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3 Glass Laser Engraving Machine to Start Glass Etching Business

Jul 03, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

Are you planning to start a glass engraving business? Whether you aim to create a unique glass engraving business for different engraving glass materials or you plan to sell other engraved materials in your glass engraving store – both ideas are impressive for a startup. Not just that, but any kind of engraving business has excellent value and profit in today's business world. Besides, who won't adore engraved items with unique designs, names, or patterns? Even when you're using a primary and plain item, adding an engraved design can enhance its value to an extreme and make it more costly than ever.


Besides, if you go to home décor and gift shops, most of the glass items look prestigious and appealing with their simplicity and engraved design. So when there are so many people selling glass items in such a simple way, why don't you start a similar business and earn great success and profit? But wait! Before you do go for that, are you sure what you need to engrave on glass?


While there are different types of engraving machines for glass present in the market, like UV laaer marking(How does UV laser work),Co2 laser marking and fiber laser marking etc,each has another method of working on different materials. One of the common items that are engraved and more valued in various industries is glass. After all, when a transparent item like glass achieves a unique design, the transparent look becomes more appealing and attractive. Yet, before you do start a glass engraving business , let's explore more about the suitable glass engraving machine and method.


Can You Engrave Glass?


glass laser engraving

Yes, you certainly can engrave glass. Engraving glass adds more quality to the plain transparent look of the glass with a glass engraving machine. It can be more appealing and attractive to engrave on glass or different types of glass products.


The process of glass engraving is performed using a rotary diamond burr present in the glass engraving machine. This burr grinds away the bits of glass that come out while engraved, ending up with an image carved on the glass surface. This carving on the glass surface can be felt when you feel the surface of the glass where the design has been created. This carving is performed intensely inside the glass, making it look more enriching and attractive.


Apart from the striking carved look and feel on glass, engraving also serves as a cheaper option. Its tools are relatively inexpensive than other engraving items used on various other products.


Types of Engraving Machine for Glass


Before you start this business, it's important to choose the right glass engraving machine. For this, you can choose from the two most common options like:


· Etching Glass:


The very first engraving machine for glass is the etching machine for glass. This is a standard engraving machine and method for carving glass. Not just that, but glass etching with an Epilog CO2 laser system also makes the process faster and easier for carving custom designs on glass. This epilogue etching machine for glass includes a laser, which makes engraving glass more effortless than ever. Its process involves:


· Placing glass product in laser etcher's bed

· Now simply set and print the desired design to the laser.

· Afterwards, the etching machine for glass will automatically print the design on the glass.


· Laser Engraving Glass:


Another popular and recommended option to care on glass is by using a laser engraver for glass. For this, you can choose from a wide variety of laser engraver for glass machine's and start the engraving process on any glass product you want to design.

· To perform this process, you can simply:

· Set up your image in CorelDraw, Illustrator, or any other suitable and reliable software

· Now send the image design to the laser.

· Once you do that, the laser engraver for glass will automatically engrave on the glass product places in front of the engraver – adding a beautiful finishing to the product.


Best Glass Engraving Machine Recommend

1,Portable 20W Fiber Laser Marking Machine

portable 20W fiber laser

OT-PF 20W fiber laser marker with excellent efficiency, multi-function, extremely reliability and low power consumption.It adopts tremendous materials,resistant for harsh environment, permanent mark and durable and high-quality beam,which is a good ideal for low cost laser marking equipment.


The notable 20W hand-held laser marking system for engraving on bare metal surfaces and part no-metal material! It comes with a Galvo lens, brand laser and more, our 20W fiber laser marking machine is ready to mark your dreams into reality. Get ready to laser your gifts via a variety of metals effectively. soon, you and your laser might be beaming with opportunities!



  • Fiber laser: The integrated structure of fiber laser without pollution,  air cooling, no power coupling loss,high efficiency and long life.
  • High-quality field lens: Increase the ability of the edge beam to go the detector and more even.
  • Perfect arc: exquisite workmanship, beautiful arc, fashion fashion and perfect appearance.
  • Heat dissipation design: Adopt unique heat dissipation design to effectively cool down and remove excess heat.
  • Leading galvanometer: The galvanometer scanning system adopts new technology, new materials, new processes, and new working principles.
  • Positioning plate:compact structure,lightweight, simple interface, flexible and adjustable processing direction, and control freely.
  • Lifting shaft: high-quality, high-energy.
  • Stable fiber laser, high-speed precision optical galvanometer assembly and the industry's top software system.
  • Thickened steel plate: Good and durability of the shell is made of thickened steel plate.
  • Multifunctional platform: Adopt industry professional attachment optional, multiple flexible screw holes.


3W UV Laser Marking Machine

5W UV laser marking machine

The light spot of UV laser marking machine is extremely small, and belong to "cold engraving",make sure greatly low the mechanical deformation of the material and thermal damage,UV laser marking can be used for ultra-fine marking and special material marking. 3W laser marker is the first choice for customers who have higher requirements for marking effect like glass engraving.


OT-UV 3W UV laser marking equipment adopts high-performance ultraviolet laser and digital high-speed scanning galvanometer to make up for the shortcomings of infrared laser processing.With very small heat-affected area, superior beam quality and small focus spot benefits,which can engrave ultra-fine marks,suitable for marking of most metal and non-metal materials, especially special materials like chips and other fine marking.


  • Good beam quality  and small focused spot ;
  • Extremely small heat-affected area, no thermal damage, no material scorching problem;
  • High-performance ultraviolet laser, high-precision scanning galvanometer, high precision and long life;
  • High stable performance, compact size and low power consumption;
  • Almost all of materials can absorb ultraviolet light,greatly improving application ;
  • Can realize ultra-fine marking, and fast marking speed and high efficiency;


CO2 Laser Engraving Machine


co2 laser engraver structure

OT-CD CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine with unique interactive design  can switch between single and double laser heads freely,work offline,uneven cutting edge,and doubled processing efficiency,ensure saving operation costs and max ROI.


Our CO2 laser engraver is mainly driven by a advanced motor and a belt or a screw rod to drive the position of the laser head to change to finish the laser engraving and cutting under CNC control system. You can design a variety of graphics through PC, simple operation and convenient,high cutting precision and fast speed.



  • Advanced LCD screen display,supports PC and USB2.0 ports, DSP offline,easy and simple to operation.
  • Visualization working path that adopts the red light indication to realize the precise positioning of the laser beam.
  • Up and down lifting platform optional to a to process different thickness of the object.
  • High-speed inner slide ensure to greatly increase work efficiency.
  • Unique cover protection design to ensure the safety of the operator.
  • Workbench optional is suitable for different processing materials.

How Much do Glass Engraving Machine Cost


If you want to start a successful glass laser engraving business,It is very important to choose a right glass laser engraving machine,so, how much do laser glass engraving machine cost?


The cost of laser glass engraving machine depends on  the laser power, laser type, engraving material, laser galvanometer and engraving format size etc. There are many factors will determine the final cost of glass laser engraving machine. If you want to buy a high-quality glass laser marking or engraving machine, You’d better know first know that your output, engraving format, and other requirement factors.


For example, the prices of the above tree machines for common configuration like below:


The price of a common 20W portable fiber laser marking machine is about 2500 US dollars, and high configuration price is about 3000 US dollars.


The price of a common 3W UV laser marking machine is about US$6,500,and high configuration price is around US$7,300.


The price of a common 60W single-head dioxide laser cutting machine is about 2800 US dollars, and high configuration price about 3300 US dollars.


Optional accessories price as follows:

  • Rotary attachment: 220-280 USD
  • Laser fume purifier: 300-450 USD
  • XY lifting platform: 100-350 USD


If you want to know more the price of the latest configuration and other type, please feel free to contact us.


Engraved Glass Items


When you consider engraving glass items on order or starting a glass engraving business to sell multiple glass products adding more variety and quality to your store, you may need various options to sell on your store.


But with the wide variety of glass products available in the market, it's always hard to decide which products can be engraved and sold with more significant profit. If you are also struggling with this question, let's explore some unique and attractive glass engraving products idea below.

· Mugs

· Wine Bottles

· Wine/beer glass

· Shot glass

· Mason jar/desert bottles jars

· Lamps/lanterns/night lights

· Coasters

· Frames

· Miniatures

· Designed plate decors

· Candleholders

· Pendants

· Engraved dice/other hangings or table décor items




While the list of products on which you can use these China laser engraving machine is vast, it's always better to keep exploring and creating a unique creation to make more products with your glass engraving business. After all, quality along with special items is what grabs customer attraction more.


So go ahead, experiment with your laser engraver for glass or etching machine for glass, and create items for your startup. It's time you take your business to the next level!