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How to Start Ring Engraving With Laser Engraver For Rings

May 16, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

Are you planning to have your favorite ring engraved on a special occasion? Is it the wedding ring that needs your special day or your loved one’s name engraved on it? In both ways, engraving jewelry is one of the most common and basic activities practiced over the past few years. Besides, we all love our loved ones or our names engraved on our favorite piece of jewelry, right? That gives a separate feeling of wearing a unique jewel on yourself.


Not just that, you can also set up a creative and unique engraved jewelry store with innovative designs engraved on different rings. The hype of engraved rings is so much among everyone that your business won’t flop. But wait! Before you do consider setting up a business or engraving your rings to make them look unique, are you sure how you’re going to do that exactly? Don’t worry; you can stop brainstorming when the laser engraver for rings is always there to make your ring engraving tasks easier and convenient.


It serves as a highly reliable option to add unique and high-quality designs on rings while being convenient and innovative engraver machines – a laser engraving rings machine is all that and much more. But if you’re not familiar with it and the whole process of engraving rings, let’s go ahead and explore more on that below in detail!


laser engraveing for rings

Engraving a Ring with Laser


First things first! Before you consider using a laser engraver to create your favorite designs and patterns on those unique rings, it’s essential to know how you can make the process easier and efficient. Don’t get it? We’re talking about engraving on the suitable material of rings, understanding its cost, and exploring the other engraving methods to get the best result and engraving quality. So let’s explore some basic concepts regarding that below in detail:


Rings Suitable for Engraving:


Whether you’re laser engraving rings, it’s essential to know that not all kinds of rings are easy to engrave. Hence, its better you choose rings that are manufactured with any of the following materials:


· Rubber

· Ceramic

· Other similar materials


Since the laser is a non-contact engraving process, it requires you to utilize it on surfaces that are either uneven or rough. This helps prevent the delicate and plain surfaces from breaking and keeping the engraved design intact. So if you’re using a laser engraver for fragile rings, these rings must be manufactured with any rough or uneven material.


laser engraveing for rings

How Much Does Laser Engraving a Ring Cost


While laser engraving wedding rings and other rings are widespread and popular among people who need to wear a unique piece of jewel, it’s also a very costly desire. Besides, the unique and appealing touch of a written name/sentence or creative design engraved on something as delicate as a ring – that’s undoubtedly a challenging task that ends up looking very attractive.


Yet, the cost isn’t always unaffordable. Depending on the type of engraving method you choose (apart from laser engraving) and the number of characters you need to be engraved on the ring – the overall cost of ring engraving is determined. Usually, if you go for a wedding ring/band engraving, it may cost around $25-$75 per ring.


While this is a one-time investment, it may seem affordable for many people. Alternatively, if you’re planning to start an engraving business, you may need to invest in your ring engraving setup to save more in the long run!


Laser Ring Engraving Machine


laser engraver for rings

Everyone always pursue romance and eternity love. A diamond ring with a unique logo may be a good choice of many people. The laser engraving machine will make the warm and romantic moment into a  permanent promise of love. But are all rings suitable for laser marking? Actually, not all rings are suitable for laser engraving. When we consider to engrave a mark on the ring,The first thing is the material of the ring, the content of the marking and the type of marking. If the width of the ring below 3 mm, the engraved mark will be relatively small, which will not clear. Secondly, the content of ring marking is permanent. Before laser marking on ring, you should be cautious and communicate well.


The traditional marking ring is to find an ingenious master to engrave the ring by hand. However, it is difficult to engrave on the harder metals such as platinum and platinum by this method.So, fiber laser marking machine is more suitable for marking metal material of ring.


This portable laser ring engraving machine adopts fiber lasers and high-speed scanning galvanometers head. It possess the advantages of small laser spot, high precision, stable and reliable, fast speed,maintenance-free, low power consumption, low processing cost, and continuous 24-hour full-load operation. The software of laser ring engraving machine supports the WINDOWS interface and various files format such as CORELDRAW, AUTOCAD, PHOTOSHOP, etc. PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP and other files and SHX, TTF font library.It can mark a variety of graphics and text on the ring.



laser engraver for rings


  • Marking area: 70*70mm,110*110mm,200*200mm,300*300mm optional
  • Laser type: 20W/30/50/60/70/80/100
  • Sino brand galvo head.
  • F-theta lens: wavelength brand from Singapore.
  • Control system: Beijing JCZ control system, EZCAD software
  • Supported Photoshop, Coral draw and format AI, PLT, DXF, BMP, DST, DWG, DXP etc.
  • Protective glasses


laser engraver for rings




Fiber laser

Laser wavelength


Output power


Modulation frequency


Maximum speed




Repeat precision


Marking area

70*70mm,110*110mm,200*200mm,300*300mm optional

Minimum line width


Minimum height


Power supply

AC220V/50HZ-60HZ(110V option)

Cool method

Air cooling


Why is Laser Engraving Rings a Better Option?


 Before you go ahead and purchase a laser engraver for rings, it’s essential to know that they aren’t a cheap option too. Although the benefits of using a laser engraver r numerous, it can be a costly process in the beginning.


Yet, thanks to the great flexibility in style and font size selection, the laser engraver is always a better and more advanced option to engrave rings and other jewels. Not just that, but some additional benefits of laser engraving rings include:


· Versatility:


Since the laser engraving machine is advanced, it serves in programing your chosen message on a computer. These machines can use the provided artwork to use a clean print from unusual fonts or symbols and easily engrave them on the product. Not just that, but you can also have your message engraved in a foreign language, thanks to the ability of a laser engraver to duplicate your artwork.


· Covers More Words/Symbols:


Another reliable benefit of using a laser engraver for rings is its ability to engrave more words or symbols inside the ring. While most engraving methods may not fit in the biblical quotes or lingers sentences/symbols on the inner part of the ring, laser engraver does offer you this feature. So you can add more words in smaller sizes and font that wrote in a sophisticated manner that may look printed. Hence, its computer precision may make more powerful messages turn small when written inside a ring. Isn’t that cute?


· Multiple Usage:


Thanks to the ability of the laser engraver to be operated with shorter or longer dwell time for the laser beam, it can work perfectly for engraving on alternate metals (other than gold). This can include engraving on rings made with tungsten, titanium, and even stainless steel. Usually, rings of this sort can’t be engraved neatly using a machine or hand. But with a laser engraver, you can create similarly neat designs as on the metal rings. Not just that, a laser engraver also works exceptionally well for engraving on diamonds!




Now that you know everything about laser engraving rings and using a laser engraver as a better option, it’s time you make the most out of this intelligent machine. So go ahead and start a ring engraving business today!