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How to Start Paper & Craft Business with Laser Cutter at Home

Jun 22, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

Are you planning to start an art and craft business? Art and craft is a very creative and common way to express yourself personally and professionally. Not just that, but the value of handmade crafts is much more than the machine-made products. So as long as you are offering a wide variety of craft options that don't lack quality or outlook, you are sure to win many hearts with your craft business. Besides, when we talk about crafts, it's all about exploring new ways and projects with the same essential items like paper.


Now, there can be different kinds of papers, like cardboard, rigid sheet, etc. But the wide usage of different types of papers in craftwork can make it struggling to cut the paper in various shapes or according to the craft requirements, right? The best way to cut these papers and turn them into crafts is by using laser paper cutter .


But wait! Are you wondering whether using paper laser cutting  is the right move for your new craft business? Don't worry! We're here to help you make your decision easier by understanding how to get started using laser cutter  for your new crafts startup.


laser paper craft cutting machine


Starting a Craft Business with Laser Cutter


When we talk about starting a craft business that revolved around using various materials, significantly different types of paper, it's evident that you need to mold and cut these materials in different ways. Only then can you add a wide variety of items to your store. But before you learn how using laser cutting machine is helpful to grow your crafts business, let's explore a few craft items you can make using a cardboard laser cutting  machine. Besides, when you can use a laser cutter for laser cutting and engraving, the options of creating crafty items are endless. Some of them include:


· Cards: When it comes to cutting paper and engraving numerous designs on it in different ways, the ideas and options of creating trendy and top-selling cards are never limited to your store. To create a butterfly-shaped card or a graduation hat – there are no limitations.

· Coasters: If you're using paper to create different craft items, there's no way you can miss making coasters. So design a coffee mug or create a ladybird with patterns engraved on its feather with laser cutting paper.

· Photo Frames: You can also create different patterns on the photo frames you make with paper using a laser cutter.

· Boxes: Cut the box shapes easier and more conveniently with laser cutter paper.

· Wall Hangings: From creating a reindeer wall frame to adding tiny details to its head with different patterns, a laser cutter paper machine can help you make this and many other similar wall hangings for your craft store.

· Lights/Candles Covers: if you make patterns on the paper cover and cut those pattern spaces, the light/candle brightness will spread in the entire room in the same pattern as the cuts. So you can experiment with different patterns here too.

· Table Décor Ornaments: make a table fox ornament and cut its design and shape quickly in less time with a laser cutting paper machine.


Not just this, but when you're using laser paper cutter , you can experiment with numerous designs and craft ideas. Besides, the flawless finishing look of any item after cutting using laser cutting is far more appealing than the results obtained with other cutting tools.


Using the Laser Cutter to Boost Your Business


Are you planning to start your craft business with more variety than usual? Do you need to have an effective start of your business that can ensure customer satisfaction from the very beginning? It's time you make the right start of your crafts business while using the laser cutting paper machine to boost your business to the fullest.


The best way you can do that is by:


· Expanding the Material:


If you're new to the craft business, you may wonder what the options of papers you can use in your business while creating different crafts are; you must explore multiple options. Some of the most widely used craft papers include:


· Paperboard

· Fine art paper

· Newsprint

· Cardboard

· Crepe paper

· Foaming sheet

· Tissue paper

· Couche or coated paper

· Repro/printing paper


Once you gather a wide variety of papers to use for your craftwork, it's time to add more variety to your crafts store and use the laser cutter paper machine to create more unique designs.


While considering this, you must choose to purchase a laser engraver/cutter machine that can easily cut and engraver most of these paper types. Since these machines are mostly limited to cutting specific types of material, the more variety you get, the better. This includes a focus on the energy level and ability of the laser cutter's beam to cut materials with a specific width. Once you choose a laser cutter that can easily cut even the thickest of craft papers, you can add more variety of paper materials to your craftwork.


· Perfecting Your Design:


Having the suitable materials and the right paper cutting machine is one thing, and using the machine properly is another. When you're using a laser engraver and cutter machine to add design to your papercrafts, you must make use of this modern and efficient craft machine more accurately.


Hence, even if you're new to using these machines, you can still practice and make your craft better with time. Depending on different designs and their complexity, perfection is highly crucial to make your crafts stand out as high-quality and high-value items. You can upload the desired design on laser design software in PDF, JPG, PNG, or SVG file form to improve your cutting and designing skills.


First, it's better to test your skills and practice a simple design on a piece of sample paper and keep practicing until you think you are ready to experiment with more patterns and designs. Ideally, it's better to practice the most simple and most complicated designs and a few common ones you plan to utilize in your craftwork. This will help you prepare better and create more professional craft items to sell at a higher profit margin.


· Exploring Multiple Options:


Once you practice your skills of laser cutting paper and using a laser cutting machine for professionally creating a wide variety of designs accurately, you can move to the next level. Don't get it? Well, we're talking about exploring new and more significant laser cutter paper businesses. Apart from running your home paper and crafts store, you can expand your business by:


· Looking for customers that need on-demand craft items

· Looking for home interior and event decoration projects with laser cutter paper expertise

· Creating more significant paper projects and crafts


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How to Sell Engraving Paper Crafts


The sale of crafts are part of laser engraving crafts,so, how to sell the crafts when you make.


Tips for selling crafts


Tips#1,Record cost


Knowing how much money you have spent can help you know the final sale price of items. In addition to material costs, ensure to take into account the time cost. These factors can help you set the lowest reasonable price, and ensure that you will get profit and public praise when you sell the product.


Tips#2,Wander around


If you want to know more about the price, you can study the competition price. Try to study the average selling price of similar products. These action will give you an approximate selling price , which is likely to increase your profit.


Tips#3,Provide samples


If you engrave some usable products, such as wood gift personal pens and red wine bottles etc, you can provide small samples to customers.When your engraving items are enough good, customers will be more likely to buy them more.


Tips#4,Provide discount


No matter what you sell, according to the principle of "all things in three", which means that each item has a specific price, but you will consider to give discount when customer buy three items at the same time. Usually you can offer a discount of 20 to 30%  or you like,Of course, you can decide the appropriate discount based on the pre-set profit.




With so much online marking today, how to sell crafts become easier than ever.you can create a social media account for your business give it a memorable name. Always post the latest news about the items you sell.


Tips#6,Local businesses


Distribution your items with local businesses, or help organize community events to create business opportunities for everyone.Supply unique and personal items for community event.


If the local children’s organization plans to make gift, you can offer to supply your design, or donate some gifts to the relief kitchen or church. Let your brand be linked to positive actions, and people will respect you and your crafts more.




So that's all to our short guide on starting a paper and crafts store using the laser cutting paper machine. Now it's time you set out and start your journey of starting and expanding your favorite crafts business and achieving bigger profits. If you want buy a affordable China laser engraver,we can help you,then go make the most with your passion for crafts and art with laser cutter!