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How to Make Money with Laser Engraver/Cutter?

Jun 16, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

Are you planning to start a laser engraver business? Laser engraving is a relatively popular business idea nowadays. Especially due to the unique appearance and high-quality added by the laser engraver to any kind of product, it’s certainly a great way to make simple products look unique and add more quality to them. Now you know what high-quality products mean, right? The better a product may seem or look, the more it tends to sell.


All in all, considering a laser engraver business is undoubtedly a smart plan to get started with. Not just that, but you can also consider a laser engraving machine purchase and start a small-scale business. As long as you know how to create unique and creative designs on any product using a laser engraver and add more to its quality, it’s more than enough.


But wait! Are you new to the concept of starting a laser engraving business? Is it confusing for you to understand how to start and where to make the start of your new startup? Don’t worry; it’s something we all encounter at the very beginning of a business. Yet, since we’re here to help you out, there’s no need to worry about having a tough time starting your laser engraver business. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and explore everything you need to know to start a laser engraving business.


How Can You Use a Laser Engraver?


laser engraver

If you’re new to the concept of starting a laser engraving business, you might not also be very familiar what the laser engraving machine, right? Well, it’s not a very complicated device – thanks to its modern and smart usage and technology. Simply put, the laser engraver tool works the same ways as its name suggests, i.e., by engraving designs and letterings on objects. This engraving process is performed using a laser, making it even more clear, presentable, and attractive.


When exploring the popular industries/niches where the laser engraver is commonly found, you can easily explore this powerful engraving tool among the DIY and arts and crafts sores/enthusiasts. Not just that, but these engraving machines can also be found in technical/mechanical stores and industries for engraving license plates, number plates, machine parts, etc.


· Taking the Start:


Now once you’re aware of the laser engraving machine and have explored it in few markets to understand how these machines work and finely perform, it’s time to move to the next step. Usually, people might consider the next step to purchasing all the necessary tools and items, but it’s not the perfect start of a business.


Besides, when you’re aware of handling the machinery (especially the major tool), you can’t start a business with just the tools. Hence, before all of that, one may purchase a China laser engraver machine and start practicing with engraving designs using that machine. The more you improve your laser engraving skills, the better you can engrave on different kinds of products. As a result, you can add better value to any product after engraving a design or lettering on that product.


laser engraving

So you can start improving your skills by:


· Doing the basic practice on wood. Since wood is the most basic material for laser engraving, you can first learn how to create neat and creative designs on it. Additionally, wood is a cheaper product, so you can practice as much as you want without going out of your budget. Not just that, but the wood is a wider and smoother material, which makes it easier for the pattern to be visible. So it’s always better to start with an easy product to understand how much you have improved with time.


· Once you have chosen the material and have purchased enough stock for practicing, it’s time to focus on the designs you should create first. In the beginning, it can be best to practice creating some labels and decorative designs on the material. This will not only help you evaluate what you like most on the material, but it will also help you judge what the customers would like the most and purchase easily. Hence, don’t hesitate to practice different designs when finding out what looks the best on different products and textures.


· Finalize the Selling items:


laser engraving

Once you have practiced enough to understand the right designs and one’s that look well after engraving on different types of materials, you can move to the next step of finalizing the products you will sell. Since you know what design would be more bought and look appealing on a product, you can easily judge which product would be suitable to sell with different engraving designs.


Some common options of products you can sell with different engraving designs include:


· Personalized cutting boards

· Custom wood signs/signage’s

· Christmas ornaments

· Wedding cake toppers

· Entrance door welcoming decorations/boards, etc.

laser engraving



With a clear understanding of using a laser engraver using the right designs, and having the right products to work on, you can easily create enough stock to please your new customers. So once that’s done, you can easily start your business on social media –either by creating your online store or selling your laser engraver services to others. Whatever you choose, just keep going. Time will help you improve and scale your business more. Good Luck!