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EggShells Laser Engraving,Marking & Printing Eggs Machine Solutions

May 01, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

Now,There are many marks on the eggshells,such as: manufacturer's LOGO,production date and identifying code, etc. How to do it?It will be crushed by the contact marking method since eggshells cannot bear large pressure.It is not possible to spray with toxic inks and other substances due to the requirements of healthy protection.Moreover,the surface of the eggshell is irregularly curved and uneven,and finished product will be processed by washing, high-temperature cooking, etc., Therefore, ordinary marking methods are difficult to be competent. So,No-contact laser marking for eggs is perfect way to meet the marking requirements of eggshells.


egg marking


Egg Marking Method


There are two common types of marking method:Ink printing and laser marking:


Ink Printing on Eggs


Ink printing on the eggshells is a traditional method,because eggs are fresh food and its shelf life is relatively short,so It is an important information such as production date and expiration time should be noticeable on each item. This information is beneficial for the consumer to how to deal with them in an effective time, avoid waste and ensure food safety and health.


Although Ink marking is a traditional method,However,compared to laser marking,it has many disadvantages:


  • The markings are not permanent pattern
  • The ink can contain unhealthy substances
  • Low production efficiency
  • High operation cost because of need more source


egg marking


Laser Marking on Eggs


Laser marking can solve above these issues that ink printing encounter,There are so many types of laser system in the market,such as :fiber laser,CO2 laser and UV laser etc,and how does it work?which type of laser system is suitable for marking on eggshells.In this section,we will introduce these knowledge.


Since eggshell is a non-metallic materials,therefore, CO2 laser marking machine is more suitable for marking eggs In terms of wavelength absorption and price.A Co2 laser marking machine is consist of three main parts: a CO2 laser source,a galvanometric scanning head and a system control software.


How does laser making egg work?


Co2 laser


In this egg marking application, the source is used in pulse mode. This mode makes it possible to reach high peaks of power for a very short amount of time, instantly removing a tiny portion of the surface area of a product.


CO2 laser marking machine uses CO2 and other auxiliary gases as the working medium that sealed into a special tube to generate a laser with a wavelength of 10.64um. After amplify these laser energy,then it is scanned by a galvanometer scanning head and focused by field mirror,under the control of the computer and laser marking control card to engrave pattern, characters, numbers and lines on the eggshell based to the customer’s requirements.


The scanning head has two function: it travels the laser beam over the surface on the X and Y axes and makes it focused on the correct surface area.


The work of laser marking control software is to coordinate the action of the Co2 laser source and the scanning head. It will ensure the laser beam travels the pre-established path to heat the work-piece.


The advantages of CO2 laser marking on Eggs:


  • The markings are permanent
  • Do not contain unhealthy substances
  • High efficiency than ink printing
  • Low operation cost


Some Marking Ideas On the Eggs


CO2 laser marking machine has a wide range of applications,which can mark various patterns on most non-metals.While it is important to choose a laser marking for eggs, Besides, unique engraving designs on eggs are much needed to make them look attractive and not similar to other eggs in the market. For that, you can mark the following ideas:


  • Logo
  • Identify code
  • Production date
  • Expiration time
  • Origin area
  • Greetings etc




Laser marking is replacing of plastic packaging or stickers that are harmful to healthy and environment. It will become a trend that more and more foods are marked by laser. In addition, laser marking provides the possibility of printing logos,expiry dates, identifying codes and other distinguishing marks on food products. If you also want to label your food, and buy an egg laser marking machine to make your business more attractive.