Portable Laser Marking Machine For Gun

OT-PF portable fiber laser marking machine with high efficiency, multi-function, ultra-stable, strong power.It adopts high-quality materials, wear-resistant, not easy to scratch,high-end accessories, low consumption and durable and high-quality beam,which is a good choice for affordable laser marking machine.

The amazing  portable laser marking machine for engraving on bare metal surfaces! It comes with a Galvo lens, workbench surface, and more, our fiber laser marking equipment is ready to mark your dreams into reality. 

portable laser marking machine

Fiber Laser Engraving Machine For Guns

Fiber laser marking machine is a new generation laser marking machine system developed by OTLASER,which using fiber laser and the high-speed scanning galvanometer system to achieve the marking and engraving.

The fiber laser marking machine has high electromechanical light conversion efficiency, more than 30%, using air-cooling cooling, small size,good output beam quality,high reliability,long life and energy saving,which can engrave metal materials and some non-metallic materials.

fiber laser marking machine

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Price of Laser Engraving Machine for Guns,Firearms,Weapons

Whether you are working  laser engraving gun business?or Are you guns manufacturer? Do you want to create a unique touch to your guns business? While guns may be violent equipment, they are also a must-need for the self-defence and security departments. What matters most is the improved quality and performance of the guns. So, if you’re planning to start or already have a gun’s business, you may know how much people prefer buying high-quality guns from reliable stores. Especially with numerous options of gun suppliers and manufacturers, it’s hard to evaluate the best quality option. 

Like you may want to buy that similar-looking soda, but as soon as you taste it – it’s just YUCKY! But, unlike food and drinks, you can’t experiment with the different high-quality guns that only look like that, while their performance is still a suspense. With security being immense essential in today’s fast-paced and crime-oriented world, you can never be fully careful until you are fully prepared.

For that, having a specific trademark, engraving, or logo on guns can better help differentiate with the better-quality guns. We all know the best way to add designs or engraving on guns, i.e., the laser engraving guns method. Now, if you’re new to the laser engraver for guns procedure and don’t; know how it’ll work, let’s go ahead and explore all about it below in detail. 

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Can You Laser Engrave Guns?

So can you build a castle with glue without knowing whether it is possible or not? Of course, the first question in your mind would be whether you can do that or not. Similarly, when starting any laser engrave guns business, you might question yourself whether it is possible. 

After all, guns are one of the most sturdy, strong, and stiff machinery that isn’t easily moulded or marked without tough tools. However, let’s talk about laser engraving machine. Even these machine’s and methods aren’t any bit less robust or reliable – especially when it comes to engraving designs on the most rigid metal materials.

So, coming back to the point, if you’re planning to laser marking on guns, don’t worry, it is possible. Plenty of laser engraving and gun manufacturing businesses for a higher quality engraving outlook have adopted this practice. Thanks to these advanced and more accessible methods, the old-school techniques of engraving guns have been replaced a long time ago. 

In this process, laser beams are projected on the surface of the gun. These beams vaporize the material and etch on the surface, according to the desired engraving design you plan to mark on the gun. Hence, a simple and straightforward technique of laser engraving guns is easier and faster than the method used previously. 

Laser Engraver for Guns Techniques:

Once you start looking for laser guns engraver tools and essential equipment’s, it’s essential to understand the different engraving techniques. There is a total of three techniques that offer a high-quality outcome while laser engraving guns. These techniques include:

1. X-Y-axis Method:

In this technique, the gun is stationary, and the laser beam is moved in a specific X and Y-axis direction. The same technique is also performed while keeping the laser in static mode at X-axis and moving the gun on the Y-axis.

2. Cylindrical Model Method:

In this method, the laser is moved in a spiral way. As a result, it helps produce the desired image/design programmed on the laser engraver at the curved surface of the gun. This method is mainly preferred for engraving curved areas of the guns only.

3. Gun and Laser Kept Stationary:

Lastly, another standard method people consider for laser engraving guns is by using machines with in-built mirrors. These mirrors in the laser engraver move the laser’s beam on the gun. This model or laser engraver machine and technique can combine with either the X-Y axis method or the cylindrical model method. 

Type of Engraving Guns


laser engraving gun


Just how it’s impossible to blindly trust a product without knowing its brand or quality, blindly choosing a laser engraver for guns is also pointless. What matters most in laser engraving any object is your expertise in a specific type of laser engraver machine. If not that, the different laser engraver machines work differently, so it’s crucial to understand which laser engraver for guns is easier for you to handle while engraving guns with the desired high-quality patterns.

Apart from this, the type of gun surface you plan to engrave also determines the type of guns laser engraving machine. Depending on these factors, let’s explore the two common types of laser engraver popular nowadays. 

· 3D Laser Engraver:

This laser engraver for guns serves as a highly suitable method for engraving the uneven parts of the guns. It makes the engraving task on uneven gun surfaces easier while creating a better and higher-quality engraved outlook on the gun surface than other engraving methods.

· Low Output Engravers:

Apart from the engraving task on uneven and curved parts of the gun, it’s easier for even primary laser engraver for guns to offer high-quality engraving output on the flat surface. Hence, whether you are engraving light material guns or smooth or flat surface guns, using a decent or low-output laser engraving guns machine may work just perfectly. 

Laser Engraver for Guns Ideas

Before we conclude our short guide on helping you start your laser engraving business for guns just rightly, let’s explore a few ideas you can utilize while laser engraving guns

· Logos

· Business/company names

· Client name/letters

· Characters/images

· Quotes or sayings

· Patterns

· Traditional textures

How Much Does Laser Engraving Guns Cost?

Have you ever thought about designing a gun that really belongs to you, and engraving your favorite patterns on the body or parts of  the gun? Therefore, you may be very concerned about how much does laser engraving guns cost. Since the level of engraving technology of each business is different in each region, and the complexity of the engraving graphics is different,so it is not easy to get the accurate cost of laser engraving guns

If you need to know the price of laser engraving firearms. You can only consult the service merchants of laser engraving firearms according to your engraving requirements. However, each industry  has a reference price.It is the same rule to laser-engraved guns. For example,If you are in the United States, Then the cost of laser engraving guns may be as follows:

Small guns laser engraving machines with simple and small patterns start from US$25.00 per time, and deep engraving is US$100 and above depending on time and complexity. The price of laser-engraved guns with complex patterns starts from US$200.00, depending on the material and time of engraving, and the design of personalized lase engraving firearms patterns starts from US$50.00 per hour.


How Much Does Guns Laser Engraving Machine Cost?

If you want to start a laser engraving firearms business, you must invest a  gun laser engraving machine, but whether the laser engraving machine is worth the investment, So,we must know  the cost of the gun laser engraving machine, However,before we buy a gun laser engraver, we had better know the type of guns, the engraving material of guns, and the engraving guns part  to choose the most cost-effective laser engraving equipment. As we all know, there are many types of guns on the market. Let us go in detail.

Types of Guns, Firearms, Weapons

  • Sub-Machine Guns: A hand-held, lightweight  gun with relatively low-energy hand gun cartridges and shoot from the hand, hip, or shoulder.
  • Machine Guns :It is a fully-automatic gun,which can continue to load and shoot ammunition until the trigger, or other activating device  released, the ammunition exhausted etc.
  • Revolvers :A revolver comes with a  cylinder with some amount of chambers. These chambers are used for manually loaded with cartridges of the right caliber, when the cylinder turns into the position under the hammer, It can shoot the hammer by pulling trigger.
  • Rifles:A relatively long-barreled gun with shoot from the shoulder,a series of spiral grooves cut inside the barrel  passing a fast spin to a single bullet.
  • Shotguns:A shoulder-fired long gun without rifling in the barrel, aim to shoot large numbers of small projectiles  instead of a single large  bullet.
  • Craft Weapons :According to Small Arms Survey, small craft weapons refers  to weapons that are manufactured  by hand in relatively small quantities, range from rudimentary pistols and shotguns to more advanced assault rifles.
  • Pistols: A relatively automatic gun,cartridges are loaded into an ammunition magazine which is inserted into the gun. As long as cartridges are present in the ammunition magazine and the gun is functioning properly, feeding and chambering of the cartridge and the extraction and ejection of the cartridge case once the cartridge is fired.
  •  Other Types Air, gas, and antique guns, light weapons, etc.

Through the above introduction of the types of gun, although there are many types of guns in the market,but a common feature is they all made of metal shells, some are regular planes, and some components are circular planes. So, fiber laser marking machine  is one of the best guns engraving machines. According to different needs, there are different laser output powers.Go here knowwhat are the difference between 20w, 30w and 50w fiber lasers.

When we determine the laser type of the gun laser engraving machine, we need to determine some types, such as portable fiber laser marking machine, desktop laser marking machine or MOPA laser marking machine, etc.

However, it is not easy to accurately get the price of gun  laser engraving machine depending on the configuration of laser engraver,  like the laser source JPT or Raycus etc, the power size , the type of engraving surface and other factors,and the good news is that OT LASER, as a professional manufacturer of laser engraving machine,  always provided customers with high sturdy products  at affordable cost,You can refer to the prices:

The price of 20W portable fiber laser marking machine starts from 2500 USD depends on the brand of laser source and function. The  price of 20W desktop fiber laser marking machine starts from 2850 USD depends on the brand of laser source and function. If you need circular engraving and other attachment parts, attachment price starting from 200 USD, Anyway if you are interested in a detailed quotation, feel free to contact us.

Best Gun Laser Engraving Machine Recommend


portable 20W fiber laser


OT-PF 20W fiber laser marker with excellent efficiency, multi-function, extremely reliability and low power consumption.It adopts tremendous materials,resistant for harsh environment, permanent mark and durable and high-quality beam,which is a good ideal for low cost laser marking equipment,go in here more detail.


That’s all to our guide on laser engraver for guns. Now whether you’re starting a laser engraving business for different gun suppliers and manufacturers, or you plan to engrave your guns, you are all set to get started. So, don’t wait anymore – and make your business grow by adding a unique and classy touch of engraved designs/logos to the primary, plain, and boring guns. Go beyond the boundaries!