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8 Best Laser Engraving Machine Suppliers In Italy

Aug 31, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

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Laser engraving machines have completely changed the production industries. These machines can efficiently switch between materials. The conventional engraving methods consumed a lot of time and energy and were not as precise. However, the laser cutting machines offer the highest precision that ensures flawless engraving and cutting.


These machines are designed with the latest digitized technology which makes them super quick and accurate to use. The laser cutting machines can work at a range of depths. If you are not using a laser engraving machine for your business, you are surely missing out.


In this article, we are listing the 8 best laser engraving machine Italy suppliers you can easily find it.


8 Best Laser Engraving Machine Suppliers In Italy



1. ElettroLaser


Tel:T. +39 045 6082415/F. +39 045 6088650






Address:Via dell'Industria 35 37060 Sona,Verona,ITALY


ElettroLaser is an Italy-based manufacturer of the highest quality laser equipment that ensures the most effective and efficient performance. With the wide range of products they offer, you will find solutions for all your problems. They also provide excellent customer service to make sure you get every assistance you need in your order and your user experience.


ElettroLaser offers a large variety of laser engraving machines catering to all industries. The FiberLUX series has four versions called FiberLUX NANO, FiberLUX EL, FiberLUX PRO, and FiberLUX PRO 3D. Each of these versions caters to different industries.



Perfect for those who run small workshops and for gold shops


● FiberLUX EL

Perfect for small manufacturing businesses


● FiberLUX PRO

Perfect for the large production businesses


● FiberLUX PRO 3D

Perfect for making incisions on three-dimensional surfaces.



2. OT- Las


Tel:(+39) 0574 874303/01






Address:Head Office:Via Guimaraes, 7/959100 – Prato


OT-LAS is an expert in manufacturing laser cutting, engraving, and marking machines. They offer a wide range of products for all industries. Their products can work on materials like metal, leather, textile, paper, ceramic, wood, thermoformed materials, glass, and marble.


OT-Las designs its laser cutting machines to achieve the highest accuracy at a low cost. The products can save time and integrate well with other technologies. The configurations are also customizable. Their machines will not result in any waste of material.


They have ensured to use technology that is quick functioning and time-saving.


The machines they manufacture have cutting-edge solutions which result in high speed and exceptional performance. Furthermore, they provide personal support for any assistance or fixing.



3. Orotig S.P.A


Tel:+39 045 64 00 865






Address:Via XXV Aprile, 47 - 37014 Castelnuovo Del Garda (Verona) ITALY


Orotig S.P.A was founded in the early 1990s. Since then, they have proved themselves in the laser manufacturing industry. They offer laser cutting machines and systems that are not only user-friendly but also highly efficient and suitable for mass production industries. Their laser engraving machines are designed to be highly powerful and can work on metals with up to 4 mm thickness.


Their machines are not only efficient and solid but also require little to no maintenance. This keeps the management costs down and increases productivity. For the mass production of cut objects, you can also order the laser cutting machines in dual-source configuration. The custom configuration allows you to choose the solution that works the best for you.


Their machines are capable of working on all metals, steel, and other alloys efficiently.



4. SEI Laser


Tel:Ph. +39 035 4376016/Fax +39 035 463843






Address:Via R. Ruffilli, 124035 Curno (BG) – Italy


SEI Laser has been producing dynamic laser solutions since 1982. They offer a complete range of laser cutting machines and systems suited to all different industries and markets such as visual communication, graphic designing, labeling, packaging, carton folding, interior designing, engineering, and electronics.


The machines are all developed in Italy. Each step of production, inspection, and assembling is carried out in Italy without any outside influence.


They offer fully digital and dynamic machines that work on surfaces with different thickness levels. The machines can integrate with other technologies and systems for increased functionality. With the multiple configurations they offer, the machines can meet any and every requirement.


The machines are highly flexible and SEI Laser caters to both small to large companies. With their Demo and Training room, you can experience the laser cutting machines and systems yourself before buying.





Tel:tel. +39 0445 595511/fax +39 0445 595595






Address:Via dell’Industria, 136013 Piovene Rocchette,Vicenza – Italia


SISMA S.P.A are the manufacturers of the highest quality laser cutting solutions. They offer laser engraving machines and systems that are compact and diverse. Their laser cutting systems are stable, high performance, and offer high accuracy. The systems can be configured to suit different requirements and can be integrated with other production systems and technology for maximum functionality.


SISMA S.P.A designs laser cutting machines that are perfect for multiple processes such as marking or milling along with cutting. The machines offer precise cutting and extraordinary performance in quality, power, and speed. With these machines, you can get accurate cutting results regardless of changes in direction and variation in acceleration.



6. BERMA Macchine S.r.l.


Tel:+39 051 802437






Address:Via San Vitale, 33 (Z. I. Canaletti) 40054 – Budrio (BO) – Italy


BERMA Macchine since 1974,over 45 years of experience in the industrial marking sector, and it is a leader company in the production of industrial marking and identification systems.


The BERMA products ranges from portable dot peen marking machines to the most complex laser marking systems that are extremely sturdy and reliable.


During the years, BERMA Marking systems became expert in providing the best solutions for a complete integration of marking systems.



7. Cutlite Penta


Tel:(+39) 0574 874301






Address:Via Guimaraes, 7/9 59100 – Prato


Cutlite manufactures laser cutting machines that are versatile and customizable. Their products are highly intuitive and user-friendly. The machines are designed in a way to ensure the best user experience. They offer a wide array of products for metal cutting, plastic cutting, die board cutting, and tube cutting.


● Metal cutting

For Metal cutting, Cutlite offers fiber laser systems with a power of up to 20 Kilowatt. These machines are equipped with linear motors and customizable cutting heads. The machines are perfect for cutting carbon, copper, brass, stainless steel, zinc, and aluminum.


● Plastic cutting

For plastic cutting, they offer laser machines that are designed to be highly precise and reliable. These machines are manufactured in a way that even in complex compositions, provide rapid results. The machines are perfect for cutting plastic, polycarbonate materials, and acrylic PMMA, etc.


● Tube Cutting

Tube cutting machines by Cutlite Penta are highly efficient and are designed to save power while also providing extraordinary performance. These systems are of up to 5 axes to cut tubes and sections.


● Woodcutting

With cutting-edge machines by Cutlite Penta, you can easily cut die boards with the highest precision and flawless shaping. These machines are perfect for plywood, painted wood, laminated and varnished wood, and fine wood.



8. Automator Marking System


Tel:+ 39 02.48601445 /Fax +39 02.48601503




Address:Via Meucci 8, 20094 Corsico (MI) Italy


Automator was founded in 1940 ,has always been dedicated with passion and professionalism to the industrial marking,which is the manufacturer of high-performance laser engraving, marking machines and other marking system. These machines can provide versatile functionality. You can easily integrate these machines with other technologies in your production line and customize them to fit any of your production needs.


These efficient laser engraving machines promise the highest accuracy and precision. It does not matter which industry you belong to, Automator Marking System has marking solutions that will always suit your needs.





All the suppliers listed in this article offer the best laser engraving machines In Italy. However, it’s up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs. No matter what industry you belong to, or how big or small your business is, you can always find the products you need at these suppliers. If you like more option,go to see top 10 laser engraving machine supplier in China,or 10 best laser marking machine suppliers.Choose a supplier and boost your business with the latest engraving technology.