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UV Laser Marking Is Ideal for Engraving Electronic Chips

Jul 14, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

There are so many chips is in an integrated circuit, which is a semiconductor component,and its feature is small volume and high integration density. Almost all electronic control systems contain chips used for different control functions. However,For so many IC chips,it need to engrave some identifications to identify them, such as pattern, number, anti-counterfeiting, etc, So how to engrave these marks?


Engraving electronic chips isn't an easy feat and is an incredibly high maintenance task that requires the utmost attention and in-depth review to get it done right. So, of course, the first step to engraving electronic chips is to understand that laser the best way to get the job done. However, with all of the newly emerging technologies in laser marking and engraving systems, which laser would be ideal for laser engraving electronic chips? Well, the answer is UV lasers. A laser engraving system that utilizes a UV laser is the ideal and most effective system for laser engraving electronic chips.


laser marking ic chip


Laser Engraving Electronic Chips: Why Is It Necessary?


Any company that falls within the electronics industry is required to mark all of the components that it manufactures. This is done so that these components can be accurately identified as well as traced. The engravings must be high in contrast, long-lasting, and of course, precise. One of the most important components manufactured within the electronics industry that requires engraving is the electronic chip, which is essentially an arrangement of electronic circuits on a minute, thin, and flat piece of semiconductive material.


Accuracy In Engraving Electronic Chips


One of the reasons why the laser selection process is so thorough when it comes to engraving electronic chips is because of the fact that in order to get the job done right, the laser engraving process must be done in an incredibly accurate and precise manner. This is because of the usual minute size of the electronic chip. More specifically speaking, these electronic chips are only a few square mm in their dimensions. In order to engrave a semiconductive material that is this minute, you will need an incredibly advanced laser that is also incredibly accurate and precise. UV lasers are known to be incredibly reliable, fast, as well as precise; characteristics that make them ideal for laser engraving electronic chips. The incredibly high levels of preciseness and accuracy that you can achieve with a UV laser are made possible due to its wavelength, which one-third of the wavelength that you would see in other lasers. So, while the wavelength of standard lasers will be around 1054 nanometers, the wavelength of a UV laser will be around 355 nanometers.


Heat Sensitivity


Another reason why UV lasers are ideal for engraving electronic chips is because of the fact that the material used to construct electronic chips is semiconductive. This makes these electronic chips sensitive to heat. In addition, electronic chips are also known to be incredibly thin, which could make even a minute level of damage incredibly significant. This comes as no surprise that not all laser types are ideal for engraving materials that are sensitive to heat. However, a UV laser is. This is because of its low wavelength of 355 nanometers, which allows it to be easily absorbed in materials that are heat sensitive. This is essentially beneficial as the UV laser is then incredibly unlikely to cause any burning to the rest of the area of the electronic chip. So, using a UV laser, you will be able to achieve an engraving that is free of any damage and accurate.


Uninterrupted Engraving


The manufacturing process of electronic components, namely electronic chips, is done using production lines, which means that it is incredibly fast-paced. This leaves less room for interruptions. What makes UV lasers ideal for engraving electronic chips is that they are able to engrave components at an extremely rapid pace, that too, while they are in motion. This saves up time during the manufacturing process.


There is no doubt that the use of UV lasers in the laser engraving process of electronic chips is not only ideal but also incredibly beneficial. All of the UV laser characteristics combined together make it ideal for engraving electronic chips.


laser engraving ic chip


Laser Engraving Machine for Electronic Chips


In the term of IC chip marking, with years of laser marking machine manufacturer experience and technical knowledge,OTLASER provides automatic laser marking for IC chips solutions,our laser marking machine design includes laser type selection, lighting methods, optical path configuration, software customization, communication, material handling design and many other areas to ensure that each customer gets the best solution.


IC chip laser marking machine adopts modular and re-configurable design. On the one hand, it can reduce the cost of upgrading and improves efficiency. On the other hand, a variety of attachments can be replaced to archive the flexible production of IC chips with multiple varieties and small batch.


Combined with the digital image processing system,the multi axis motion system  and the laser galvanometer scanning system controlled by DSP card, these laser marking machine ensures the accuracy and high precision of IC chips marking.


Laser marking permanent small characters,logo  etc on the IC chip is the best choice for  tracking and anti counterfeiting. OTLASER has many successful cases in IC automatic marking application,If you these requirement,feel free to contact us today.