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How to Improve the Efficiency of Laser Marking Machine

May 21, 2021

Laser marking machine is a new type of marking equipment that can improve production efficiency, create higher value and get more ROI for our business. Under ideal conditions, the marking speed of fiber laser marking machine can reach 10000mm/s.However,there are many factors affecting the marking speed?What are they?How to improve the efficiency?


Factors Affecting Marking Efficiency


For a fixed marking pattern, There are main two factors that affect marking efficiency that are the equipment performance and the processing material. From these two factors, there are many different aspects,including: the laser, filling type, filling line spacing, galvanometer (scanning speed), field lens (filling line spacing), delay, processing materials, etc.


laser marking

How To Improve Marking Efficiency


Choose the right laser


For the first pulse of laser available, adjust the height of the first pulse, and set the delay to 0. For laser with double filling mode, which can effectively improve the marking efficiency.


Choosing a laser with pulse width and pulse frequency are independently adjustable,which can not only keep a certain amount of overlap of the focused spot at high scanning speeds, but also make the laser energy possessing sufficient peak power to reach the evaporation threshold of the material.


Choose a high-speed galvanometer


For ordinary galvanometer,the maximum scanning speed at 2000-3000mm/s.However,for high-speed galvanometer, the maximum scanning speed can reach 10000mm/s,which can effectively increase the marking efficiency. In addition, It will be prone to occur deformation when using ordinary galvanometers,So it must reduce speed to ensure the effect what affecting the efficiency.


Increase laser power


After increasing the laser marking speed, the laser energy distribution becomes smaller. To keep the marking clarity  same, it is necessary to increase the laser power.


The fiber laser is controlled by the percentage. In order to extend the lifespan of the fiber laser, the general setting should not be greater than 80%.


Choose the right field lens


The larger the focal length of the field lens, the larger the focused spot. Under the same spot overlap rate,increasing the filling line spacing, thereby improving the marking efficiency.


Note: The larger the field lens, the lower the power density. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the filling line spacing while ensuring sufficient laser energy.


Choose the right filling type


Bow-shaped filling: the highest marking efficiency, sometimes there will be problems with unevenness connection lines.However,It will be the first choice when marking with thin graphics and fonts, because unevenness connection lines problems will not occur.


Two-way filling: The second marking option with good effect.


One-way filling: the slowest marking efficiency, rarely used in  processing.


Square filling: It is only used when marking with thin graphics and fonts, and the efficiency is similar to that of bow filling.


In the case of not considering fine effects, the bow filling option can improve marking efficiency. Two-way filling is the best choice to ensure effect and efficiency.


Set an appropriate delay


Different filling types are affected by different delays, so reducing delays that are not related to the filling type can improve marking efficiency.


Bow filling and square filling: They are mainly affected by the corner delay, it can reduce the turn-on delay, turn-off delay, and end delay.


Two-way filling and one-way filling: They are mainly affected by the urn-on delay and turn-off delay, it can reduce the corner delay and end delay.


Note: With thick graphics and fonts are less affected by the delay, Therefore,we can reduce the delay appropriately.With thin graphics and fonts are greatly affected by the delay, and we can increase the delay appropriately.


Processing materials


For example:For good quality anodized aluminum(thick oxide layer, uniform oxidation and fine sandblasting),It can produce a very black mark on the surface when the scanning speed at 2000~3000mm/s;For poor aluminum oxide, It must reduce the speed to a few hundred millimeters per second to ensure black mark. Therefore, It can effectively improve marking efficiency for good quality processing materials.




The above factors that affecting the efficiency of the laser marking machine. Of course,We should first ensure the effect of the laser marking, and then consider how to improve the speed and efficiency.