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Fabric Laser Enrgaving & Cutting Machine Solutions

Jun 16, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

Starting a fabric business is undoubtedly a great idea, as it’s one of the biggest marketplaces in the world. With the variety and stores of clothing and fabrics widely spread in every country, it’s certainly a great business option. However, starting a fabric business with the basics and boring fabric options and designs can undoubtedly be bland or cliché. 


Now, who would want to invest in cliché designs when you can look for more variety from other stores? Undoubtedly, the fabric is something we all then dot purchase the most in our lifetime. But with the increasing variety and options, the more unique designs and categories you offer, the more you can succeed with your business. As a result, you can quickly achieve success in your fabric business with creative and unique designing ideas. 


Moreover, with the laser engraving fabric option being available, it’s no more a struggle to create your unique designs engraved on different fabrics. You only need to clearly understand the fabric; invest in a affordable China laser engraving machine, and think of unique and creative designs to engrave on the fabric. For a more precise idea, let’s go ahead and talk more about these aspects of fabric laser engraving in detail. 


Can You Laser Engrave on Fabric?


It’s probably the most basic and crucial question everyone thinks of before considering the laser engraving fabric business. Laser engraving is more popular on items like wood, plastic, or metal items. But when it comes to creating unique and appealing 3D designs on fabric, laser engraving is a popular option. 


Using such machines, you can engrave designed on almost any fabric, including leather, cotton, synthetic fibers, and microfibers. 


fabric laser engraving

Types of Fabric that Engrave Well


Once you plan to start a fabric business with laser engraved designs, it’s time to understand the types of fabrics used for this business. The types of materials available in stores today are numerous, and you can choose as many as you want for creating different fabric products. However, you can’t use any fabric with a laser engraver machine. Only a few common types serve well in achieving high-quality and appealing laser engraver fabric designs. 


Some common types of fabrics you can consider in this regard include: 


· Micro-Fiber:


This fabric is usually manufactured using polyester, polyamide, or a combination of both of these. What makes it a reliable material for laser engraving is its durability, which adds more to the high-quality and appealing final look of this fabric after the engraving. 


You need to use high speed and low power settings on the laser engraver for engraving a micro-fiber. In this way, the minimum top layer of the fabric is burnt during the engraving process. As a result, you can achieve remarkable results of engraved designs on the micro-fiber cloth. 


Note: To better understand how least of the fabric is burnt during the engraving, you can test using the laser engraver on the fabric by switching its settings. It will help you choose the best settings to work with the micro-fiber cloth at the moment of engraving. 


· Leather:


Another durable option for laser engraving is leather. Not just that, but leather is also very flexible, which adds more the ease and desired outlook of engraving on the leather. When you laser engraves a design on leather, it will create an almost embossed look, making it look more personalized and sophisticated. Some everyday items of leather used as laser engraving fabric are belts, notebooks, purses, and even jackets.


· Cotton:


Lastly, another aviary of fabric you can include while creating engraved design on fabric products is cotton. It’s a very common type of cloth used globally. To get the best laser engraver fabric results on cotton, make sure you invest in 100% cotton with tight weaves. The tighter the thread of the cotton you purchase, the more refined it will look after the engraving. Yet, if you go for cotton that isn’t tightly knit, it may not be able to handle the laser engraving pressure. So make sure to purchase suitable cotton before engraving the designs on it. 


Fabric Laser Engraver Solution


fabric laser engraving

This fabric laser engravers with advanced DSP digital control technology, stable laser power supply, convenient USB data transmission application,which can meet the large-format cutting and engraving requires of customer. The machines adopt high-quality  linear guide rail and high-speed stepper motor to ensure high accuracy and speed processing,and there are two options of single and double laser heads to improve processing efficiency.



  • A variety of different format sizes options
  • High-speed linear motion guide rails ensure the high accuracy of laser cutting.
  • Equipped with the high quality lens with low energy loss, high reflectivity, strong focus, friction resistance
  • Efficient independent operation system for engraving and cutting.
  • Equipped with exhaust system available
  • Small cutting seam, fast speed and high precision
  • Advanced motion control system
  • It can work offline and is compatible with CAD, Coreldraw, Photoshop and other related software.



smooth cutting surface, no burrs, no yellowing, stable performance and high efficiency.




Leather, wool, paper, plastic, cloth, PVC, plexiglass, rubber, wood products and other non-metallic materials.




This CO2 laser engraving machine is suitable for clothing,  leather, cloth toys, electronics, computer embroidery and cutting, advertising, handicrafts, packaging and printing, models, etc.




Processing area





AC110~220v 10% 50-60HZ

Engraving speed


Cutting speed


Repeat location accuracy


Driven method

CNC system

Mine width


Work temperature








Ideas of Laser Engraving on Fabric


In the end, one thing that is crucial to consider before starting a fabric items store is the types of products you can create with engraved fabric. Moreover, it’s better to explore enough design ideas to experiment with the engraving designs too. In this way, you don’t have to repeat the designs and items in your store and include a wide variety of options in your fabric store. 


Now, who wouldn’t want a store with plenty to offer? Hence, to help you include plenty of items and designs in your fabric store, here are a few suggestions:


Custom Items to Make:


· T-Shorts

· Customized leather coasters

· Sneakers

· Belts

· Journals

· Personalized fleece jackets

· Engraved handbags/wallets

· Hairbands and accessories.


Design To Engrave on Fabric:


· Business/brand name

· Cartoon images

· Props

· Aesthetic images

· Your/clients pictures

· Sceneries and views

· Doodled designs

· Symbols or letters

· Patterns




That’s all to our short guide on laser engraver fabric. Now, if you’re planning to start a small-scale fabric items store, it’s time you get started with it using creative ideas and unique engraved designs. Good Luck!