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Laser Printing & Marking Machine for LED Bulb

Jun 16, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

With the continuous development of science and technology, the LED lamp industry has developed in a leaps and bounds way.LED lamps are a type of energy-saving, environmentally friendly and long life lighting device.So the LED lamps has replaced the traditional lamp lighting.


LED lights are widely used in homes, supermarkets, office buildings,hotels, conference rooms, hospitals, showcases, roadsides, automobiles, desk lamps and other application. Therefore,there are many types of LED lights and manufacturer. In order to better identify trademarks and the types of LED lights,the manufacturers usually mark relevant information on the products. It is not only prevents counterfeiting, but also effectively track batches.


Laser printing for led bulb


Marking Machine for LED Bulb


At present,there are common two methods of marking led bulbs:ink marking and laser marking.


Ink marking machine


Traditional ink marking need to consume a large amount of dedicated ink , and the more product quantities.The more the cost of consumables. Inkjet printers often encounter ink clogging nozzles during operation,so you must hire professional maintenance service. Since the marking of ink is easily to modify so that may cause some unexpected issues.


Laser marking machine


Laser marking machine can be done the job without consume any consumables, increasing the extra cost of consumables in production.


It also is a clear and permanent marks on the work-piece,so more and more manufacturers to choose laser marking machine.


Laser printing for led bulb


The Advantages of Laser Marking for LED Bulb


  • Permanent:The mark will not fade due to environmental factors (touch, acid, high or low temperature, etc.).
  • Anti-counterfeiting:The marks engraved by laser marking machine are not easy to imitate and change.
  • Non-contact:Laser marking is a no-contact method, No corrosion to the surface of material, no pollution.
  • Many application:Laser marking machine can be used for a variety of metal and non-metal materials (aluminum, copper, iron, wood products, etc.).
  • High engraving accuracy: LED bulbs laser marking machine can make more fine patterns, and the minimum line width can reach 0.02mm.  Laser marking can meet the requirement of marking large amounts of information on extremely small plastic parts.
  • Low operating cost:
  • Small energy consumption.
  • High processing efficiency:
  • The laser beam controlled by computer,and one marking process can be completed within a few seconds.


Laser Marking Machine for LED Bulb Solutions


There are several types of laser marking machine suitable for LED lights, among which the commonly used are: 30W fiber laser marking machine and 3w ultraviolet laser marking machine.


Both laser marking machines can fit marking LED bulbs requirements. At the same time, the operation principle of both is utilizing the laser beam to vaporize on the surface of the material to leave a physical/chemical mark without need any auxiliary consumables. They are both have compact structure, fast speed, high precision, automation, high efficiency, stable performance and maintenance-free advantages.


Fiber Laser Option


8 station rotating turntable


  • Fiber Laser marking machine with 8 Stations Rotary is a good choice for marking LED Light Bulb,Here are some laser marking machines features include:
  • Fiber laser source with high-quality light beam, good light spot, and stable output power to fit the most of customer requirement;
  • High-speed scanning galvanometer with small size,stable signal transmission etc.;
  • Easy to operate software,upgrade software for free;
  • Automatic rotating and switching table more high flexibility.
  • Loading and unloading the material at the same time to increase the work efficiency;
  • Equipped with a holder suitable for the bulb’s fixing, can also be customized to fit more application.


UV Laser Option


Except for changing the fiber laser source to ultraviolet laser, other is similar.


UV Laser vs Fiber Laser Marking LED Bulb


UV Lasers


UV laser's operation is difference between fiber laser,which has a much shorter wavelength(355nm) than fiber laser.UV lasers emit high-energy photons in the UV spectrum that break the chemical bonds in the material which causes the material to undergo non-thermal process damage hence do not damage the materials surrounding surface, suitable for anything require delicate or accurate work.



  • Many materials marking available
  • Long-life and maintenance-free
  • Fine and high accurate work
  • Low power output


  • Not very fit engraving or cutting
  • Higher cost than fiber
  • Fiber Laser


There are common two types of fiber laser option(MOPA laser or Q-Switch laser),which is suitable for marking all metal and part non-metallic materials. Fiber laser marker use high-energy light beam(10.6um) to evaporate the surface material to expose deeper material, essentially "carving" by chemical and physical changes.



  • All metal and many Non-metallic materials
  • Small body size
  • High efficient
  • Long-life and maintenance-free


  • Not suit some organic materials (wood, glass, fabric etc.)
  • Less material application




Multi-station UV or fiber laser marking machine with 8-station rotating turntable, which can realize multi-station automatic rotation switching, and can also realize the rotary marking of each small chuck, effectively improve the processing efficiency. These devices are equipped with a special holder suitable for fixing the bulb, and its sizes can also be customized to fit more application. No matter what shape the LED bulb can be multi-station processing at the same time.As for the choice of UV laser or fiber laser source depends on your needs,and UV laser is more suitable for fine marking.