneumatic marking machines mark graphite materials?

As we all know, pneumatic marking machine is a more traditional marking machine. With the development of technology, laser marking machine is more and more used, which is suitable for marking most materials, but which marking machine is more suitable for marking graphite materials? In fact, for graphite material marking, pneumatic marking is better than laser marking machine.

Laser marking will produce serious powder while graphite has conductivity. So,the application of laser marking graphite is limited, when marking the surface of graphite with pneumatic marking machines, there will be no powder and the marking is very clear. Therefore, you could use pneumatic marking machine to mark graphite materials according to your requirement.

How to determine the air pressure when using pneumatic marking machine

Have you ever encountered the marking depth is not good when using the pneumatic marking machine, so how can you make the mark deeper? Is it my pneumatic marking machine  insufficient power or other reason?

According to the working principle of pneumatic marking machine, we know that the marking depth is closely related to the air pressure. Therefore, it need to ensure a stable and sufficient air source. In general, the maximum air pressure regulating valve of pneumatic marking machine is 0.8MP. We can first adjust the air pressure to the maximum 0.8MP to test whether it can be reached If the air pressure can reach 0.8MP, it means that there is no problem with the air pressure. Then, adjusting the air pressure to range value for the marking the work-piece.

So how to determine how much air pressure is good for material marking? The air pressure is determined based on the material. In general, 0.3-0.3 MP is good for marking aluminum materials, and 0.35-0.4MP is good for stainless steel and die steel materials. If there is no clear depth requirement, we should start with a smaller air pressure as far as possible what can reduce vibration. The greater the air pressure, the stronger the vibration.

How to make the mark deeper with pneumatic marking machine

There is common pin with core diameters of 2mm, 3mm and 4mm on the market. According to our application, the larger the diameter, the deeper the marking. You can test it assume the air pressure is the same as 0.4MP, first mark with a 2mm or 3mm pin, and then mark with a 4mm pin .You will see that the latter is deeper than the former. Why is different result for different diameters at the same air pressure?

The pin of the pneumatic marking machine works like a piston mode. When the marking starts, the control board of the pneumatic marking machine outputs a pulse signal to the solenoid valve, and then the solenoid valve controls the air pressure to the pin. Because the tail of the pin is a sealed design, the body of the pin is quickly pressed down due to the high air pressure, and the pressing distance is about 5-7mm,and the air chamber of the pin is fully opened, it will immediately go back to the sealed by the spring and wait for the next air pressure cycle repeatedly and archive high-frequency impact marking.

dot pin
dot pin

The reason to the marking depth of 4mm pin is higher than that of 2mm pin is 4mm pin is much thicker than 2mm pin. If the pin is thick , its own weight will increase.

For example, when using a pound hammer and a 5 pound hammer to drive a nail, the latter is deeper under the same force.

For the common pin,it can meet most of the marking requirements, and the pin is a consumable product, if there is no special requirement for depth, you can use the common pin to save cost. If you have special requirements for depth, you can use the weighted pin.

There are common weighting pin with a diameter of 2mm and 3mm,which is enough for marking ordinary stainless steel and signs . The pin is too thin and easy to break. Therefore, it is better to use more than 3-4mm weighting pin directly.

Under the same air pressure, if you want to get the deeper mark, the thicker pin should be used. To achieve better weighting, the length of the weighting pin sleeve should also be longer than that of the common pin. The length of the ordinary pin sleeve is about 35-55mm, and the length of the weighting pin sleeve is 60mm. The weighting pin with lengthened body, enlarged air chamber, double sealing ring and thickened tail hammer to reach larger impact spacing of 10mm, and the stronger inertia, which is 2 to 3 times that of ordinary pin. The marking depth of ordinary pin is 0.1-0.5mm, and the marking depth of weighting pin is 0.1-2mm,more like the below:

dot pin
dot pin

How to mark shaft parts with desktop pneumatic Dot Pin marking machine

Desktop pneumatic marking machine is commonly used to mark the serial number of sprocket, gear and other metal parts in machining workshop to effectively track the subsequent processing of each part.

However, in the actual marking production, sometimes we occasionally need to process the crankshaft forgings, while common desktop pneumatic marking machine can not mark circular shaft parts. What should we do? There are two ways to solve this issue.

One is to add a rotating attachment on the basis of plane marking, which can archive the marking of round or curve workpiece in all direction .

Other is we can redesign on the original basis to maximize the utilization of desktop pneumatic marking machine, save costs and get more benefits.

How to redesign the pneumatic Dot Pin marking machine

For example,this desktop pneumatic marking machine can only mark plate parts in the beginning, which can mark both disc like and shaft parts through below.

desktop dot pin marking machine

  1. Positioning block
  2. Marking head
  3. Marking machine base
  4. 7inscreen industrial computer
  5. Control cylinder
  6. Marking working platform

Take crankshaft parts as an example for upgrading.The step  is as follows:

  • After disassembling the original pneumatic marking machine into each module, we need to redesign the steel plate on the workbench.First adding 12 piece of hole with φ 6mm on the steel plate,which is mainly used for the installation of linear guide rail in the future. At the same time, operating two 200mm*20mm groove on the upper right corner of the steel plate,which is mainly used to install the marking machine base that can be adjusted left and right to mark different length of shaft parts.
  • Design and process another heat-resistant steel plate with the size of 600mm × 300mm × 10mm, operating two 200mm*20mm groove on the left side of the steel plate , drilling two hole with φ 20mm on the right.
  • Design and processtwo V-shaped support base installed on the heat-resistant steel plate. The left V-shaped support base can be adjusted left and right to archive the marking shaft parts with different lengths.

After the above upgrading, we may encounter two problems during marking test. First, it cannot fix a position when marking circular shafts.Second, there will be deep and shallow marks.

To solve the above two problems, we can try the below solutions:

  • For solving the position cannot be fixed issue, we can redesign the two locating pins and install them in the front and rear positions of the guide rail to ensure that the position is fixed when the crankshaft moves .
  • Forsolving the different mark depth issue, we can install an angular adjustment positioning screw at the slotted position of the steel plate to ensure that the balance base is adjusted parallel to the steel plate when it contacts the screw.

After the above upgrading, the desktop pneumatic marking machine can mark both disc parts and shaft parts when work on corresponding kit, which not only increases the use efficiency of the marking machine, but also saves costs and get more benefits.


  1. Why Is The Marking Not Clear By Pneumatic Marking Machine

The reason for the unclear marking is probably due to the low temperature of the machine. Before marking, preheat the machine for 15 minutes, and then perform marking.

If The marking dot peen is worn too much and should be replaced;

Adjust the distance between the dot peen and the marking work-piece;

Check whether the air pressure is reduced, and if there is oil or water in the air, let it go.

  1. Why Pneumatic Marking Machine Cannot Work Normally

First check whether the various lines are connected correctly, and check whether the switch is turned on. Then check whether the intake pipe and the air pipe are connected correctly and the fuse and power supply system. Before turning on the machine, it is best to carefully check the condition of each component, in case the parts are loose due to long-term operation and cause connection problems.

  1. Why Pneumatic Marking Machine Cannot Print Fonts

Check whether the control software work normally. Check the status of the font library, you can import the font according to you need.

  1. Why Do The Last Few Marking Characters Overlap

Exceeded marking range,and adjust the starting point of the corresponding axis.

  1. Why Only One Vertical Line Or One Horizontal Line Is Printed

Check whether the connection of the motor in this direction is normal;

Check whether the motor is normal.

Whether the drive in this direction is damaged.

  1. Why The Marking Is Deformation And Misalignment

Whether the copper sleeve is worn too much, otherwise it should be replaced;

When the power is on, hold the marking head gently shaken in the X direction and Y direction to check if there is any looseness in each direction. If there is a gap, check whether the timing belt or pressure plate is too loose.

Check whether impurities on the slide bar of the workbench;

Check whether the electrical connection is loose.

  1. What Is A Good Air Pressure Of The Pneumatic Marking Machine

Generally, the air pressure of the pneumatic marking machine is 0.3 to 0.6mpa. When we are marking aluminum signs, it is enough to adjust the air pressure of the pneumatic marking machine to about 0.3mpa.When marking steel and iron signs, It needs to be adjusted to 0.5mpa due to the hardness is much higher. When we are marking cylinders, oxygen cylinders, and liquefied gas cylinders, it must be adjusted to at least 0.6mpa, because the hardness of the cylinder is very high.

The air pressure of the pneumatic marking machine should be adjusted according to the required depth of the marking product and the hardness of the marking material. For example, if the marking material is particularly hard, the air pressure needs to be larger. The larger marking depth,the larger air pressure.but not the bigger the better. There are other configurations that will also affect the depth.