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How To Laser Engrave On Round,Cylinders,Circular Objects

May 16, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

Laser marking round object is a challenge. Can laser marking machine mark good results on round,cylinders,circular objects? Of course, The laser marking machine is a flexible marking equipment that can be used in a variety of different types of application,which can engrave exquisite and smooth patterns, text, LOGO and other marks on irregular object.


laser marking round parts

Laser Rotary Marking Attachment


laser rotary attachment

Rotary attachment:We need to add an auxiliary tool When processing round parts with the laser marking machine that is rotary attachment, which can engrave round, conical or cylindrical objects. The marking head of laser marking machine commonly move in the X and Y directions, but with the help of rotary attachment,the head does not move in the Y direction but the rotation speed of the part itself follows the speed of the laser marking machine to realize 360° marking.


Laser Rotary Marking Setup


Installation object: make sure it has been fixed correctly, check whether the object is installed on the right side, so that the text will not be upside down.


Adjust the marking head: Set the appropriate height of the head. The red lines and red dots of the beam will help you. they should overlap.


Fill in the text: There are many method to add the content to the software. In simple case, it would be faster to write the text manually. But for more complex objects (such as logos), you can upload data from a file.


Rotation option: Like set up the parameter as usual. After that, activate the rotation function by selecting the "Rotation" option in the "Laser" menu. Set the diameter of the object.Laser marking can be performed after that setting.


laser rotary attachment

How to Rotate Marking by Ezcad Software




First,Click"Rotary axis marking" option


Noted parameter option:


Workpiece diameter: A dialog box will pop up after left-clicking the selection, filled in according to the diameter of the work piece.


Focal length: A dialog box will pop up after left-clicking the selection,filled in according to the focal length of the F-θ lens.


Note: These two parameters directly affect the marking effect. There are two methods to set the marking format:


1,Uniform division,It will control each marking area by setting the division size. (Not to check the "dividing line" column)


2,Dividing line. After checking, the software will mark based on the dividing line. Left-click twice in the marking content column will draw a dividing line, and right-click near the dividing line to cancel.(The dividing line is in the same direction as the rotation axis).


"Step length": Press the "Pageup" key to increase the step length, and press the "Pagedown" key to decrease the step length.


  • When the rotary axis is the X axis, press the "CTRL+Left" key once to left move X axis by a unit of step length; press the "CTRL+Right" key once to right move X axis by a unit of step length;
  • When the rotary axis is the Y axis, press the "CTRL+Down" key once to back move Y axis by a unit of step length;press the "CTRL+Up" key once to front move Y axis by a unit of step length;
  • When the rotary axis is the Z axis, press the "CTRL+Down" key once to down move Z axis by a unit of step length;press the "CTRL+Up" key once to up move Z axis by a unit of step length;


"Parts": When display frame is gray means that cannot be changed manually.


"Total": It will limit the total number of processing, If reaches the set number ,it will automatically stop processing.


"Continuous processing" Checking this option means it will continue processing until it is manually stopped.




Laser marking machines are widely used in various industries due to their advantages of marking permanent and clear,anti-counterfeiting and high efficiency.Although laser marking on round,cylinders,circular objects are difficult than regular object.But thanks to high flexible laser marking machine,we only need to add a rotary marking attachment to make the operation.If you are looking for a rotary attachment, please contact us.




Q:Why Is The text Misaligned When Laser Marking on Round Parts?


Generally, it is caused by the misalignment of the axis direction of the rotating worktable and the axis of the galvanometer (also called laser scanning head).It will inevitably deviate due to the two axes do not coincide during the laser marking, which will cause misalignment.