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What is Fiber Laser Engraving?How Does it Work

Jul 03, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

The demand for laser marking has rapidly increased with time. Especially since laser marking has served as the modern way of labeling items, it has been more fashionable than other marking methods. However, the usage of laser marking is limited to the designing or trademark name designing on any product today. Instead, this marking method has also started serving as a convenient option for adding product inventories and consumer information on the buyer's ease. 


Another possible reason for laser marking a highly reliable marking option today is that it works on almost every product. So whether it's steel or wood, you can certainly find a laser marking machine to mark on them and achieve a creative and attractive finishing look. One such method of laser marking that offers the same is fiber laser marking. While the laser marking machines in the market is vast, each serves differently. Hence, if we talk about the most popular and commonly used laser marking machines, the fiber laser marking machine is undoubtedly one of them. If you're curious to know why let's go ahead and explore more details on the fiber laser marker below in detail. 


What is a Fiber Laser Marking?


fiber laser marking


While we often considering every laser marking machine to be similar, it may not be the same in every case. Especially when it comes to modern laser marking technologies like fiber laser marker or UV laser marking, the working criteria and marking outcomes of these machines may differ somehow. Therefore, understanding how they work and which one is more suitable for your needs is crucial. 


When it comes to a fiber laser marking machine, this is also a relatively different machine than other options. Simply put, the fiber laser marking machine of solid-state laser (SSL) serves differently as its wavelength is shorter than one generated CO2 laser machine. It means that the fiber laser marking wavelength is 1.064 micrometers, making it ten times shorter than other laser markers. This smaller focal distance increases the fiber laser intensity 100 times more than a CO2 laser system, even with similar power output. 


As a result, this makes the fiber laser marking machine an ideal option for marking the codes on various products, including high-density packaging items like plastic, metal, etc. Another major reason that adds more to the outcomes and reliability of a fiber laser marker method is its higher contrast marking. Since various industries demand more permanent and high-constants marking machines that can easily work on increased throughput and strict production schedules, fiber laser marking machine offers just that. Hence, compared to a CO2 laser marking or any other laser marking method, a fiber machine will offer more marking contrast on any product or packaging material while making the marking tasks faster and more efficient.


How does a Fiber Laser Marking Machine Work?


For a clear understanding and making the right decision regarding choosing a fiber laser marker machine, it's important to understand how it works. Even though a fiber laser marker method may differ from other marking machines, it may have additional types and wavelength options that determine the product you can mark using these machines. 


Simply put, the structure of a fiber laser machine consists of three main parts. These parts include a pump, a resonator, and a beam delivery system. This pump consists of a laser diodes setup that emits light beams. These beams are then transmitted through fiber optics towards a resonator of the machine. This resonator consists of the gain medium, which is simply a fiber optics medium doped with a few rare earth elements. 


This structure and design of the fiber laser marking machine makes it a different laser marker than other options. However, even with a fiber laser marking option, you may get different applications depending on the different wavelengths produced by each fiber laser marking machine. Hence, according to this product wavelength, it can be easier to determine the type of surfaces easily marked using these machines. 


Another huge advantage you get with these types of fiber laser marking options is the flexibility they offer. As a result, you may find these fiber laser marker options more widely in the marking and engraving industry than other mainstream and common options. While other options may also serve efficiently in most cases, it's hard to explore laser marking options that let you mark or engrave on a diverse range of surfaces and materials. 


Then again, a fiber laser marking method lets you achieve that diversity while adding more to your sage ease. With the ability to choose the marking details and customize them in ways like text, numbers, logos, codes, photos, or even images, you can easily achieve a better outcome of marking any product in the way you want to. 


Additionally, the working of a fiber laser marker method also serves to offer a higher contrast result on any surface while ensuring that the surface isn't damaged. So when it comes to achieving permanent marking results with visible shades and color, most businesses prefer a fiber laser marking option over others. 


Besides, what makes this process more reliable and safe in every way is the laser machine's ability to heat only the intended areas of the material. As a result, this only makes the specific atoms in that area start reacting and vaporizing, which then creates a high-quality color change on the specific area of the material. 


Is it Worthwhile to Invest in a Fiber Laser Marker?


Now, if you're wondering whether investing in fiber laser marking options is reliable for you or not, it's time to explore some of the benefits of this machine. Besides, when a 30W fiber laser marking machine is more reliable and suitable in many ways for the marking needs, there are certainly many reasons for you to count on it as a reliable investment. Some such reasons include:


· It offers high-contrast marks with ultra-fast speed. These marks can easily be made on items like hard plastics, metals, and other industrial materials. 

· It doesn't require any virtual maintenance. Additionally, its life expectancy can deliver high performance and longer-lasting marking results for up to 100,000 hours. 

· These machines comprise a 900m/min line speed that can meet the high-speed packaging demands easily.

· It also comprises a 498mm wide marking window offering more time to print, allowing you to maximize overall productivity. 


Apart from all this, you can also expect a huge benefit of achieving more readable codes and marking on different materials, thanks to the additional power and speed that adds to the available mark time of these machines. Some such products that can be used to achieve this reliable outcome include:

· Cable and wire

· White polypropylene extrusion

· Blister pack materials

· Aluminum cans

· Aseptic packaging


With all this coming, it's certainly no doubt that fiber laser marking is a more reliable and ideal solution for most marking on different parts in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. 


How to Choose a Fiber Laser Marker?


Apart from understanding the working and benefits of a fiber laser marker machine, it's also crucial to understand the essential features of these machines. Besides, making a blind purchase is never beneficial if you aren't sure of the features you need to focus on. Hence, among the many things that should be considered while investing in a fiber laser marking option, some of the most important one's included:


· Beam Quality:


This feature is highly crucial as the beam of a fiber laser marking machine serves as an important parameter in its design from different laser source manufacturer like jpt laser and raycus etc. This parameter affects the processing capability of the laser and the outcome of the marking on the products you choose. Now, if you look for a laser machine having a better beam quality, you automatically achieve outcomes like:


· Faster material removal with more efficient resolution and quality. 

· A more focused optical spot size that can come down to 20 microns or even lower than that.

· They serve well for scribing and cutting tasks on arioso materials like stainless steel, silicon, etc. 


· Laser Modes:


With the different types of fiber laser marking options in the market, you get either a single-mode laser or a multi-mode laser feature. While a single modern fiber laser marker option comes with a narrow and high-intensity beam, it can be ideal for cutting, micromachining, and fine laser marking needs.


Yet, this one uses 25 microns core diameter with the fibers when it comes to the multi-mode fiber laser marking option. As a result, it offers a lower intensity and a larger spot size. The single-mode lasers offer a more effective beam quality among both these options, whereas the multi-mode lasers work well on larger components. 


· Marking Resolution:


Depending on the fiber laser machine you choose, you get different marking resolutions. Therefore, to get the best quality according to your requirements, it's important to choose a machine that can achieve a sufficient mark size and quality overall. 




Once you focus on each of the major purchasing factors of a fiber laser marking machine from China, you can easily make a better investment decision. In this way, you and your business can easily achieve a more efficient outcome from the fiber laser marking machine you purchase and enjoy high-quality and reliable marking services.