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Why MOPA Laser Marking are Ideal for Steel Pipes and Tubes

Jul 15, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

Laser marking pipes and tubes is essential for product identification. If you have a business in the oil and gas industry, then you would know the importance of laser marking each individual product with your business label. MOPA laser systems can effectively mark tubes and pipes, without damaging the material.


laser marking steel pipe


What is MOPA Laser?


MOPA refers to master oscillator power amplifier laser. It has two distinct parts, the master laser and an optical amplifier that works as an enhancer for power. The MOPA laser technology was a breakthrough in DUV light source laser since it is a simple yet efficient system to use.


In older light sources, there was always a choice between bandwidth and power. You either had a low-cost solution or had high performance and productivity. With MOPA laser systems, you can have both. The master oscillator in MOPA systems produces light using low energy and the optical amplifier further strengthens the light source to reach the optimal power level without consuming too much energy. While you make permanent markings on delicate products using MOPA laser systems, you can also keep production costs at a minimum.


Importance of Laser Marking for Pipes and Tubes


In large assembly systems, it is important to laser mark every pipe and tube. With proper product identification, you can ensure that no product in the assembly line is misplaced. It also helps with construction later when a large product is assembled. Since the laser marking on pipes and tubes is permanent, you can be confident that the marking will never disappear over time.


Most companies use MOPA laser markings to add 2D barcodes, company information, or serial numbers to their pipes and tubes. However, the applications of MOPA laser technology are not just limited to that. You can use MOPA laser marking to add any letters, alphanumeric codes, and symbols to your products. Any information that would be useful for oilfields, construction site managers, or manufacturing plants should be added to the product using MOPA laser marking.


Advantages of MOPA Laser Marking for Pipes and Tubes


MOPA laser is far more efficient than other types of laser marking systems. This means that while you keep cost at a minimum, you can enjoy high levels of productivity. This works especially well for large companies who manufacture thousands of similar products every day since each one needs to be marked with a unique serial number for tracking purposes.


Another benefit of using MOPA laser systems is that they are maintenance-free. Unlike traditional laser systems, MOPA technology does not need high maintenance. You can use the MOPA laser marking system all day long without exhausting the machine. It does not need any additional alignments or water cooling for set-up, which means that you can save space in your factory with the MOPA laser system.


With an energy-efficient operation, using MOPA laser technology means that you can reduce the carbon footprint that your company creates. Adapting to more environmentally friendly practices can be a great way to promote your products to the public who favors companies that are aware of their corporate social responsibility.


Training expert personnel will not be required for MOPA laser technology. Since the machine has user-friendly controls and can be operated easily, there is no need for comprehensive on-the-job training sessions. Once you invest in MOPA laser, you can start using it straight away to mark pipes and tubes in the factory where they are produced.


Marking Machine for Pipes and Tubes


Metal and stainless steel engraving machine


If you want to mark date, logo or identification on the steel pipe tube, there are many common engraving machines that can do it according to your needs, such as:


Handheld-Inkjet printer: handheld inkjet printer is a cheap, very portable and flexible printing machine ,it has the advantages of portable, light, simple operation, etc. It is generally used in occasions where the production speed is not high, and the printing mark is temporarily needed. The disadvantage is that the printing mark of inkjet printer is not a permanent labeling. As the environment changes, the labeling mark may slowly fade.


Dot peen marking machine: The price of dot peen marking machine is not high. There are many excellent dot peen marking machine on the market. The marks they produce are permanent, but the disadvantage is that the machine needs air source ( No air source when electromagnetic options), and there are certain often to replace the needle resulting in operation consumption. Compared with the laser marking machine, more low efficiency. If it is not a manufacturer of mass production of steel pipes, but small batches or  occasionally marking, the marking effect may be better than that of using inkjet printers.


Fiber laser marking machine: Fiber laser marking machine is now also a very popular engraving equipment, which is often used for metal marking. Their marking method is flexible and can mark any graphics, does not produce consumables, no pollution, and long life. Although the price of fiber laser marker is higher than inkjet coding and dot peen marking machine, it is very suitable for large-volume steel pipe manufacturers.


MOPA laser marking machine: As mentioned above, MOPA laser is a more advanced fiber laser marking machine. Although it has many advantages, very suitable for steel tube laser marking, but the only disadvantage is the relatively high price.


Laser Marking Machine For PE Plastic Pipe


There are two types in pipes shape, straight pipes and coiled pipes. Among them, straight pipes include PVC electrical threading pipes, PVC-U drainage pipes, PPR hot and cold water pipes, high-density PE pipes, communication pipes such as ppe pe, etc with cut length from 4-6 meters. The coils generally include PE special pipes for tap water, PE hoses, PE-X PERT and other special pipes for floor heating and solar energy, soft PVC pipes or reinforced pipes, etc. These coiled pipes need to be marked with the length of the pipe.


Traditional marking pipes use inkjet printers, but due to the large dust in the plastic pipe production environment,and  the requirements for inkjet marking machines are very high, also produce a large of ink and solvent consumables, which will cause excessive production costs.


However,the pipe laser marking machine used in PE/PVC/PPR plastic pipe  marking can help manufacturers improve production efficiency and product quality, at the same time,can reduce production costs and increase profits.


Laser marking machine that can be used for pipes includes


laser marking plastic pipe


  • CO2 laser marking machine
  • Fiber laser marking machine
  • MOPA laser marking machine
  • UV laser marking machine


Although there are many laser marking machine can be used for marking PVC pipes, due to the comprehensive factors such as purchase cost and efficiency, now among them,CO2 laser marking machine is more suitable.


It can permanently print identification marks on non-metallic materials such as plastic pipes, which is better than traditional inkjet printers.


CO2 laser marking machine can also be equipped with a rotating work surface, a rotating round attachment and other accessories to better work.


If you need to automatic production, CO2 laser coding machine also comes with a special flying marking control system to realize fast laser marking, and easy operation assembly lines.


Final Words


Marking pipes and tubes is essential for many industries such as oil and gas or PCV industry. To ensure that each product is marked effectively and quickly without consuming too much energy, you should invest in the latest MOPA laser marking systems for metal pipe and CO2 laser marking machine for PE plastic pipe.


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