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Laser Marking Engraving Machine for Aluminum & Stainless Steel

Jul 13, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

Aluminum and stainless steel are two of the most common and popular products used in every other industry today. From mechanical to production, and even fashion, both aluminum and stainless steel are used in various manufacturing needs and products. With that being said, it's obvious that the business of either one can do wonders if you offer a wide variety of stainless steel or aluminum products to your customers.


But when it comes to adding variety to a business run with common ideas by many more in the business world, it's hard to achieve greater profit or grow the startup effectively. The best way to make the business grow more smoothly is by considering unique ways of adding designs and more creativity to aluminum or stainless-steel items. One highly popular and trending way to do this is by considering laser engraving for aluminum or laser engraving stainless steel.


Since the laser engraving trend and business have made a prominent and stable place in the market world over some years, it's time you consider its effectiveness and benefit from it in your aluminum or stainless-steel products store. Besides, with the unique value-added by engraving designs, textures, and elements to simple and basic products – it's always a more profitable idea to introduce in your basic business.


Before you think about laser engraving the stainless steel and aluminum items, let's explore everything about it in more detail.


Laser Engraving for Aluminum


laser engraving for aluminum


Firstly, let's talk about laser engraving for aluminum, a common item used in numerous items present in our everyday lives. These items can include:


· Tables

· Chairs

· Picture frames

· Lamps

· Cars

· CDs

· Kitchenware

· Electric power lines

· Decorative panels, etc.


All these and enormous other items used around us today are made up of aluminum. Although most of these items fall in a more mechanical and technical niche/industry, most of them are more commonly used and produced in even small-scale businesses.


When it comes to laser engraving for aluminum, many kinds of aluminum can be easily marked and engraved using the right type of laser engraving, i.e., fiber lasers or CO2 lasers.


Type of Aluminum Used for Engraving


Before you start looking for a suitable laser engraver for aluminum items and products, it's crucial to explore the right kind of aluminum for smooth and effective laser engraving outcomes. The anodized aluminum serves as a highly reliable option in this regard. Due to the appealing and high-quality outcome of laser engraving achieved on anodized aluminum, it is a more efficient laser engraving product option that can do more business with its quality outlook.


What adds more to its reliability and appearance after engraving is that the anodized aluminum can be used with both laser engraving processes/machines, i.e., fiber MOPA laser or CO2 laser. In comparison, other types of aluminum may only be engraved with the fiber laser method.

Additionally, anodized aluminum achieves a more appealing contrast and a bright/fine engraving finishing – depending on the aluminum's layer color. Not just that, but the same type of aluminum can also be very suitable for laser marking along with laser engraving or aluminum.


How Do You Laser Engrave Anodized Aluminum?


Modern business corporate logos are becoming more and more important for enhancing brand influence. A good brand will have a great impact on customers' purchasing behavior. For example,we are in the era of mobile Internet,and mobile phones are used in everywhere. Therefore, the requirements for mobile phone manufacturing processes are getting higher and higher like anodized aluminum case is marked black.


There are common black manufacturer's LOGO and string on the back cover of the mobile phone. The traditional marking method is silk-screen printing. However, the silk-screen printing ink is not refined enough, and fadeable,the silk-screen printing ink contains heavy metal chemical elements for bad environmental protection.


Nowadays,manufacturers usually use laser marking aluminum to improve anti-counterfeiting performance and traceability and make products look more beautiful .


Anodized aluminum refers to a layer of high dense aluminum oxide coated on the surface of aluminum and aluminum alloys to prevent further oxidation, and its chemical properties are the same as aluminum oxide. Anodizing can significantly improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloys and increase the hardness and wear resistance of aluminum alloys surface.


The principle of laser marking anodized aluminum is to use a high-energy laser beam to further oxidize the anodic aluminum layer with a thickness of 5-20um in a short period of time and change the properties of the surface material,then laser is absorbed by the material and changed into black.


In general,there are two factors will affect the marking effect and efficiency.


One is the thickness of the oxide layer,when the thickness of the coating is 10-20um, which is easier to blacken. When it is less than 8um,we need to adjust the laser parameter to prevent from breaking and white spots appearing.


Another is the anodized aluminum surface treatment process. Sandblasting and surface brushed are common processes,the finer the sandblasting particles, the better the blackening effect. When the thickness of anodized aluminum be 10-15 um, it will be better for black making.          


MOPA fiber lasers are widely used for anodized aluminum material surface processing,such as marking black trademarks, models, texts, etc..Why can do it?because the MOPA laser has a wide range of pulse width and pulse frequency adjustment, the use of narrow pulse width and high frequency parameters can mark black on the surface of the material, and different parameters adjustable can also mark a variety of gray on anodized aluminum.


A MOPA laser marking machine adopts special fiber laser designed for pulse width adjustable and frequency adjustable up to 400Khz,It is very suitable for marking on aluminum and stainless steel.Therefore, the price of a MOPA laser marking machine is higher than common fiber laser marking machine.


Advantages of OT LASER MOPA laser marking machine:


Mopa laser marking machine


1. High stable and high reliability laser beam, stable processing for 24 hours.

2. Energy-saving low consumption,and small processing heat-affected zone ;

3.Air-cooled , smaller size and more convenient ;

4. High processing efficiency;

5. The clearer and more beautiful mark, suitable for higher requirements for depth, smoothness and fineness;


Laser Engraving Stainless Steel


laser engraving stainless steel


Another common product used to create most of our everyday items is stainless steel. Although stainless steel and aluminum-look may seem the same to many, they both have a decent list of differences. However, even with these few differences, both stainless steel and alumni are used in the manufacturing world – and are present in almost every other item we use in our everyday lives.


Considering this, the concept of laser engraving stainless steel becomes a lot more reliable and profiting since you have numerous options to engrave, and add a unique touch of creativity to these items, and enhance their outlook and value overall. Now, if that's not a great way to make your business different and more profitable, then what is? Considering this, some of the common things you can look into when it comes to exploring stainless steel items include:


· Tableware and cutlery.

· Cookware (pots, pans, cooking aids, etc.)

· Kitchen sinks.

· Kitchen appliances (microwaves, ovens, toasters, etc.)

· Garden equipment.

· Furniture.

· Building structures.

· Escalators.

· Gun engraving



Is it Easy to Engrave Stainless Steel?


Not just engraving, but marking or etching on stainless steel is also very convenient and popular since stainless steel is a popularly used item in all kinds of industries today. This process is performed on the metal surface while ensuring that the type of metal, i.e., stainless steel, can easily withstand the engraving force without breaking or cracking from any side.


Laser Engraving Option: What's More Suitable?


While both the options like CO2 engraving and fiber laser engraving machines serve as a suitable and reliable option for laser engraving on the different types of aluminum or stainless steel, the fiber laser engraving machines are most suitable. These machines are highly reliable for etching and marking on a wide variety of metals while making the process easier and more appealing in the end.


Although the different fiber laser machines also tend to serve differently, most of them come with similar features and efficiency. Some common factors that make the fiber laser machines more suitable include:


· Variety: These machines let you create a wide variety of marks/textures on your chosen product. So, there are no design or engraving limitations for laser engraving for aluminum or stainless steel.


· Multiple Engraving: Whether you need to enrage on the product label at a time or need to manage numerous components in a single take, the most efficient fiber laser engravers will allow you to do that conveniently.


· Easy Usage: Compared to other types of laser engravers, fiber laser machines are easier to use with various understandable and accessible features. So you can easily set these machines up and start engraving those stainless steel or aluminum items without many struggles.




Now that you have such a wide variety of laser engraving items present in everyday life, why keeps your laser engraving business and skills limited? It's time you look for more commonly used aluminum and stainless-steel items (or manufacture them) and add a unique value to these items with laser engraving for aluminum or laser engraving stainless steel.


See how it helps make your business grow and evolve like never before!