Bottle Laser Engraving Machine

Customized laser engraving bottles to etch your bottlw unique. If you want to etch glass & wine bottle, all solutions machine here.

Laser Engraving machie For Glass Bottle

WE offers CO2 laser marking machine to directly and permanently mark on the glass bottle, including data matrix codes, QR codes, serial numbers, and logos. Our high-end fiber laser technology without consumables, no maintenance, and provide the noticeable markings.

fiber laser system

Laser Engraving Machine For Wine Bottle

We offers Co2  laser engraving machine to engrave  non-metal cups like wood, glass and plastic material etc,cup laser engrver laser engrver comes with single and double laser heads freelywork offline,uneven cutting result,and doubled processing efficiency, saving costs and more output.

co2 laser engraving machine

Bottle Laser Marking Machine

Customized laser marking bottles to make your bottle amazing. If you want to mark metal bottle, glass wine bottle, all solutions machine here.

Laser Marking Machine For Metal Bottle

WE offers fiber laser marking machine to directly and permanently mark on the metal cups, including data matrix codes, QR codes, serial numbers, and logos. Our high-end fiber laser technology without consumables, no maintenance, and provide the noticeable markings.

portable laser marking machine

Laser Marking Machine For Glass Bottle

We offers Co2 or UV laser marking machine to engrave  non-metal cups like wood, glass and plastic material etc,cup laser engrver comes with rotary attachment,therefore,regardless of whether the cup is tall, short, fat or thin, it can be transformed into a loved gift.

fiber laser marking machine

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Are you running a home decoration busyness or plan to sell liquid in your new startup? Either way, the beginning may seem like an easy way to use basic and plain items that don’t look too fancy nor branded by others, but what after that? Is it enough to make your bottle decoration or liquid drinks business grow further? One way to make the business look different and labeled with your brand is to use personalized business stickers/cards. Yet, it’s not always going to work out as a unique and attractive way to portray your business once it starts growing. But don’t worry, you can always try out laser engraver for bottles and make your bottle décor or drinks business turn amazing and look branded! Now, if you’re new to this laser engraving bottle task, let’s go ahead and explore this engraving process below in more detail. laser engraving bottles

Choosing The Right Bottle Material

When it comes to engraving bottles, you must know what kind of bottles can be laser engraved. While laser engraving is a modern way to engrave on any material, the laser engraving machine’s used nowadays work specifically on a few products. Especially since the engraving is creating a design engraved on the material, you must use the right material and laser engraver that doesn’t harm the product during engraving. Considering this, you can get your bottle business turn attractive and creative by laser engraving on bottles made of: · Glass · Metal · Plastic (the plastic bottle engraving depends upon the system you use. If you use a fiber laser system, it can easily allow you to mark and engrave on plenty of commercial-grade plastics like polyamide, ABS, polycarbonate, etc.)

What Type of Bottle Finishing is Suitable for Laser Engraving?

If you plan to use laser engraving on bottles, you must choose bottles with the right coating/finishing. While some wine or plastic/steel bottles may seem decent for engraving due to their shine, they might not stay in shape after the laser engraving process. Considering this, you can try laser engraver for bottles and create personalized business name or designs on bottles with a coating of: · High quality 304 stainless steel · Anodized aluminum finish · Painted stainless steel finish · Glass/wine bottles While you work on laser engraving bottles, make sure you choose the right laser engraving machine for the types of bottles and their coating you choose. Mostly, using recycled plastic bottles for designing and engraving for a high-quality finishing touch and look turns out decent and effective for further selling. Besides, when you have a shiny bottle coat with engraved designs, there’s a great chance it will be more popular and trusted for purchase by your clients. laser engraving bottles

Bottles Laser Marking  Machines Solution

At present,There are tree common types of laser used for marking on bottles depends on different application. CO2 Laser CO2 laser marking is a high performance method to print some clear marks on glass or plastic bottles,CO2 laser marking machine is suitable for marking on most non-metallic materials, such as paper packaging, plastic products, leather fabrics, glass ceramics engraving, etc. There are two types of CO2 laser(portable CO2 laser and desktop CO2 laser) we can provide.These machines with modular design, compact structure and advanced CO2 laser tube, its service life can reach 20,000 to 40,000 hours, fast marking speed, and which also can be easily integrated in various production lines to meet your requirement. Fiber Laser Fiber laser marking is a high efficiency method to print some noticeable marks on metal bottles.If you are tired of CO2 laser that it require regular maintenance or quite shorter lifespan,A fiber laser with maintenance-free may be a better option. There are two types of fiber laser(Common Q-Switch fiber and MOPA fiber laser)  we can provide.MOPA laser is a high flexible option than common fiber laser,with its frequency adjustable and a width range of duration pulse,You can easily engrave on metal and plastic materials etc. UV Laser With traditional printing methods, there always used to be a risk of contamination because of the ink. However, the 3W UV laser marking over this issue as it does not contaminate printed parts and products.UV laser marking allows for clean and high accuracy work  with minimum contamination, such as the medical bottles, can benefit the most from UV laser marking machines.

How to Engrave on Glass Bottles

While laser engraver for bottles only requires good quality and appropriate laser engraver to work on the bottle material, it may not be as simple and easy for all kinds of bottles. Especially when you use a laser engraver for bottles made of glass, mainly wine bottles, you may need to work on the process with more detail and caution. The right way of laser engraving on glass bottles requires you to focus on: · Glass Color: Simply put, the laser engraving look works best with visible finishing on the lighter shades of glass. So if you choose a light color glass bottle, you can have a more appealing laser engraving outlook. Similarly, if you go for a dark color like brown beer bottles, it won’t have a great laser engraving contrast. · Cheap Glass Bottles: To have the best laser engraver for a bottle look, you don’t need to purchase expensive and branded glass bottles. Instead, the best engraving touch can also be visible on inexpensive glass bottles. So don’t hesitate to buy cheap glass bottles for your business. · Bottle Shape: Since most of the glass bottles are round, you need to be fully prepared with the laser engraver before engraving on the bottle. For this, you may need a rotatory attachment for the laser machine so that the glass can rotate while the machine engraves your desired design on the bottle. This will help prevent extra pressure application on just one side of the bottle, allowing the shape and look of the glass bottle to stay in its place. · Managing the Settings: Different kinds of glass bottles are available in the market. Some may be extra hard and thick in their manufacturing, while some may be sleek and light. Hence, if you’re new to working on laser engraver for bottles, you must have the speed and settings of the laser engraver managed appropriately. To do this, it’s important to test engraving on the spare glass (similar to the one you’ll use later) and test the machine’s speed and power settings. This will help you understand which speed and power are suitable for the bottle’s engraving without damaging it during the process.


Once you learn the usage of laser engravers on all kinds of bottles, you can start exploring different designs and trying them on the bottles. This can include your business logo/brand name, different quotes, patterns or shapes, color splashes, or even various cartoon/show characters. Depending on your choice or what sells the most, you can enhance your business by adding a high-quality and creative design through laser engraving bottles. Isn’t that great?We can offer a variety of China laser marking machines Go ahead and try it out yourself then!