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Laser Marking Machine For Fruit

Jun 13, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

In the past, There are two types of stamping and sticker used on the identification of fruits,but both cumbersome and no environmentally friendly. However,Due to environmentally friendly, fast, and high-end advantages,UV and CO2 laser marking on fruits is a new solution for fruit marking business.


Can fruits be marked by laser?


laser marking fruit


The working principle of the laser marking on fruit is to utilize the laser with high energy density to vaporize on the surface of the object,and engrave accurately and exquisite patterns or text on the fruits.


There have a waxy layer on the surface of most fruits, underneath the waxy layer is the peel, and under the peel is the pulp.The laser beam penetrates the waxy layer and interacts with the pigment in the peel to change its color,at the same time, the water in the peel evaporates to engraving.


Fruit laser marking is good to mark information such as PLU codes, QR codes, and barcodes on the surface of citrus, melon, and pomegranate fruits. This marking information improves the difference between the laser marking part of the fruit and other parts, making the "fruit label" easier to read. The laser marking machine reduces the need for paper, ink and glue used in traditional labeling for fruit labels.


Why laser marking is replacing self-adhesive label


sticker label fruit

The adhesive component of the tape is basically composed of some toxic substances like formaldehyde and toluene. After being removed, it will directly adhere to the surface of vegetables and fruits, invisible to the naked eye, and some of the toxic substances are non-water-soluble and difficult to wash off,and long-term consumption of fruits that are in direct contact with the label is likely to have a negative impact on the body.


The laser engraving machine will print the retailer's logo, the best edible date, the country of origin and the cashier code on the surface of the fruit. The fruit surface by laser marked only peels off the outermost peel, which is not destructive to the fruit, and the operation can be very precise.


In recent years, laser marking has widely used in fruits industry. Some imported fruits or local fruits with good brands, in order to highlight brand will label the surface of the fruit, indicating the brand, origin and other information. The label can be easily torn or falsified. The laser marking can mark on the peel, which can not only no damage to the fruit, but also be used for an anti-counterfeiting label.


British retailer Marks & Spencer has introduced a new laser marking machine to mark avocados, aiming to reduce paper waste. From the use of paper adhesive labels to laser engraving fruit, It is estimated that can reduce 10 tons of label paper and 5 tons of adhesive per year.


"Given that all the practices used on avocados have been successful project, we can extend this laser marking technology to a variety of other fruits and vegetables. We will have the opportunity to reduce the number of the waste of packaging,It is very exciting thing."a fruit technology expert said.


laser marking fruit

Recommended laser marking for fruit:


Laser marker is mainly used for printing English, numbers, production batch number, production date, expiration date, LOGO, real-time clock information and anti-counterfeiting etc., to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry GMP and food industry.


Solution one:UV Laser Marking for Fruit


1,The structure is flexible, the professional bracket can be conveniently installed on the assembly line, and it can be easily adjusted up and down, even if the pipeline with complicated working conditions can handle it freely;

2,Professional China lasers marking machine ensure faster marking speed and consistency, guarantee 24 hours continuous stable processing, and can easily adapt to the needs of industrial mass production;

3,High photoelectric conversion rate, low energy consumption and long life;

4,Easy to use, no need to worry about the frequent changes of operators.


Solution two:Co2 Laser marking machine for fruits


Using a fully enclosed radio frequency laser with long life and stable beam.

Good beam quality, stable  output, low failure rate

Powerful software, compatible with Coreldraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop and other software files; supports PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, etc.

Large laser power, 10W, 30W, 50W, 100W optional etc.

Clear marking, not easy to wear

The height of the laser head can be adjusted by lifting, easy to use,

Can replace the lenses of various marking formats.

The unique and innovative marks by laser marking machine will not affect the life or taste of the food,reducing the impact of traditional label paper on the environment, and also effectively saving energy consumption and carbon emissions.


Final Words


The 3W UV laser marking machine for fruit can print the brand LOGO, date and other information, making the fruit label clear and easy to read. It not only solves the problem of incorrect labeling of fruit and vegetable trademarks, but also eliminates the issues of production date and production batch number tampering on the packaging, ensuring food hygiene and preventing counterfeiters.


Laser marking is replacing the original paper label, saving production costs for retailers and suppliers, eliminating the need for paper, ink etc, which has a bright future.