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19+ Amazing Laser Cutting and Engraving Ideas to Small Business

Apr 25, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

Have you ever thought of starting your own business with a laser engraver or cutter? Very good,you have a perfect idea to start your business road. However, What sculpt items that is good for selling,and make much money?we will list some amazing laser engraving and cutting ideas to activate your brain imagination.


Laser Cutting And Engraving Ideas For Wood


Ideas 1. Wooden earrings to feel different beauty


laser cutting & engraving ideas


Everyone always love beauty. Earrings are representative of fashionable, young and noble decorations,which can not only offer people a sense of beauty,but also increase their temperament.Perhaps you usually wear the earrings of metal, plastic, glass, gemstones, etc. However,Is it particularly novel to own a amazing wooden earring? Laser engrave wooden earrings to feel different beauty.


Ideas 2. Bookmarks to make reading more convenient


laser cutting & engraving ideas


Reading can broaden our vision, increase our knowledge and also make us happy. Reading can increase our abilities and benefited a lot from it. "Reading a good book can increase us deal with life in a wisdom way." So,How can not make me fascinated? But with a bookmark,it can more convenient than page-folding or recording page number.Laser engrave wooden bookmarks to make reading more convenient.


Ideas 3.Temporary parking card showing tips


laser cutting & engraving ideas


Whether it’s in a crowded place where can’t find a parking lot, but need temporary parking. Right,laser wood engraving temporary parking phone card with high temperature weather resistant and small size,It is very suitable for tips.


Ideas 4. Wooden saucer makes life more cool!


laser cutting & engraving ideas


If you are running a tea ceremony shop? Enjoying a perfect cup of tea with heart and nature, we will always get a moment of peace,soothe mind and think about the true meaning of life. then it is indispensable to have a saucer,Is a creative saucer with brand logo or other pattern more cool than a single boring wood?Laser engrave wooden saucer makes life more cool!


Ideas 5.Building block to make children happier

laser cutting & engraving ideas


The grow up of children requires the company of their parents . Isn't it cool to DIY a handmade building block as a gift for children? Making children grow up happily and healthily,which is the greatest wish of parents! Laser engrave a DIY gift is not a difficult task!


Ideas 6.Wooden ruler instead of outdated plastic ruler


laser cutting & engraving ideas


The biggest trouble of using a ruler is the blurring of value. What does have other choice when using a ruler? Are you still using a single outdated plastic ruler? You can use a personalized laser engraving wooden ruler to get more fun in busy study, and also solve the trouble in blurring of value.


Ideas 7.Catch passers by eyes with wooden signs


laser cutting & engraving ideas


Have a customized and fun laser wooden sign to catch more passersby eyes? It is like a lucky cat to bring a lot customers to your store.


Ideas 8.Elegant with classic simplicity with Wooden craft

laser cutting & engraving ideas


How to decorate your home more elegant with classic simplicity?Of course, wooden ornaments are indispensable,such as:Wooden clocks and maps are all good decorative crafts.


Idea 9. Patterns on your comb


laser cutting & engraving ideas


Want to make more patterns on your comb? Let life have much fun? Laser engraved wooden comb makes everything becoming simple.


Idea 10. Wooden birthday gift to express love


laser cutting & engraving ideas


What is the best birthday gift to girlfriend? In fact,Every fun thing should be cherished in life. A happy smile or a warm word are all good memories. If you have a photo, why not use a laser engraver to make a wooden pattern as a birthday gift?


Idea 11. Cardboard Pets


laser cutting & engraving ideas


Wow, cute pets are also a member of family. Is there any reason not to love them? Would laser pets cardboard be very fun?


Laser Cutting And Engraving Ideas For Acrylic & Plastic


Ideas 12.Memorial photo to miss time


laser cutting & engraving ideas


Time goes by year after year, we are getting old year after year, looking at the old photos, the only thing that doesn’t change is the innocent smiling face.Laser engraving photos in acrylic, make gift more meaningful.


Ideas 13. Protective cover to reduce phone damage


laser cutting & engraving ideas


How can be lack of mobile phones in the digital society? Mobile phones make our world smaller and life more convenient. However, it is easy to break if without protective. Having a protective cover greatly reduces the chance of damage. So, the protective cover of phone is a good engraving project,Start it with a laser engraving machine.


Idea 14. Logo to show your brand's vision


laser cutting & engraving ideas


Are you looking for acrylic laser cut ideas? From a variety of shapes and sizes to an incredible range of colors,Laser cutting custom logo can express your commercial brand vision as you like.


Ideas 15.Interior signs to guide your guests


laser cutting & engraving ideas


With amazing laser wood cutting signs to help others find the correct location easily. Be clever with your signs. Customize their signs according to your business approach.


Idea 16. A prize to express honor


laser cutting & engraving ideas


There is nothing happier than getting rewards. A prize is not only a symbol of honor, but also a representative of one's hard work. It can make people work more funny. Since it is such a meaningful item, why not use it a laser engraver to make it more memorable?


Laser Cutting And Engraving Ideas For Metal


Ideas 17.Engrave the wishes on the cups


laser cutting & engraving ideas


Cups are commonly used daily necessities, you can customized engrave the wishes of customers to make communication with it every day.


Ideas 18. Lighter with blessings forever


laser cutting & engraving ideas


Although smoking is harmful to people's health,but many men or women still need it. Is a lighter with blessings very cool? God bless you forever.


Ideas 19.Your favorite on necklace


laser cutting & engraving ideas


There are so many necklaces on the market, However,it is not easy to look for a pattern that exactly meets your favorite. What should I do? A laser engraving machine can perfectly do it,and customize the pattern you require.




Laser cutting and engraving is a perfect idea to create your own business for beginner or hobbyist,the benefits of its is you can DIY items at home or in part-time with lower cost. Every business requires an action and every action requires an perfect idea. Starting business with our affordable laser cutting and engraving machine and your awesome laser engraving ideas. Let's go ahead it!