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How Much Do Laser Engravers/Cutters Cost?

May 20, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

Are you planning to start a laser engraving business? With laser engraving items (jewels and other products) being more popular and idealized among the population, the scope of this business is undoubtedly high. Yet, that's enough to know when it comes to starting a business, right? Especially when it demands special machines and equipment, it's crucial to explore whether you can afford this equipment or not – mainly when you are on a limited budget!


Here, the primary tool needed is a laser engraver machine. The name itself speaks how a laser machine is undoubtedly going to cost more than any other engraving machine/method. Yet, with the wide variety of these machines in the market, you can always choose between a cheaper or more expensive machine. However, the different types can still make the purchasing process challenging since the engraving quality is also crucial when you're starting a laser engraving business. For a better idea, let's talk about the different laser engraver costs and concepts to consider when making the purchase.


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How Much Does a Laser Engraver Cost


In generally,It is not easy to answer how much do laser engravers cost,because there are so many factors affecting the price of laser engravers,like brand,laser source,engraving area and power etc.However,If you require some reference range price.We will be say that:


For common CO2 lasers,The cost of small size laser engraver,like 300mm*500mm about 2000USD to 2500USD;960*600mm about 3000USD to 5000 USD,and 1300mm*900mm about 4000USD to 6000USD.You must be know that the bigger engraving area,the higher cost,and the higher laser power,the higher cost what is suitable for all kind of laser engravers.


Price Differences Between Fiber and CO2 Lasers


Fiber laser is a little different form CO2 Laser,CO2 lasers are commonly used for non-metal material,while if you need to engrave metal materials,fiber lasers will be a more good choice.With the much more energy-efficient, accurate,speed and low maintenance and operation cost than CO2 lasers,So,the price of fiber lasers will be more higher than that traditional CO2 lasers,fiber lasers usually cost in the range of $25,00 to $45,000.


In generally,the price of fiber laser is based on power change,the higher power,the higher price.For low power fiber lasers,the cost of fiber laser will be like:20W about 25000 USD to 6000 USD,30W about 3500USD to 6500 USD,and 50W about 6000 USD to 18000 USD.


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Are the Higher Power of Laser Engraver,the Better?


Although the higher power of laser machine will increase the speed and depth on a certain level,but the higher power of laser engraver,the better is not exactly right.The higher power of laser engravers are usually much more expensive than that fit your work,and also will increase operation cost.So,How to choose a watt of laser engraver according to your require.


If you will engrave some common metals,like carbon steel, stainless steel or iron,A set of 20W fiber laser can do it,if you need to get more deeper marking,30W or above will help you.So,You had better to estimate the material type,the engrave size,the engrave depth and other conditions,then decide to choose a right power of laser engraver.It will reduce your initial cost not only the price of laser engraver but also saving operation and maintenance cost.


Why is a Laser Engraver Machine so Popular?


With the laser engraver cost ranging from extremely low to extremely high, it's evident that these machines are highly in-demand. Yet, it's the suitability and flexibility of offering a role in all kinds of industries of this laser machine when it comes to its demand-increasing factors.


Today, laser engraver machines are used in a wide range of industrial and commercial uses. The primary reason for this wide usage is its extreme accuracy and efficiency while engraving a design or letter on any product. So you might find them in offices, workshops, stress, and even among people with hobbies linked with engraving.


Now, suppose all this isn't enough to understand the popularity and demand of a laser engraver machine why the laser engraver cost is so high. In that case, you can also consider more of its benefits like:


· Safe and easy operation

· Usage on all kinds of non-metal material like acrylic, wood, MDF, fabric, cloth, glass, leather, etc.

· Usage on even the different agricultural products like apple, pumpkin, magic beans, etc.


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Purchasing the Right Laser Engraver


While you get so much from a laser engraver machine, it's not always easy to make the proper laser engraver purchase. Only because of a limited budget you shouldn't compromise on the performance and engraving quality of a laser engraver. Hence, when it comes to making the right purchase with a limited budget, we're here to help you make the right decision.


Simply focus on the following concepts before choosing a specific laser engraver cost.


· Compare Between Brands and Prices:


The different varieties of laser engrave costs present in the market are offered by other brands. So when it comes to buying a laser engraver, you may find an extremely costly machine manufactured by a new brand. At the same time, there may be cost-efficient options coming from well-known manufacturers that have been working for years.


Hence, it's more about the brand before the price. If you choose a brand that has been around and trusted for years, you can expect good quality results from their products. Considering this, make sure to look for cost-efficient laser engraver manufacturing brands that have been in the business and have a decent reputation.


· Comparison between Different Laser Engravers:


Choosing that you need a laser engraver isn't enough, especially with the different laser engravers available in the market. Here, we're simply referring to the CO2 and Fiber laser engraver machine. While both these machines are the modern form of laser engraver and cutting machines, they may slightly differ in cost and service.


While the CO2 laser engraver offers higher versatility when engraving on non-metal materials, the fiber laser cutting machine serves more professionally to engrave metal products.


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Similarly, the fiber laser engraver pricing may vary on the model, type, or power of the laser you require for the tasks. For engraving metal or other thick materials, you will need a high-power featuring fiber laser engraver. This adds more to the cost of the laser engraver too. However, if we talk about the CO2 laser engraver cost, it may come at cheaper rates than the fiber laser machine. So you must evaluate the type of laser engraver you need according to the products before finalizing a budget or making a purchase.


Apart from these crucial factors, some other factors that help you evaluate the correct cost of a laser engraver and make an in-budget purchase include the evaluation of:


· Cost of running the laser engraver or cutter machine

· Training cost for the operator for utilizing the laser engraver machine

· Cost of marketing the laser engraver business




Once you consider these factors before making a purchase, it can be easier to choose the right laser engraver machine that fits your budget. Besides, with the wider variety of laser engraver costs being $2000-$15,000, you must understand which laser engraver serves you better rather than fits your budget only. At OTALSER,we provide laser engravers in a variety of sizes,laser sources and power.All that have a competitive price.So go ahead, make that purchase, and start your laser engraver business in no time! Happy Shopping!